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                                        (Originally aired 07-08-96)

                                 KAURU  NAKAMARU



                           Television Producer


                           Spiritual Humanist


                                Political Critic


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 For many years I have been convinced "The World is One,The Spirit of Humanity is One." I have made it my life mission to bring this truth to fruition. I have visited 168 countries and met with people of every culture,creed and ideology. In these meetings I have found confirmation that people everywhere share the same aspirations; that humanity has the ability and will to reclaim our common spiritual heritage; and that when we do so, we can indeed achieve the age-old dream of world unity.
 Today we live an era of economic warfare. As a Japanese, I feel very strongly that we must overcome the communications gap and work to eliminate both trade friction and the cultural friction which underlines it, as individuals no less than from corporate and national standpoints. In fulfilling this moral obligation, we can also play an important role in bringing the entire world together.
 The International Affairs Institute for World Peace has office in Tokyo. This serves as base to keep abreast of developments in all parts of the world. The human contacts that result are strengthened through lectures, books and articles, television appearances, international seminars and symposia. Another important part of the Institute's work is to function as a consultant to countries and corporations. Many world leaders are enthusiastic participants in this program.
 I believe that, if we are to survive, the world must learn to transcend differences of race, religion and politics. It is a momentous task, because it is one we must all work together for as individuals. We can only create Utopia on this Earth by each one of us retracing our spiritual roots and rediscovering the rich treasure of humanity within us.
 For myself, I believe there is no worthier or more pressing goal. That is the reason I established "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association), and will continue to strive for world peace and unity.



It may be that all people actually have the same desires.
They want a happy and spiritually rich life;
they harbor a fervent hope for a peaceful society.....
Furthermore, doesn't a "gentle heart"
that loves all living things dwell deep within any person?
That light, like the sun, which constantly pours the strength
to live in all things,shines brightly upon darkness,
pours warm breath into frozen hearts,
melts the hard walls that create estrangement
and has the strength to bring people together as one.
It surely must shine quietly within you as well.
Please first let that sun rise from you.
For the sake of your enrichment and happiness,
to shine upon the people around you and the environment,
and to fill the world with warmth.....

Now is the time to take flight toward a new age

We will soon be welcoming the dawn of a new age. The various values we have long believed in and the social mechanisms we had depended upon as a matter of course are breaking down one after another now. This is one indication that the world is changing greatly.

The path of humanity is shifting greatly away from a society that had heretofore been controlled by financial and political power, toward a society in which the spirit of peace and benevolence has taken root. To me this kind of age can be summarized as one whose motto is "shifting from the path of power, to the path of life." The 21st century should be an age in which everyone recaptures the radiance of their hearts and lives experiencing happiness personally.

Through visiting countries around the world as an international political commentator and talking to many leaders directly, I have come to realize that, in spite of the differences in their circumstances and positions, in their heart of hearts all people share the hope for peace.

True world peace is not something created by the ruler or president of one country. It will be realized for the first time when the hope for peace lives in the heart of every one of us living on earth.

I formed "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) to strive for the revival of the human being, so that we can welcome a 21st century in which all people will live spiritually rich lives. I chose this name because of my heartfelt wish that with a "gentle heart" that is harmonious like the sun everyone will rise to work together toward achieving world peace.

It is sure to be a tremendous force if every one of us becomes an angel of light, and together we pray for peace and send a message filled with love to all corners of the world. Let us please spread the circle of light together and shine upon the whole world with a gentle heart.



KAORU NAKAMARU [Political Critic]

After Barnard College, entered the Political Science faculty of Columbia University, New York, where she graduated in International Politics at the East Asian Institute.

Based on this experience, she went on to pursue her goal of "personal diplomacy" through intense meetings and discussions with many of the world's most influential figures, among them President Reagan of the United States, Presidents Sadat and Mubarak of Egypt, King Hussein of Jordan, Prime Minister Gandhi and many more.

As a producer and interviewer who, over the past 20 years, has introduced over 200 world figures from Presidents and royalty to leaders in every sphere of activity, Kaoru Nakamaru has earned herself a unique reputation among the Japanese viewing public, and made a major contribution to internationalizing Japanese attitudes.

In its 1973 TV special edition, Newsweek acclaimed Mrs. Nakamaru "The world's no.1 interviewer," while the Washington Post praised her as "A person of the times, whose outstanding international sensitivity makes her an invaluable asset on the world scene."
AIso in 1973, King Hussein of Jordan, in recognition of her contribution to world peace through personal diplomacy, awarded her the Decoration of Independence.
From 1974, Mrs. Nakamaru has been a member of the council of the Japanese Ministry of Industry (MITI), and from 1980, also a consultant to the Foreign Ministry.
From December 1984, Mrs. Nakamaru's interview documentary program "Following the Sun" began to appear every Sunday on America's PBS (Public Broadcasting System) which with its high standards and 300-station nationwide network, is one of the most prestigious television services in the world.
On May 23, 1989, held the first International Symposium for World Peace in New York and hosted a Press Conference at the United Nations attended by representatives from 100 countries.
In 1991, promoted the International Symposium as Total Life Movement worldwide, based on the New fork Office as her headquarters.
In 1993, started a movement for human renaissance based on "Way of Life," in contrast to "Way of Power." This is called, the "Total Life Movement."
In 1994, started organizing "Following The Sun" Association worldwide.
In 1996, Invited to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) for one month as a guest of state.
In April 1997, As a result of the publication of "The Structure of the Global 'Underworld' Power and the Course of Humanity," begins lecturing throughout Japan.
In February 1998, Visits Iraq to head off the U.S. military's air-bombing of Iraq.
In March 1998, Received invitations as a guest of state from the governments of North and South Korea.
[Mrs. Nakamaru has published the following books]
・ "Diplomacy with America, Diplomacy with China" Simul Books, Tokyo.
・ "Following the Sun - The Autobiography of Kaoru Nakamaru" Bungei Shunju, Tokyo.
・ "World leaders" International PHP, Tokyo.
・ "World Figures" Jiji Press. .
・ "As a Man, As a Leader" Nihon Jitsugyo Shuppan.
"The Structure of the Global 'Underworld' Power and the Course of Humanity" Bungeisha.
"The Underworld and Judea as Told by the Grandson of the Emperor Meiji" Bungeisha.

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Kaoru Nakamura

Selected Publication Information


Genetics and Molecular Biology


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Mukouzaka, Yuki
Nakamura, Kaoru
Kudo, Toshiaki


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Yeast reduction of a-keto esters in water afforded the corresponding (R)-hydroxy ester while the antipodes were obtained in the reduction in benzene. To elucidate the mechanism for stereochemical...

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The genes responsible for angular dioxygenation of dibenzofuran in actinomycetes were cloned by using a degenerate set of PCR primers designed by using conserved sequences of the dioxygenase alpha... 



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