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(Originally aired: 08-02-11)


                             National Radio Personality

                            Filmmaker: "Saying It Loud"


                            National Leadership Alliance




                 In 1995 he served as the New York State Chair

                             of the Historic Million Man March.




                             Fr. Miguel d'Escoto,       Min Akbar Muhammad,      Viola Plummer

                         Involved and in SOLID Solidarity of the Upcoming

                       "In Harlem Millions March - August 13. 2011" 

  Mass Protest to End the Attack On Libya, Zimbabwe,

                                    and Blacks in the US!



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li6uv164FS4 - BOB  LAW



More about BOB  LAW                                      

Bob Law Bio

Bob Law served as the Vice President of programming at New York’s WWRL radio for 3 years. Prior to that, he was the host of NIGHT TALK the nations first nationally broadcast daily Black call in show which on the National Black Network for two decades throughout the 19803 and 90’s . Prior to that Bob served Operations manager and became program director at WWRL during the 1970‘s glory days of Black radio. Bob Law also served as a board member of the historic Black Music Association.

 In 2007 Bob hosted a midday talk show on WURD AM in Philadelphia, where he also served as national program consultant. Bob is the founder of the National Respect Yourself Youth Organization, which established a national network of Respect Yourself Saturdays academies, as well as the renown 40 voice Respect Yourself Youth Choir, The respect organization has operated a baseball little league, a summer entrepreneur program helping youngsters to start their own summer business, as well as a film project in conjunction with New York’s Black Spectrum Theater that introduced young people the art of film making.

Bob is author of “The Magic Clown” a play for children that is still being performed in NYC Public schools.  The Respect Yourself organization was a lead organization in the 1990’s anti violence, Increase the peace campaign in New York City Bob is currently one of the lead organizers of the New York Peace Keepers campaign as anti violence movement based in Houston Texas.

Bob founded the Namasker Capital Assistance Program which developed and managed a loan program for Black owned small businesses.  His agenda 2000 health, business and personal development seminars throughout the 1990’s were sold out events. Bob is author of Voices For the Future, published by African American Images, of Chicago. Mr. Law is owner of Namaskar.

Bob Law’s Health and Wellness Store as well ass Bob Law’s Seafood Café, both businesses are located in Brooklyn New York. Bob remains a community activist.  In 1995 he served as the New York State Chair of the Historic Million Man March.  He also spearheaded the class action law suite filed against the New York City Department of Education for the mis-education of African American Youth.  Mr. Law remains active as one of the principle PoweNomics organizers, a campaign of the economic development for Black America.

Bob Law is currently chairman of the board of the Black Spectrum Theatre in Queens New York, and has begun a new career in film making. His first film Saying it Loud a documentary about the power and significance of Black radio is being well received by audiences around the country.  



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