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Note: Due to a scheduling mishap the program with MAQBOOL MOHAMMAD which was to be aired was not.  Instead a re-airing of a program with LENNI BRENNER was. See 11-24-09 in past programs notices about the BRENNER  program.  The MAQBOOL MOHAMMAD program will be aired Monday December 7. Sorry and thank you for your understanding and patience.  H.H.C

                                        (Originally aired 09-22-09)

                           MAQBOOL  MOHAMMAD




                                           United Nations


                                             (646) 346-0919


The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQreBNbqMyA - MAQBOOL MOHAMMAD





1.     Name: Maqbool Mohammad,

2.     Currently, a United Nations Employee in the Department of Field Support in support of Peacekeeping / Peace building and special Political field missions around the world

3.     Born: In a small village (Fatma Khel) near Bannu, in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan.

4.     For my primary education, I went to a School in Bannu,  and later (at the age of 12) went Cadet College Kohat, one of the very few boarding schools in NWFP, where I completed my High School Education in 1972.

5.     Commissioned as an officer (2nd Lieutenant) in Pakistan Army in 1974, where I served for about 24 years until 1998, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. My army career was not only full of adventure but very rewarding in terms of education. Pakistan Army is at its best in providing professional training to all ranks. Besides numerous training courses within the military/ civil training institutions in Pakistan, I also came to USA for training at Fort Lee, Virginia, USA. My military career also helped me in understanding all parts of Pakistan and, how these cultures, despite their different nature, bind the country together. I was able to travel through out the country including Kashmir and the rugged mountains of NWFP. These were interesting times, and during my 24 years I was a witness to Martial Law, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the defeat of Soviet Army in Afghanistan, the hanging of an ex- Prime Minister (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto) in 1979, the death of a President (Zia ul Haq) in an air crash in 1988 and the return of fragile democracy in 1988, which remained fragile till 1998, when I left the army. 

6.     My international civil servant career started in June 1999, when I joined United Nations in Sierra Leone as a Field Security Officer for the UN agencies (UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO etc). The Job of Security Officer in Sierra Leone in 1999 was very challenging, as the country was going through its most difficult times, with the bloodiest war, rebels controlling most of the country. Except the capital Free Town and a few more towns, there was no Government control, and my job to provide security advise to ensure the safety of all UN staff was not easy.

7.     In August 2000, I moved to New York and joined the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) as Logistics Operations Officer. During all these years, my title has changed, responsibilities have multiplied but my core functions of providing Logistics Support to the Peace Keeping, Peace building and special political missions have not changed. As a part of my job, I have travelled extensively to almost all the war affected areas in almost all of the conflict zones around the world. I was also stationed in the Democratic Republic of Congo for almost two years (2005-2007). The experience with United Nations has been awesome and very rewarding.

8.     Comments: Starting my journey in the rugged terrain of NWFP, I have come a long way. My childhood was spent in a conservative Muslim Pathan (Pashtun) family, where every act was subjected to traditions, the word of an elder being the last. Education in an elite boarding school was a complete contrast, and the disciplined life of army gave me much needed independence from the traditions bound family life. My conservative Pathan background, a disciplined army officer who saw so much happening around him, and then into the totally different world of United Nations have enriched me with unique experiences.   


                                        Monday November 30,  2009            

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