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Current Financial Crisis
Oct., 2008

Autodidact Tutorials

Keynes Letter to
Grandchildren 1930

Synergetic Educational Manifesto 1970

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(Originally aired 09-29-11)

akbar  muhammad


      Host of Radio Show:

   "Africa & The World"


International Representative: The Nation of Islam (NOI)




The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH0cfFJ6j5w - AKBAR MUHAMMAD




Mr. Muhammad was born in Hampton, Virginia, and raised in New York City. It was in New York that he joined the

Nation of Islam (NOI) under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1960, and served as a Student

Minister under the NOI's Harlem Minister, Malcolm X. From 1965 to 1975, he served as Minister Louis Farrakhan's

assistant, orchestrating the publication of Minister Farrakhan's book, 7 Speeches (1973); and he was a key organizer

of "Black Family Day" which drew over 70,000 people to Randall's Island in New York City in 1974. When the

Honorable Elijah Muhammad's son Imam W. D. Mohammed assumed leadership of the NOI in 1975, Akbar continued

to serve the Muslim community, first as head of its mosque in St. Louis, Missouri, and then as Special Assistant to

Imam Mohammed in Chicago. During that time, he made his first trip to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In 1978 Akbar accepted the responsibility to assist Minister Farrakhan to rebuild the Nation of Islam and in 1984

gained his stature at home and abroad as the International Representative of the NOI. Akbar has been one of the

key organizers of many of the NOI's Saviours' Day conventions; in October 1994, he organized the NOI's first

International Saviours' Day Convention in Accra, Ghana, bringing over nineteen hundred travelers from America to

Africa. In addition, he planned and organized Minister Farrakhan's international tours to Africa, Europe, Asia, and

the Caribbean while building relationships with presidents, heads of state, and leaders of many of the countries

they visited.

Akbar has traveled to one hundred and twenty-eight countries around the world—including thirty-eight African

nations—and has lived in Ghana, Africa for over a decade. Through the Africa and Middle East Literacy Foundation,

he continues to consult with African and African-American leaders to promote humanitarian efforts in many parts

of the world, including galvanizing African-American physicians to work in remote clinics and hospitals in parts of

Africa. He recently organized an historic trip for an African-American press delegation to travel to the Sudan for a

visit to Darfur on a fact-finding mission, and through his efforts secured exclusive one-on-one interviews with

Sudan's President Omar El-Bashir for Black Entertainment Television (BET) and the TV-One Network.

His work also focuses on youth education and development. He is the founder of Youth4Africa Foundation, a

non-profit organization geared toward providing Black youth in America a personal journey "back to Africa"

in order

to gain a historical perspective that connects past lost cultural traditions to their present life choices. He believes,

"Taking young people to Africa can make a difference. The African experience will aid our youth in understanding

their purpose, inspiring fundamental discussions, and shaping positive self-images."

His extensive work and travel in Africa are reflected in his column, "Africa and the World," published in

African-American newspapers nationally and internationally, and he is a sought-after as a speaker on the history

of Islam in America, Malcolm X, the life and work of Minister Farrakhan, and issues affecting the African continent.

To schedule Akbar Muhammad to speak at your event, seminar, school, or university, you may contact him at

Akbar@friendsofakbar.com or 202-986-3863


Akbar Muhammad

Lecturer, Historian, World Traveler, Businessman and Foreign Diplomat 


Mr. Muhammad was born in Hampton, Virginia and

raised in New York City. His formative years were

spent as a student under the leadership of Minister

Malcolm X at the New York Mosque of the Nation of

Islam. From 1965 - 1975, he was the top assistant of

then New York Minister, Louis Farrakhan. In 1974,

he was one of the primary organizers of "Black

Family Day" held on Randall's Island in New York

City. This event drew some 70,000 people. Upon the

departure of Nation of Islam leader, The Honorable

Elijah Muhammad, Akbar Muhammad was then

transferred to St. Louis under the leadership of

Imam Warith D. Muhammad.

In  1976,  he  was  again  transferred  to Chicago 

as  special  assistant  to  Imam Muhammad. Within

the same year, he made his first trip to Europe,

Africa and Asia. A year later, he resigned from his

position and went into business for himself in

St. Louis. From 1977 - 1982, Akbar Muhammad not

only worked in the private sector in St. Louis, but

he assisted Minister Louis Farrakhan in rebuilding

the Nation of Islam. In 1982, he returned to Chicago

to work closely with Minister Louis Farrakhan

providing ministerial and administrative

assistance. His assistance involved helping Minister

Farrakhan during his participation in Jesse

Jackson's first campaign run for president. He

coordinated the publishing of Minister Farrakhan's

book “7 Speeches” published in 1973 and was

responsible for producing four albums by Minister

Farrakhan titled “Black Family Day”, “Our Time Has

Come”, “Let Us Unite” with Rev. Jesse Jackson

and “Heed the Call.”

Among his numerous contributions, he has been one of the key organizers for many of the Nation of Islam's Saviours' Day Celebrations. In October 1994, he organized the Nation of Islam's first international Saviours' Day Convention on the African continent bringing over 1900 travelers from America, nearly 95 percent traveling to Africa for the first time. In addition, Akbar was a key organizer and participant in all of Minister Louis Farrakhan's international tours, which included travel to Africa, the Middle East and a total of 36 countries around the world. He described the tours as "one of the most historical trips of any Black leader in the history of the United States.

He is currently the International Representative for the Nation of Islam with offices and residences in Accra, Ghana and the United States. He has an abundance of life experience to draw upon which results from living and working in Africa. For the past 29 years, Akbar Muhammad has traveled extensively around the world, mainly in North, West and South Africa. He lectures to civic organizations, students and business leaders about the advantages of doing business and traveling in Africa and the Caribbean

Muhammad's extensive work and travel in Africa are reflected in his column,“Africa and The World.” The column is featured weekly in more than 100 African-American newspapers nationally and is also featured in several newspapers internationally. Also, Akbar is currently the founder of Adventure in Africa Tours, a company specializing in cultural tours of Africa.

Muhammad has been regarded as one of the most knowledgeable individuals on the life and works of Minister Farrakhan. Since he has been a top aide to Minister Louis Farrakhan from 1965 to present, giving more than 40 years of dedicated service and advice, he has a wealth of information and history to contribute. He is currently working on Minister Farrakhan's biography and a book on the history of the Nation of Islam from 1930-1985.

To have Akbar Muhammad as a speaker at your college, a lecturer for your professional organization or international event, or if you are media seeking comments on deadline, call 312.617.6690              312.617.6690      .

To reach Akbar directly, visit his website at www.friendsofakbar.com.




In fulfilling his duties as

International Representative

traveling and speaking on

behalf of the Nation of Islam

and Minister Louis Farrakhan,

Akbar has traveled around

the world four times. Akbar

has helped to organize and

establish the Nation of Islam's

first office on the continent

of Africa in Accra, Ghana, the

Ghana Mission.

During his eleven years of

living and working in Africa,

Akbar has welcomed some 29

delegations from the United

States to his home in Tesano,

Ghana. Besides the various

delegations, he hosted

receptions for people in the

entertainment world and the

activist community such as

Nina Simone, Kwame Ture

(Stokley Carmichael), Haki

Mahdubuti, Dionne Warwick,

Isaac Hayes, Mtume, Jermaine

Jackson, Kenny Gamble,

Bobbi Humphrey and the rap

group Public Enemy; Rahbee

Ben Ammi; Author Dr.

Jawanzaa Kunjufu; talk show

host Bob Law; a team of

surgeons headed by Dr.

Etienne Messac of Washington,

 D.C. and Bill Cherry, Senior

Marketing Consultant from

North Carolina.



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