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                         MAC TRUONG, ESQ., Ph.D, J.S.D.



                           Attorney / Author /


                Philosopher / Television Producer



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MAC TRUONG, Esq., Ph.D., J.S.D.

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1982-2003 Attorney and Counselor at law, 21-Year Experience – 325 Broadway, New York, New York 10007 - Lower Manhattan, New York City. Having successfully represented more than 15 thousand clients. All Courts – State and Federal – All types of Legal Matters - 1993 More than 12 U.S. Senators, including D. Patrick Moynihan and Joseph R. Biden, Jr., found “well suited in the position of a United States Supreme Court Justice”.  Achievements acknowledged in Who’s Who in American Law 7th Edition.  From 2003:  Practice limited to International Law and United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.





1982-1986 producer and moderator of Thinking Times TV Debates, a popular weekly TV series on Manhattan Cable TV.  Currently co-producer and host of DMT God 3.0 Live, a popular weekly TV series, seen worldwide by satellite dishes and through the Internet. The greatest show on religions LIVE, promoting God 3.0 (the Third Version of God as a software), including all useful features of God 1.0 (the First Version of God “written” by Moses) and God 2.0 (the Second Version of God “written” by Jesus).




FIVE YEARS (1975-1980) Hotel General  Manager 1976-1980: General Manager, Central Apt. Hotel, 250 Rooms, 250W 88th, New York, New York. 1975-1976: Hotel Opera, 600 rooms, 2166 Broadway, New York, New York.





J.D., LL.M. & J.S.D. in International Law; a B.A., M.A.& Ph.D. in Philosophy; a M.S. in Political Science; a B.S. & M.S. in Psychology - University of Paris - Sorbonne & Pantheon - France. Incomplete LL.M., N.Y.U. School of Law 1980 International Law (Enrolled to take Bar Exam to practice law in New York State.)





Four patents of invention. One of the major inventions (U.S. patent # 5799488) is a new useful and inspiring form of life after death. It’s literally our deceased loved one’s physical reincarnation in a natural beautiful and serene living being called Tree of Life. On December 21, 1998 the New York Times acclaimed it as an altogether different concept of invention. On May 22, 1999 it was awarded the Gold Medal at INPEX tm XV, the world's largest invention show, Pittsburgh, U.S.A. Also inventor of MT-EARS (Mac Truong - Electronic Automatic Repulsion System), electronic devices preventing terrorists from slamming airplanes into sensitive targets such as nuclear power plants or the White House. On August 3, 2004 the U.S. Patent Office issued Patent No. 6769645 for MT-EARS. This high-tech invention will render air and sea transportation of the future world much safer.




Fluent in three languages: English, French and Vietnamese.




One of the first practicing attorneys at law using word processor or PC to process

complaints, pleadings and motions successfully since 1983.




Work lover, creative, focused, organized, analytical, decisive, no nonsense, rational, courteous, persuasive, positive, fair, honest, humorist, open, direct, reliable, productive, respectable (of Life – Property – Freedom), of good faith, good at heart, independent, self-starter and team-player at the same time, reasonable and balanced.




Timely - Non-Smoker – No Drinker -  Fitness Believer and Practitioner –

Healthy - Never missed work due to illness - Attracted to Traveling.





Excellent dealing with both regular people and officials at highest level  (Ambassadors, Government Ministers, etc.) Able to look at TV camera live and speak for more than one hour without note or interruption, or moderate debates with several guests on Live TV on fascinating and/or technical topics such as law, politics, philosophy or religion.



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or call DMT

325 BROADWAY, #200

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(212) 566-6000 or (201) 679-2594







325 Broadway, Suite 200

New York, N.Y. 10007

Phone:  (212) 566-6000



                                                                                                               August 29, 2008

Chairman Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Committee on Foreign Affairs

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510-6275

                        Re.       Qualified Personnel for the Next Obama-Biden Administration


Dear Senator Biden:


            Congratulation for your nomination as the running mate of Senator Barack Obama (“SBO” hereafter). That’s so far the first and best move that SBO has made as the Democrats’ nominee for President. I am sure and certain that your name on the ticket would make it a winning one and that you would be one of the best and influential Vice-Presidents America has elected in history.

            Please find enclosed a copy of your letter to me dated June 10, 1993. It is part of my documentary evidence showing that in 1993 upon my request Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan promptly urged President Bill Clinton to nominate me as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Senators Daniel K. Inouy and Daniel K. Akaka of Hawaii, and Slade Gordon of Washington found my resume distinguished and that, if indeed nominated, I would be an excellent associate justice. Senators Carol Moseley-Braun of Illinois, Phil Gramm of Texas, and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland also found me well suited as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and contacted the busy White House on my behalf for a nomination. You as the Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary and many other Senators such as Howell Heflin, Alan K. Simpson, Frank R. Lautenberg, Bill Bradley, and Connie Mack found my qualifications outstanding and that since Senator Moynihan had already applied for me, you were delighted and promised to support my candidacy in the Senate if I would indeed be nominated by the President for a position in the U.S. Supreme Court.

            I am sure that if you read my resume again, you would remember all that and immediately do America a great service by directing your staff to include me in your and SBO’s inner circles to help make the change that America is longing for and can truly count on a reality. 


            In my resume submitted for your review back in 1993, I made the following heart-felt appeal:


            “Not too long ago, the United States Government has announced its foreign policy aimed at restructuring the U.N. Security Council with possibly Japan and/or Germany as new permanent members. I have tried to promote the reorganization of the United Nations in general and of the Security Council in particular for almost 25 years. The plan on why and how to do it has been clearly laid out by myself for more than 17 years ago. It has been reproduced in one of my latest books: "Together We Build The World - From Cross-Examining The Holy Bible to Building The World Unfolding Structure of Civilization"  (Annexed) (Re. pp. 347-348 on the Security Council and pp. 312-376 on the re-organization of the United Nations into a complete dynamic and logical World Unfolding Structure of Civilization). My view has been supported by some distinguished diplomats and politicians such as the ex-foreign minister of Vietnam. Now since President Bush seems to share the same world view, I am very optimistic about its possible realization. Under these circumstances, the U.S. government will need a team of many federal judges with international law expertise and vision to effectively serve this country. A few of them should also be prepared for their appointment to the new International Court of Justice to serve the world community with distinction.


                        However, more urgently, as we all know, America is losing its position as a world leader. It is not because our people are less in number. Actually we are more populated than ever. It is not because our natural resources or our lands have become exhausted. Actually as compared to Japan, they are incredibly plentiful. The hard cold fact is that we are losing our edge in morality, new ideas and courage. America has exhausted the energy generated by its new and bold ideas of the 18th and 19th centuries that led this country ahead. People of the world do not look at America as a new country any more. We are becoming old and obsolete. Bold and innovative projects and great vision are vanishing from America. We are shackled with outdated concepts in law, religions, politics, ethics, logic and science. How can we expect to lead the world if our moral, religious and political values are not even adequate to lead ourselves and solve our problems?


                        I believe that unless we arm our young people with a new philosophy which combines both American best traditional values and a new way of reasoning and a great vision, America will eventually lose its role as the world leader in the years and centuries to come.


                        That should not happen and does not have to happen. Each one of us should do our best to reverse the present decline of our dear country, the United States of America. I wish to be offered an opportunity to contribute in a more effective manner to such a noble and necessary common effort (these issues and their suggested solutions are more fully discussed in Together We Build The World - Cross-Examining the Holy Bible, annexed).


                        Thank you for your attention and consideration.”


            [See, p. 19 and 20 of my  1992 Application to Senator D’Amato annexed hereto]


          Reviewing my foregoing “prophecy” or rather plain prediction by common sense, does it not sound like the blueprint of SBO’s vision he has pronounced loud and clear yesterday (August 28, 2008) in his acceptance speech for all America to hear?

            It is important to note that of course since I wrote that letter to you and other senators in 1992-1993, I have achieved a lot more and ready for action on both national and international levels.

            For instance, SBO and you have now painted for America a great vision of change. However, a wonderful vision of change to attract voters isn’t enough. It must be backed up by practical and realistic plans to implement it to make a dream come true for America and the world in the years and decades to come.

            I have those plans and technical know-how, strong will power, as well as enthusiasm, to provide your Obama-Biden partnership with, implement the change America wants, and make of this country a number one great world leader again.

            Three months before billionaire Pickens and then last week New York City Mayor Bloomberg advertised their “plans” to energize America with wind mills, I had promoted that concept all over the Internet (Please go to “DMTTECHNOLOGY.INFO” to examine the supporting evidence), and am now in a position to open multiple DMT Energy Centers providing America and the world with clean energy of wind power. The DMT Turbines are being manufactured in China, while the stands to carry them in Vietnam.  They can be shipped to and installed anywhere in the world by our American shipping companies wherever there are demands.

             Between about January 17, 1982 and December 2, 2003 I practiced law in the City of New York. During that time I successfully completed more than 15,000 legal actions in various state and federal courts and the United States Department of Justice. As hereinabove noted, in 1993 I was found to be a model of success of the American dream by a dozen of U.S. Senators, many of whom, including the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, found me suited to be a justice of the United States Supreme Court and urged the Clinton White House to nominate me for such position.

            I am also a polyglot, patented inventor, psychologist, political scientist, philosopher and TV producer. I holds the following diplomas: J.D., LL.M. & J.S.D. in international law; Ph.D., M.A. &  B.A. in Philosophy; M.S. in Political Science; M.A. & B.A. in  Psychology - University of Paris - Sorbonne & Pantheon. I attended an International Law LL.M. program at the New York University, School of Law, before successfully taking the N.Y. State Bar Examination.

            I wrote and published numerous books in three languages including Absolute Relativity (in French and English), and Ethics of International Law (in French), From Cross-Examining The Holy Bible To Building The World Unfolding Structure of Civilization, Together We Build The World, Forest of Life, The Wholly Bible, The Eleventh Commandment, Inside DMT, and The Best Is Yet To Come.  About 1964, I invented four new systems of writing for the Vietnamese language, one of which is based on combination of six out of ten basic colors and not at all on forms, something that has no equivalent anywhere else in the history of the world. They were clearly explained in a book in Vietnamese entitled "Sieu Ky Hoc" (Super Writing System).  I also founded of a school of painting called Essentialism, and was successful general manager of two multi-million-dollar real estate businesses in Manhattan between 1975 and 1981.

            I hold four U.S. patents of invention. One of my major inventions (U.S. patent # 5799488) is a new useful and inspiring form of life after death. It’s literally our deceased loved one’s physical reincarnation or embodiment in a natural beautiful and serene living being called Tree of Life. It's the unique patented idea to recycle death into life and preserve the lung of our Planet and to transform old cemeteries into beautiful botanic gardens or Forests of Life for all to enjoy. On December 21, 1998 the New York Times acclaimed it as an altogether different concept of invention. On May 22, 1999 it was awarded the Gold Medal at INPEX tm XV, the world's largest invention show, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

            Within 10 days after watching with my own eyes the World Trade Twin Towers fall down on September 11, 2001 near my law office, I invented MT-EARS (Mac Truong - Electronic Automatic Repulsion System), which are electronic devices preventing terrorists from slamming airplanes into sensitive targets such as nuclear power plants or the White House. On August 3, 2004 the U.S. Patent Office issued Patent No. 6769645 for MT-EARS. This high-tech invention will render air and sea transportation of the future world much safer.

            In 2003 I published a 500-page book in Vietnamese entitled "Mong Hon Viet" (Dream of Vietnam's Soul) and in 2005 "Van Minh Dai Viet" (Great Vietnam's Civilization), showing how to reorganize the political and legal system in Vietnam and how to transform the present Vietnamese communist party into a powerful association of lawyers to serve the nation and build the World Capital in Central Vietnam as an open bastion to defend it against the coming invasion of communist China and to transform Vietnam into a new foyer of world civilization. [A copy of "Mong Hon Viet" is enclosed - Some Chapters are in English)

            Only a few weeks ago, Vietnam allows non-communist politicians to run as of 2011 for any elected positions in the government including President. As such the communist party of Vietnam would control the country as a matter of fact and not of law.

            However, the law even in name only is good enough for anybody who would run the Vietnamese government in an honest and patriotic way in accordance with RPR in AR to succeed. I have no problem with that and actually  it was the exact way I recommended in my older book entitled "The Way of Action" that has been faithfully followed by the leaders of Vietnam since back to about 1991, when it was published and widely circulated in Vietnam among the leaders.  Many laws in Vietnam have been passed in recent years using my book as guideline for the official governmental policy in all fields, from adoption or real estate ownership to civil rights or foreign policies. I am very known in Vietnam and the said new law actually is made for me and people like me to return from abroad to serve the new Vietnam on a liberal and democratic basis.


            In 2007 I invented “G-Angels” that are electronic devices in human forms capable of preventing AIDS, or reducing violent crimes, unwanted pregnancy, overpopulation, murders, rapes, or child molestation, etc. [for more information, see, the G-Angels Story that may be sent to you by email together with many other documents.]

            Recently I also invented many new features to make each DMT Wind Power Converter (DMT-WPC – see, DMTTECHNOLOGY.INFO) very attractive from esthetic point of view to attract difficult environmentalists and even tourists.  They will look like trees and be attractive enough to become essential items of theme parks and just regular parks that people can visit and enjoy daily. In addition, I have also invented a method and made special designs to transform the stands of DMT-WPC into a DMT-O-Tree (artificial tree producing oxygen for the earth.) This way absolutely each DMT Energy Center would feature hundreds of DMT-WPC manufactured by newly created DMT Technology Centers in China and Vietnam, which are at the same time powerful decorative giant trees providing both oxygen and electricity to clean our atmosphere and energize all living organisms on earth, while looking magnificent, standing tall and proud in great landscapes contributing to the natural beauty of our dear planet.  Last but not least, the world will be transformed soon by my truly latest invention of DMT-Trees.  This is a combination of DMT-WPC and DMT-Oxygen-Tree, producing oxygen, and DMT-Water-Tree producing drinkable water out of thin air. This invention will save the world and fix the problem of global climate change by converting desert areas into fertile lands with trees and forests, which are at first artificial. These DMT-Trees will be mass produced from recycled materials of practically any types to get rid of unwanted and ugly wastes polluting the earth.

            DMT-Trees or rather DMT-Forests are the ideal solution to solve such problems as that of the rapid destruction of the Rain Forest, by restoring trees not only on location but also anywhere appropriate on our planet. They will be produced by the trillions and nobody would have to worry about why they are so numerous, since they are both beautiful to look at and indispensable to control the earth environment to ensure the happy survival of the human race enjoying the next level of civilization. 

            By the foregoing I may sound incredible, cocky or outright weird. However, if you now review my old application for U.S. federal judgeship, or new resume and achievements [documents annexed], you will find that no one in human history has achieved the intellectual level and practical legal experience I have. With due respect SBO and Senator Mc Cain are no match for my intellect and vision. They are American and as such they can be popular in this country while I am not, being not one of them. For Vietnamese and French-speaking peoples I am much more: a legend or a world legend to be.

            I promise if elected President of Vietnam in 2011 to lead my country as the advanced bastion of a new civilization for all humankind. Of course, this fits well with the Vietnamese super egos and perception of themselves as the only country in the history of the world that has decisively defeated Genghis Khan’s invading armies not once but twice and the United States of America, whose loss of the war in Vietnam is the only one in American history. Young vigorous Vietnamese will certainly love it and sacrifice themselves to achieve this together under my leading partnership and pursuant to my new vision for all humankind.

            Actually Vietnam has the software potential to lead the world of the future. Have you heard the NBC commentator during the opening of the current 2008 Beijing Olympics Games when Vietnam's sportive delegation passed by? He said that Vietnam would surely not win here as big as they have done in the last World Mathematic Olympiads. Vietnam won over 150 medals there well far beyond the rest of the world combined.  That news made me feel so proud that it brought tears to my eyes even right now.



            Of course once I succeeded in Vietnam, I’ll run for the position of First World President in the World Structure under the World Constitution written by me back in 1975 and published in 1978 in “Three Steps from the United Nations to the World Unfolding Structure of Civilization.” [Copy may be obtained by writing to everywhereishome@aol.com.]  Of course you and/or SBO could be at that time my running mates. Indeed, there won’t be one position but 17 World Presidents forming the World President Board to be elected by the World Union representing all peoples of the world both as individuals and separate nations within a balanced federalist democratic and liberal legal structure.

            Please for now watch my two-hour DVD "DMT God 3.0 Live" (enclosed), and instantly know that I am real, quite serious and ready for action on both national and international levels to assist you and SBO to raise America and the world to the next level of civilization in a new era of long lasting peace and prosperity.

            Concerning the true purpose of this letter, kindly deem it one to respectfully urge you to offer me an opportunity to make of our dear country America under your watch-to-be the greatest world leader again with a vision of change and renewal that is not only exciting for all Americans but also for all peoples of the world of the future.  Indeed, as SBO has molded it appropriately after Martin Luther King, Jr., out loud and clear in his acceptance speech, we can’t do it alone. We must do it together and America must change and adapt profoundly to become relevant as a great world leader again in the years and decades to come.

            Practically, kindly make of me an insider of your team, especially as adviser in overall world policy, ideological, theological and legal issues, by starting to direct your staff to discuss with me for an appropriate position in your next administration, commencing right now.

            As SBO has further well put it, there is so much to do and the stake so high. We can’t backtrack but only go forward. And time to go forward is now.  Actually not only America but also the whole world is now ready and counting on us to lead to advance to the next level of civilization towering well above the limited national, ideological, theological or cultural barriers of the past.

So let’s together advance to the new horizon where no human could have reached before and let’s build for all humankind a truly united marvelous new  world by connecting all its most diverse wonderful national aspects with one basic common link: RPR in AR [Reliability, Productivity and Respect for Life, Property and Freedom in Absolute Relativity, i.e. in good faith, with reason, balance and ultimate wisdom for all – For Detailed Plan, See, “Together We Build the World” – a 500-page book available upon demand].

Again congratulation dear Senator Biden, and thank you very much for your attention and valuable time. Good luck and be well.

                                                                        Very Truly Yours,






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