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                   Guest For  MONDAY MARCH 30, 2009

             CHRISTOPHER  ZELOV                      




       Filmmaker / Scholar  / Writer



                           Co-Creator (With Phil Cousineau) of

                    Major Film, and Print Educational Projects




           "Ecological Design - Inventing the Future"








"City21 - Multiple Perspectives on Urban Futures"






The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHThwH3ecWk - CHRISTOPER  ZELOV







Christopher Zelov is a filmmaker, scholar and writer who has co-creator many major Film and print educational projects including "Ecological Design Inventing the Future" and more recently "City21 Multiple Perspectives on Urban Futures." Ecological Design focused on many Design Visionaries with particular attention to the work of R. Buckminster Fuller. Buckminster Fuller was a design outlaw. He shattered preconceived notions of how buildings and machines should be put together. The result was the geodesic dome, the 60 mile-per-gallon Dymaxion Car, the self-sufficient Dymaxion House and host of other inventions that influenced a new wave of designers. In making their award-winning film, Ecological Design, Chris Zelov and Phil Cousineau interviewed 26 present-day design outlaws. To expand on the film, they published this book. Both the film and the book are brimming with the ideas and prototypes of the trailblazers who have defined ecological design over the past thirty years.
He has noted: While we have been delighted with the success of our late 20th Century documentary: Ecological Design: Inventing the Future and the mainstreaming of the green movement in general, we are convinced that powerfully destructive forces like: over-population, unimaginative urban sprawl, and bureaucratically driven generic design programs(dumb design), threaten the promising conceptual breakthrough of recent times.
Most people respond these pressures with a debilitating resignation. Jaded phrases like: "you can't fight City Hall" make it imperative that alternative and eminently achievable visions of the future be known to as many people as possible. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, otherwise: we will get the Cities we deserve.
About: City21 Multliple Perspectives on Urban Futures: The underlying quest of the filmmakers is to reframe the conventional and uninspiring visions of the urban future with an unprecedented combination of fresh, invigorating, sustainable, economically viable, and life enhancing concepts. . This production arises from a worldwide learning journey that was transmuted into a cinematic composition illuminating some of the key perspectives + initiatives that are shaping the 21st Century City.


                                    Monday March 30, 2009

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel 83 of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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