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              Guest For  MONDAY JANUARY 12, 2009

                                                  (Originally aired: 09-16-06)

                                   ADESHIR  OMMANI



                           Political Economist

                            Anti War Activist


Chairman: Stop the War on Iran Campaign



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYoXlLXEfiQ  - ARDESHIR OMMANI






Ardeshir Ommani, an activist in the anti-war and anti-imperialist struggle for over 40 years, including against the Vietnam War. Ardeshir is a co-founder of the American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC), where news of his most recent visit to Iran in March & April 2006 can be read. He helped launch the successful StopWarOnIran.org campaign. He has written a number of articles documenting the U.S. foreign policy toward Iran. He has translated many articles into Farsi, which have been published inside Iran in the progressive press. In the 1960's, he was a co-founder of the Iranian Students Association (ISA), which contributed to the struggle against the Shah of Iran, a U.S. puppet. Mr. Ommani returned to Iran in 1979, at the dawn of the revolution and participated in the revolutionary surge of that period. Since returning to the U.S. in 1980, he has been very active in the anti-war movement and in the struggle against the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq.


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spacerMathaba Author: Ardeshir Ommani
USA Iran Comment: An Open Letter to President-elect Barack Hussein Obama 11/14 Mathaba
An Open Letter to President-elect Barack Hussein Obama
Readers: 596 Comments: 0
An open letter to President-elect Obama from the American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC).
USA Isratine WMD Comment: U.S. Radar Base in Israel 10/07 Mathaba
U.S. Radar Base in Israel
Readers: 1565 Comments: 0
The radar is to be installed at Israel`s Nevatim Air Base1 in the Negev desert in the south of the country, making it the first time that U.S. Army personnel will be permanently stationed in Israel.
Europe Asia USA Isratine Analysis: Russia Strikes Back 08/23 Mathaba
Russia Strikes Back
Readers: 2432 Comments: 0
The Georgian military attack on August 7, 2008, against the population of the province of Ossetia and consequently the Russian military intervention for stopping the aggression and further bloodshed was deeply rooted in the U.S.-EU`s ambitions of expanding the 26-nation NATO far into the front yard of Russia.
USA Iran Isratine Comment: Stop War On Iran Protest: Example of Endurance and Resistance 08/06 Mathaba
Stop War On Iran Protest: Example of Endurance and Resistance
Readers: 958 Comments: 2
Stop War On Iran demonstration in New York on August 2, 2008. Also see the video interviews with Mathaba author Ardeshir Ommani and others on CBS news.
UK USA Iraq Comment: Benevolent British Empire 07/29 Mathaba
Benevolent British Empire
Readers: 1026 Comments: 0
To make sure that no one misunderstood the British message, the parliament's defense select committee urged Mr. Brown to keep a core of troops in Iraq for years to come.
USA Isratine Iran Iraq Analysis: U.S.- Israeli Attack on Iran Imminent? 06/30 Mathaba
U.S.- Israeli Attack on Iran Imminent?
Readers: 7611 Comments: 1
It goes without saying that what is called the international community, i.e., the U.S., its allies in Western Europe and Israel follow the same foreign policy in relation to Iran. All this is part of the plan of action of the United States to remain in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely and be in control of the Middle East oil reserves.
USA Iraq Comment: U.S. Colonialism in Iraq 06/12 Mathaba
U.S. Colonialism in Iraq
Readers: 1760 Comments: 0
This so-called Iraq-U.S. 'security agreement' needs more correctly to be called 'The Legitimization of America's Occupation of Iraq'. According to some reliable Iraqi sources, the agreement does not assure Iraq's independence, national integrity and national sovereignty as an inalienable right.
USA Iraq Health Comment: Iraq War and U.S. Soldiers' Suicides 03/31 Mathaba
Iraq War and U.S. Soldiers' Suicides
Readers: 6653 Comments: 0
Every day five U.S. soldiers attempt to take their own precious lives in the U.S. army.
USA Iraq Iran Analysis Comment: Fallon's Resignation: It's All About Iraq 03/20 Mathaba
Fallon's Resignation: It's All About Iraq
Readers: 1810 Comments: 0
In the examination of every instance of conflict between Admiral Fallon and the White House occupants, the essential differences are not on Iran, how and when to attack, but the real problem is Iraq.
Iran USA Democracy Comment: Iran's Parliamentary Elections 03/16 Mathaba
Iran's Parliamentary Elections
Readers: 2662 Comments: 0
The massive turnout and energetic participation of overwhelmingly young people in Iran's election shows that the new round of United Nations Security Council sanctions and massive U.S. anti-Iran propaganda beamed at the youth of Iran did not affect the nation's clarity of purpose.
USA Iraq Asia Comment: Neoconservatives On the Run 02/14 Mathaba
Neoconservatives On the Run
Readers: 2261 Comments: 0
It is not hard to see that Washington's old plans for a new Middle East - drawn before 2000 with the aim of ''regime change'' to suit U.S. hegemonic interests - have badly failed.
 Iran ICT Media: Review: RajaNews Popular Iranian News in Persian Language 01/26 Mathaba
Review: RajaNews Popular Iranian News in Persian Language
Readers: 3977 Comments: 0
An independent look at Iran's popular news site Raja News and its positioning
Iran USA WMD Analysis: Iran, the NIE and the Empire 12/08 Mathaba
Iran, the NIE and the Empire
Readers: 2713 Comments: 1
The reasons for public disclosure of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report on Iran should be discussed and understood.
USA Iraq Iran Comment: U.S. Hawks Dive For Cover 11/09 Mathaba
U.S. Hawks Dive For Cover
Readers: 3257 Comments: 2
Dennis Kucinich didn't vote for the 2002 resolution to invade Iraq. Several Democratic senators who voted for that resolution and who are currently presidential contenders for the 2008 election have expressed regrets; the only candidate who has not done so is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, amazingly the current Democratic front-runner.
Iran USA Economy Comment: Iran's Oil Bourse 10/16 Mathaba
Iran's Oil Bourse
Readers: 4310 Comments: 1
Iran's demand for currencies other than the dollar for its oil is another reason for the United States' aggressive polices towards that country. But for many reasons, we all know that it can't do to Iran what it did to Iraq.
USA Iran Latina Zimbabwe Venezuela Comment: Emergence of A United Front Against Bush 10/08 Mathaba
Emergence of A United Front Against Bush
Readers: 3461 Comments: 0
Just like the authorities in Israel, President George W. Bush ceaselessly looks for new ''Hitlers'' and invents many if there are none, to justify the system's thirst for territorial occupation and murderous campaigns.
USA Iran Iraq Comment: U.S.'s Latest Mud-Slinging on 'Terrorism' 09/03 Mathaba
U.S.'s Latest Mud-Slinging on 'Terrorism'
Readers: 2075 Comments: 0
One obvious reason for the countless use of such defamatory and hateful terminologies as terrorism, terrorist and Islamofascism by the U.S. authorities and their compliant media is their open and naked hostilities towards the revolutionary resistance of the Muslim world...
Isratine USA WMD Analysis: U.S. Arms Sales: Source of Instability 08/27 Mathaba
U.S. Arms Sales: Source of Instability
Readers: 1458 Comments: 0
As a result of these arms deliveries, we must ask: ''Is the world a safer place to live or have they added more fuel to the fires and conflicts around the world?''
USA Iraq Iran Comment: Bush: Iraq IS Another Vietnam! 08/27 Mathaba
Bush: Iraq IS Another Vietnam!
Readers: 1298 Comments: 0
The present animosity between Washington and the U.S.-installed rulers of Baghdad and Kabul reminds us of the countless coups and counter-coups the U.S. carried out in South Vietnam during the decade and a half period of its bloody occupation.
Iran USA PrivSec Analysis: Iran Arrests A U.S. Spy Network 08/13 Mathaba
Iran Arrests A U.S. Spy Network
Readers: 2350 Comments: 0
TV station of the Islamic Republic on July 18 and 19, 2007 broadcasted a program in which the three Iranian-American citizens, Haleh Esfandiari, Ramin Jahan Beglu and Yahya Kian Tajbakhsh, confessed that during the last two years they were constructing a human network to serve the objectives of U.S. policy-makers.
Iran Iraq USA Comment: Erratic U.S. Foreign Policy 08/02 Mathaba
Erratic U.S. Foreign Policy
Readers: 1319 Comments: 0
Parallel to the bi-lateral talks between the ambassadors of Iran and the U.S. to Iraq, a delegate from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) arrived in Tehran to discuss ways to draw up a ''framework'' to resolve the ambiguities over Iran's nuclear activities.
US Asia Analysis: U.S. Support for Terrorism in Iran 04/09 Mathaba
U.S. Support for Terrorism in Iran
Readers: 2883 Comments: 0
U.S. special operation forces in Iraq have been given the task of kidnapping Iranian members of the diplomatic corps in Iraq
US UK Europe Asia Comment: U.S. Plan for Iran's Containment 04/05 Mathaba
U.S. Plan for Iran's Containment
Readers: 2320 Comments: 0
A greater share of the U.S-U.K. aggregate effort against the nation of Iran is heavily focused on a relatively more conspicuous course of action such as the enforcement of the U.N. sanctions, which aim at strangulating the Iranian economy
UK Asia Comment: UK Tests Iranian Resolve 04/04 Mathaba
UK Tests Iranian Resolve
Readers: 2798 Comments: 0
There are many indisputable facts, maps and testimonies of the sailors themselves that attest to the actual truth that the present rulers of Britain, just like in the old times, are in absolute denial...
US Asia Analysis: Rational Way to Go: Detente with Iran 02/28 Mathaba
Rational Way to Go: Detente with Iran
Readers: 2798 Comments: 1
Ardeshir Ommani analyses the relationships between the US and Iran, how the US position in the world has changed, how it is perceived around the world, and shows that war is in no ones interest and why the US should make peace with Iran.
Iraq Analysis: Scapegoating Iran for Iraq Failure 02/13 Source
Scapegoating Iran for Iraq Failure
Readers: 2382 Comments: 1
The U.S. ruling class may start the war, but it would be the Iranians who will finish it.
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