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"Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer"

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Monday JUNE 21


                                                 (Originally Aired May-98)

                           HAROLD CHANNER 


                            Producer / Host

      Public Access Cable Television Series

          "Conversations with Harold Channer"



            1998 New York University Talk Titled:



"Public Access Cable Television Within a World  Systems Pattern of Understanding - Drawling Upon the Contributions of R. Buckminster Fuller / Louis O. Kelso and Others"

         To access graphics accompanying talk click below:

                                          TALK GRAPHICS


Buckminster Fuller

Louis O. Kelso







The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcTfmo62PfI - HAROLD CHANNER






                                          ABOUT HAROLD CHANNER


 Approximately 2,400 in depth Conversations have been videotaped and aired in the "Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer" public access cable television series which was initiated in 1973.  Responsibilities have included all aspects of administration, including:

  • Preliminary research to identify potential guest(s)
  • Contact and invite potential guest(s) to participate
  • Intensive research after invitation has been accepted
  • In studio or location videotaping of conversation 
  • Post production editing and graphics enhancement of program
  • Negotiate and assure televising of conversations programs
  • Maintain appropriate continuing correspondence with guest(s)

Guests have included a wide variety of leading figures from the business, governmental, academic and intellectual communities.  


  • New York State University, New Paltz, New York 1968-71.
  • California State University, Long Beach, California 1967-68
  • Utah State University, Logan Utah, 1966-67
  • Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan, 1965-66
  • Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois 1963-64  


  • Ph.D. (ABD) degree. Political and Economic Geography - Indiana University. Bloomington Indiana 1963
  • Master of Arts degree. Physical and Historical Geography - Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan - 1961
  • Bachelor of Arts degree. History and Geography, Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan 1959


  • Who's Who in America;
  • Who's Who in the World;
  • Who's Who in the East;  
  • Who's Who in Entertainment
  • Who's Who in the Media and Communications


 Some of those who have been guests of "Conversations"

Dr. Buckminster Fuller                   Dr. John Kenneth Galbrath               Dr. Edward Wolff

Mr, Louis O. Kelso                            Mr. Jeff Gates                                      Mr. Ed Asner

Mr. William McGowan                   Dr. Cornel West                                   Dr. Stanley Aronowitz

Hon. Russell Long                             Baba Ram Dass                                      Dr. Wally N'Dow

Hon Caspar Weinberger                  Mr. William Winpinsinger                Mr. William Bahr

Hon MuAmmatr Al Gaddafi            Dr. Santiago Astrain                            Dr. Benjamin Barber

Hon Yasser Arafat                              Hon Elliot Richardson                       Dr. Mustfa Tolba

Dr. Zbigniev Brzezinski                    Dr. Timothy Leary                              Mr. William Batten

Dr. Joshua Lederberg                        Mr. Michael Harrington                   Mr. Floyd Abrams

Dr. Robert Heilbroner                       Dr. Lewis Thomas                              Mr. Peter Peterson 

Dr. Gunnar Myrdal                            Dr. John Brademis                              Mr. William Baroody 

Hon. Kenneth Kaunda                       Mr. Yoshio Teresawa                           Mr. Robert Wussler

Hon. Jerry Brown                               Hon. Gary Hart                                    Mr. Jack Valenti

Robert Ashford                                    Lord Walter Perry                               Dr. John Lilly

Dr. Wassily Leontief                            Mr. Harold Geneen                            Dr. Henry Geller

Mr. Robert MacNeil                            Mr. Ralph Nader                                 Ms. Kay Koplowitz

Hon. William B. Simon                       Hon. Ramsey Clark                             Dr. Issac Asimov           

H.R.H. Mohammed Faisal Al Saud    Mr. Vernon Bellecourt                       Mr. John McArthur

Mr. Arthur Levitt Jr.                           Dr. Rollo May                                       Mr. Praynay Gupte

Ms. Marilyn Mach Vos Savant           Dr. Marilyn Ferguson                         Mr. Hugh Price

Dr. Norman Borlaug                            Mr. William Greider                          Ms. Barbara Crossette

Mr. Richard Branson                           Dr. Rollo May                                        Dr. Marc Uri Porat

Dr. Kirkpatrick Sale                             Mr. Benjamin Hooks                           Mr. A.H. Raski

Mr. Sanford Weil                                   Ms. Jane Roberts                                  Dr. Eli Noam

Hon. William Proxmire                        Dr. Corliss Lamont                             Dr. Herbert Schiller

Mr. Raleigh Warner Jr.                         Hon Negendra Singh                           Ms. Yue-Sei Kan

Mr. Richard Wiley                                  Dr. Ravi Batra                                      Dr. Oliver Sacks

Mr. Henry Wallich                                  Dr. Gerard O'Neill                              Mr. Gerard Levin

Hon. Richard E. Wiley                            Dr. Michio Kaku                                Mr. Richard Salent

Mr. Brian Lamb                                       Admiral Gene Larocque                    Dr. Larry Gell

Hon Andrew Young                                Mr. Ray Kurzweil                                Mr. Pete Seeger

Hon. Hubert Humphrey                          Hon. Carolyn Malony                         Mr. Richie Havens

Hon Jacob Javits                                     Hon. Jerrold Nadler                            Dr. Paul Moller

Hon. William Seidman                           Hon George Romney                           Mr. George Franklin

Mr. Donald Kendall                                Mr. Abbie Hoffman                             Mr. Charles Heck

Mr. Armand Hammer                             Dr. B.F. Skinner                                  Mr. Glenn Watts

Dr. Jay Forrester                                     Mr. Jeremey Rifkin                            Mr. Peter Marshall

Dr. Jonathan Kozel                                   Mr. Kume Ture                                  Hon. NizarHamdoon

Mr. William Borroughs                          Right Rev. Paul Moore Jr.              Mr. Henry Winston

Hon. Frank Church                                  Sri Swami Satchidananda                 Mr. Gil Noble

Dr. David D. Korten                                  Mr. Vance Packard                            Hon. Ahman KamaL

Mr.  Danny Schechter                                Mr. Herman Khan                            Mr. Stewart Mott

Mr. Gerard Piel                                          Dr. Paul Kennedy                              H.E. Ali Treki

Mr. Stewart Brand                                     Mr. Norman Kurland                       Mr. Kevin Phillips

Dr. Guyford Stever                                     Hon. Barry Goldwater                      Rabbi Israel Domb

Dr. Leon Cooper                                         Dr. Barbara Erenreich                      Mr. David Finn

Mr. Rodney Shakespeare                           Ms. Patricia Hetter Kelso                Dr. Robert Mundell

Dr. Robert McChesney                              Mr. George Stony                               Mr. Frank Zarb

Ms. Nadine Strossen                                   Ms. Judith Malina Beck                    Mr. Hedrick Smith

Mr. Ethan DeAntonio                                 Dr. Ethen Nadelman                           Mr. Paul J. Rizzo 

Hon. Lloyd Bentsen                                    Mr. Tadahiro Sekemoto                      Robert Thurman


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 not all names are currently included in the Index  listing.

Most are and we are working to include all names. We thank you for

                          your understanding and patience H.H.C.)