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       Guest For THURSDAY FEBRUARY 26, 2009



                          SUSAN  McINTOSH                  






                      Actor / Social Prankster


                       Writer / Professor




  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GVvriOsV2U - SUSAN McINTOSH





More about: SUSAN McINTOSH

Born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, Susan McIntosh developed an early taste for outsider culture.  Her teenage years were filled with following punk rock and subversive social movements centered around the rise and fall of "hippie" culture.  She received her BA from U.C. Berkeley and moved to London to work in the record industry.  She worked for the Dead Kennedy's label, Alternative Tentacles, revealing in the notion of cash from chaos.  She then moved back to the states, settling in NYC, where she attended Columbia's MFA film program.  Her first short won the New York Division of the Academy Awards and took her around the world to numerous festivals.  She was able to raise money for her first feature film, "Circus Lives."  During this time she started a band, Hooch, which was signed by Futurist Records.  The film won a Young Filmmakers Award from Panavison and resulted in her selling two more screenplays and being represented by ICM and later Writers and Artists.  She has written and performed two solo shows in theater, most recently "Spawn and Die" in Edinburgh Fringe Festival which garnered excellent reviews.  She has optioned three screenplays.  Currently she has just completed work on a new show for MNN called "Crazy Studios," a comedy sketch show, starring her producing partner Albert Wilking.



Susan McIntosh


Columbia University, New York, New York
M.F.A. in Film, 1998
Honors: Fellowship Student with first year scholarship
Awarded Graduate Teaching Fellowship with film critic Andrew Sarris
Awards: The Panavision Young Filmmakers Award
First Place in the New York Division of The Student Academy Awards

University of California at Berkeley, California
B. A. in English Literature, 1992
Awards:Deans Merit Scholar 1990


Lehman College, CUNYSept. 2008 to present
Taught two classes weekly on literature and the writings of the twentieth century. Encouraged students to write their own biographical memoirs in blog form.

Metropolitan College, New York, NY
Adjunct ProfessorJune 2008- present
Taught graduate courses aimed at MBA Business Students on the business of film and film financing. Students created a project from start to finish, from budgeting optioning a property, to establishing LCC partnerships and shopping the package. Students prepare to present their products at the Cannes Market in March.

Katherine Gibbs College, New York, NY
Associate Professor May 2003-present
Taught in the Digital Media Department and General Education Department four classes weekly including: Modern Drama, Screenwriting, Contemporary Culture and Media, Internship in New Media, and Verbal Communications. Developed curriculum and internship outreach.

The Digital Film Academy, New York, NY April 2005-present
Gave monthly screenwriting seminars on creating an award winning short and feature length screenplay. All my students have gone on to shoot and edit five minute to thirty-minute pieces.

Gibbs College, Montclair, NJ
Adjunct Professor Sept. 2001- May 2003
Taught five classes weekly including Culture and the Arts, Literature in the Western Tradition, Business Writing and Preparatory to Advanced English.

The University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Guest Lecturer August 2003
Invited to give a series of lectures concerning the nature of performance, new media and the tradition of shamanism; linking modern media with the ancient traditions of indigenous tribes in North America, Europe and the Amazon.

High School For Business Enterprise and Technology, Brooklyn, NY
Media Teacher Sept. 2000- Sept. 2001
Taught five classes daily to inner city high school students, teaching them scriptwriting, pre and post production, story boards, narrative construction and the nature of new media. One of my students, Mark Terry, won Showtimes Young Video Award, for his retelling of the Charles Dickens Christmas Carol, set in the projects of Brooklyn.
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                                   Thursday February 26, 2009

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