Tony Armstrong. Retired (23 Years) Correction Officer Rikers Island Jail Complex / Actor.

How to Become a Correction Officer on Rikers Island
Persons interested in working as correction officers on Rikers Island must meet the following qualifications:
• U.S citizen, at least 21 years old, permanent New York City resident
• Thirty-nine credits from an accredited university (21 additional credits earned at the NY Corrections Academy) OR a high school diploma and two years military or law enforcement experience
• Clean criminal record
• Pass written exam, background check, drug screening and physical agility test
• Successful complete New York City Corrections Training
New York City Corrections Officer Training
In 1927, New York City’s “Prison Keeper’s School.” was the first training school for correction officers in the U.S. Today’s recruits attend a 15-week training program at the NYC Department of Correction Academy, a 39,000-square-foot facility in Queens that boasts nine classrooms, a gymnasium, three dining areas and 42 instructor cubicles. The correction officer training program consists of six main components:
• Correctional Practices
• Behavioral Science
• Law and Compliance
• Health and Safety
• Physical Training
• Firearms and Tactics
Correctional Facilities on Rikers Island
The 10 jails that support correctional officer jobs in Rikers Island are:
1. Robert M. Davoren Center for adolescent and adult males. It has modular dormitories and cells capable of holding 2,238 offenders.
2. George Motchan Detention Center for women. Opened in 1971.
3. Rose M. Singer Center for up to 2,017 women opened in 1988. Has a 25-crib baby nursery. New York City was the nation’s first DOC to open a jail-based nursery. Rose M. Singer was a correction officer killed in the line of duty.
4. Eric M. Taylor Center for adolescent and adult males sentenced for less than one year and holds up to 1,851 offenders. Able bodied inmates form ground crews and work on facility maintenance.
5. Anna M. Kross Center can accommodate 2,988 inmates. It consists of 40 units spread out around the island, including a methadone detoxification unit and a mental health center.
6. Otis Bantum Correctional Center with dormitories and cells able to hold 1,697 prisoners. Includes a Central Punitive Segregation Unit.
7. George R Vierno Center houses 1,380 inmates.
8. James R. Thomas Center can house 1,380 prisoners, all in cells.
9. North Infirmary Command consists of two infirmary buildings. The other has specialized units for inmates with HIV or AIDS and for those needing extra protective custody due to the notoriety of their cases.
10. West Facility is a 941-bed unit for men and women. Part of the unit has been converted into a contagious disease center with 140 air-conditioned units for inmates with diseases like tuberculosis.