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                Guests For  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28, 2009

                                      (Originally aired: 06-13-90)

                                       PHILIP  ARNOLD



         United States Mission to the United Nations

           Committee on World Telecommunications  


                                               (1st 35 minutes)


                                     WILLIAM PRESTON




                        Institute for Media Analysis



  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryg6xaaavwU - PHILIP ARNOLD & WILLIAM PRESTON



More about PHILIP ARNOLD & WILLIAM PRESTON the United States Mission to the United Nations & The Institute for Media Analysis



Institute for Media Analysis

It is part of the American myth that our major media are objective and unbiased, a mainstay of democracy. We believe, however, that the overwhelmingly dominant corporate media have become merely the voice of an increasingly unilateral and controlled empire, devoted to the indoctrination of the public in the interests of corporate, industrial, military, and ruling powers. There has been, throughout the post-World War II years, little analysis of this phenomenon, little criticism of the myth of the impartial media.

The Institute for Media Analysis, Inc., was established in 1986 with the primary purpose of providing to the public educational materials relating to the workings of government and of the media, and in particular the relations between the two.

IMA is a tax-exempt non-profit organization; its directors are Ellen Ray, William H. Schaap, Edward S. Herman, and William Preston, Jr.

Over the years, IMA has published and produced books (including Jim Garrison's On the Trail of the Assassins, which became Oliver Stone's film, JFK), monographs, and a monthly magazine (Lies Of Our Times); sponsored national and international conferences, including a major conference on Anti-communism in American Life at Harvard University; provided speakers for university and other events and debates; made presentations to the United Nations and international conferences; and acted as fiscal sponsor for non-profit projects with similar purposes, including the Pacifica Campaign, Democracy Now!, the Center for Non-Profit Technology, and others.

Pursuant to an agreement with CovertAction magazine, of which Ray and Schaap were among the original founders, IMA has the exclusive electronic rights to all issues published from the magazine's inception in 1978 through its millennial issue of 2000. In the future, all of this critical material, focusing on the machinations of U.S. intelligence operations, will be available on this web site's archives, as well all of the issues of Lies Of Our Times (1990-1994), devoted to critical analysis of the New York Times and other corporate media.

With the sea changes in international policy that came with the inauguration of George W. Bush, with the institutionalization of "preemptive retaliation" and "regime change," culminating in impending war in Iraq and the potential devastation of the entire Middle East, we initiated, with the cooperation of Ocean Press, a progressive book publisher based in Melbourne, Australia, the release of several collections of historically relevant articles from CovertAction, cogent and prescient analyses from the Reagan-Bush I years, along with new introductions to bring those materials into current focus. We have thus already produced Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way and Covert Action: The Roots of Terrorism. Both are available now; check "Books" on our home page to find out more, and to order. Further volumes, on Latin America and on domestic oppression in the United States, are in the works. And we intend to expand this web site dramatically in the near future.

IMA also intends to publish a short newsletter, with relevant news, original articles, and summaries of longer articles with links to the full texts, which will be available in hard copy to subscribers and via the web. If you have signed up to be notified of developments, we will send you an e-mail when the newsletter is to commence. Click here to be notified of future updates.

Please note that contributions to IMA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by federal law, and essential to our expanding our services and developing extensive archives for researchers. If you are able to do so, any and all contributions to our work are appreciated. Make contributions payable to IMA, and send them to: Institute for Media Analysis, Inc., c/o William H. Schaap, Esq., 143 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012-1055.

And, if you have any comments, you can reach us through "Contact Us" on our home page.


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