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The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4bhEiKCE_c - RANDOLFE  WICHER




Randy Wicker
I'm a transaged male (young man trapped in an old body) who has been a LGBT activist since 1958, sex freedom activist since 1962, anti-Vietnam-War button merchant (1965-1971), founder of LeMar (legalize marijuana) in1964, heavy drinker since 1982, world's first cloning activist since 1997, transgender fashion activist since 2007. Look up my uniquely spelled name "RANDOLFE" on google. I ran an Art Deco lighting shop in Greenwich Village from 1974 till 2003, have edited men's magazine & even got SCREW busted in the late 1960s. These days I work with video. Robert Frost wanted to die with "a little yellow pencil in his hand" & I plan to die with a video camera in mine. I'm crazy for JPOP music & groups like Arashi, NewS, Tackey , Kamenishi, Kis-My-Ft2, BoA, etc. I'm also an immortalist and a transhumanist...and I've just started really living..I named myself in 1967, going from Charlie Hayden to Randolfe Hayden Wicker. Was nearly elected President of Student Body at UT in 1960.

professional writer, agitator, v...
U. of Texas, Austin, 1960, Charl...
Clone Rights United Front, Uplif...
Interests and Hobbies:
shooting video, JPOP music, human cloning, science, non-fiction writing, C-Span Booknotes on Weekends, transgender fashion (enabling each person to be beautiful in the style of clothing & color of his/her/whatever choosing), helping immigrants & transgender people, fighting "to conquer the blight of involuntary death" (The Immortality Institute)
Movies and Shows:
Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, Beautiful Boxer, Survivor, Chris Matthews Hardball,
Happy music like JPOP, old Spanish Music, "musica romantica", 1980s music, 1960s folk, buble gum music,
"The Riddle of Gender: Science, Activism, and Transgender Rights" by Deborah Rudacille; "Cloning After Dolly" by Gregory Pence; and the many books that say nice things about me :-)




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Mr. Wicker founded the world's first activist pro-human-cloning group, the Clone Rights United Front, February 26th, 1997 , immediately after the announcement of Dolly's birth. He organized the first demonstration in support of human cloning on Saturday, March 1,1977 , which was broadcast live for an entire hour by WABC -AM radio. USA Today also reported on the event.

Shortly thereafter, Wicker commenced a career of championing human cloning, reproductive, religious and scientific freedom on radio shows across the country.

National broadcasts included those hosted by Curtis Silwa , Alan Combs, Bob Grant , Bey Buchanan and Victoria Jones .  Additionally, there would be countless debates on local programs aired in virtually every state in the Union .

After initially being refused an opportunity to testify against proposed legislation which would have made cloning a human being a felony punishable by seven years in jail, Clone Rights United Front partisans picketed hearings on the proposed legislation being held by the New York Senate Investigations Committee on March 18,1997.

After encountering the demonstrators, committee chairman Sen. Roy Goodman allowed Wicker to testify along with several renowned scientists ( Dr. Lee Silver , Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University ) and prominent theologians ( John Cardinal O’Connor , Archbishop of New York).

Two evening newscasts featured Wicker reading the “The Clone Bill of Rights” and the New York Daily News used a large photo of the protestors outside as a visual.

On June 7,1997 , The President’s National Bioethics Advisory Commission met at The Marriott in Crystal City , Virginia , to publicly discuss and fine-tune their recommendations which would urge a three to five year moratorium on efforts to clone a human being.

Pro-cloning activists distributed leaflets to all those attending urging NBAC to respect the reproductive and religious rights of individual citizens.  Two critics (including Wicker) challenged NBAC’s anti-cloning proposals and were included that evening in national network newscasts.

On June 25,1997 Clone Rights activists attended the American Association for the Advancement of Science “Forum on Cloning” in Washington, D.C., where they supplied press packets to all those attending, personally gave Ian Wilmut both literature and pro-cloning buttons, and challenged the totally anti-cloning panels repeatedly from the floor during their day long six hour event.

On September 14, l997, Clone Rights United Front distributed thousands of the world’s first “commemorative badges” to those attending a memorial service for Princess Diana in Central Park in NYC.

  Ms. Tina Paul , a professional photographer, videotaped and photographed the two-hour social interaction among the attending public, the cloning activists and the Central Park Police.

On January 26,1998 , Randolfe Wicker appeared on NBC’S “LEEZA SHOW” which deal with human cloning and other reproductive issues.

On February 12,1998 , Randolfe Wicker testified at the U.S. House of Representatives hearings on “CLONING; LEGAL, MEDI CAL, ETHICAL, AND SOCIAL ISSUES” (Committee on Commerce, second session, Serial No. 105-70).

The fifth panel, on which Randolfe Wicker sat, included a former Dean of the Stanford Medical School , the CEO of the National Organization for Rare Disorders, Chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International, and the Executive Director of the Alliance for Aging Research.

(At that time, two pieces of legislation had been proposed to outlaw the cloning of human beings.  The Republicans had introduced the First-Bond bill.  The Democrats had introduced a slightly less harsh Feinstein-Kennedy bill.  Ultimately, only the Republican bill would come to a vote.  It would fail , 54 to 42, because of bipartisan opposition.)

In 1999, Randolfe Wicker would become a member of the Board of Directors of the Human Cloning Foundation.  He continues to serve in that capacity.

As an unpaid volunteer, he monitors the Human Cloning Foundation’s message boards and handles press inquiries.

In that capacity, he has debated stem cell research on WNYC and Fox Cable News.

As the first Human Cloning Activist, Mr. Wicker has been described by WIRED MAGAZINE, February 2001, as “the face of the Human Cloning Foundation…a one-stop resource for science news and rumors, and for people who want to be cloned and those who say they’ll do it”. (Pg. 131).

TIME MAGAZINE, February 19, 2001 says that as “…”spokesman for the Human Cloning Foundation, he is the face of cloning fervor in the U.S. ”  Mr. Wicker ’s extensive contacts among those wanting to use cloning enabled him to put TIME reporters in contact with the five infertile couples featured in that article as well as with others wanting to use cloning for other purposes.

Mr. Wicker has debated cloning opponents on MSNBC, CNN and CNBC .  He has worked with and appeared in reports by ABC National News, 60 Minutes, Canadian Public Television, Germany ’s Focus-TV, Der Spiegel , Britain ’s Granada TV, as well as other crews from Australia , Japan , Colombia , Chile , and France .

On March 28, 2001, Randolfe H. Wicker was 1 of 16 witnesses to testify before the The Committee on Energy and Commerce  107th Congress, on "Issues Raised by Human Cloning".

In the picture, he is wearing his “Yes to Human Cloning” button.  Mr. Wicker is often overwhelmed with E-mail.  Students simply wanting information should surf through this web site with its wealth of material, virtually all of which consists of news stories about human cloning activists and pro-human cloning essays and editorials.

He has been a featured speaker at Boston University's International Student Bioethics Initiative, debated cloning at Haverford University and was the keynote speaker at the ninth annual Biotech Conference in Harrisonburg, Virginia in March, 2002.

Proposals to ban therapeutic cloning have made Mr. Wicker a familiar guest on MSNBC and Fox television  where he debates those supporting the legislation endorsed by President Bush.

UPDATE AS OF Monday, December 30, 2002

Expert from the Wall Street Journal, Section B, Page 3, Monday 12.30.2002

Except for Dr. Antinori, most of the would-be cloners are part of a circle of good-humored intrigue whose nexus is a lamp shop in New York owned by Randolfe H. Wicker, who calls himself "the first human cloning activist." With a Web site dedicated to reproductive cloning, Mr. Wicker feeds leads and personalities to a number of journalists, TV producers, film makers, book authors and others for whom cloning stories are both irresistible human theater and a source of steady employment...

"It's such good news that it is too good to believe," said Mr. Wicker of Clonaid's announcement, as he was swept off by a television crew for another round of interviews.

Otherwise, Randolfe Wicker can be contacted by e-mail at: r.wicker@verizon.net

Expert from the New York Post http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/52616.htmBack to Top or visit our sister sites The Reproductive Cloning  Network at  http://www.reproductivecloning.net  or The Human Cloning Foundation's Home Page at: http://www.humancloning.org


Let My Family Live! Portrait of Randolfe Wicker, the First Human Cloning Activist
Media: digital
©2001 Hunter O'Reilly, Ph.D.


Randolfe H. Wicker is the world's first human cloning activist. These are actual photographs of Mr. Wicker integrated with images from the microscopic world. In this artwork, Randolfe Wicker is shown at different stages in his life representing him and his potential human clone descendants, all very similar but each unique. A human clone may have the same DNA genome as another, but would be an individual with a unique personality and soul.

In the upper left of each section featuring Mr. Wicker are images of chromosomes. A chromosome is a grouping of coiled strands of DNA, containing many genes. Behind the image of Mr. Wicker as a grandfather are images of eyes. Behind the father and on the father's coat is an image of a chicken embryo. Behind the son is an image of plant cells.

Mr. Wicker is the CEO of the Human Cloning Foundation and frequently speaks about the positive aspects of human cloning. Several media organizations have interviewed him including Time magazine, ABC and 60 minutes.

Dr. Prakash Hande at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University generously provided the images of stained chromosomes. The images of eyes were generously provided by the National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health. The image of a chicken embryo was generously provided by Biotechniques: The Journal of Laboratory Technology for Bioresearch, Eaton Publishing and Drs. Atkins, Wang and Burke at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. The image of plant cells was generously provided by Biotechniques: The Journal of Laboratory Technology for Bioresearch, Eaton Publishing and Drs. William Russin and Steven Paddock at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.




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