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                         GREGG CANNIZZARO


                            CEO IndieGemsFilms.com


                                 DEREK  MARRARO


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                                Indie Gems Films 



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzbZQlmJhL4 - GREGG CANNIZZARO, DEREK MARRARO



More about: GREGG CANNIZZARI & DEREK MARRARO & IndieJemsFilms.com

Gregg Cannizzaro

Producer / Director / Writer, GREGG CANNIZZARO, born and raised in NYC, has a hand in all areas of entertainment including film, television and theater. Mr. Cannizzaro was the producer / sketch comedy director for E! Entertainment Television's Emmy Award winning hit series, "TALK SOUP", the longest running show on E!, airing daily in over 135 markets worldwide.

With an affinity for "independent filmmaking" Cannizzaro co-founded RECYCLE PICTURES, where he produced and directed several projects including the company's first hit feature length film, "GET A JOB". The GEN-X slacker comedy stars Jeremy London (TVs "Party of Five", MALLRATS), Brenda Strong (DEEP END OF THE OCEAN, STARSHIP TROOPERS, SEINFELD), Tamara Mello (TVs "Popular" and "Tortilla Soup"), Brian Krause (TVs "Charmed"), as well as industry veterans Allen Garfield (THE CONVERSATION, NASHVILLE) and Zack Norman (ROMANCING THE STONE, CADILLAC MAN). GET A JOB garnished critical acclaim when it debuted on the international film circuit, taking the Audience Award at the NoDance Film Festival in Utah solidifying Cannizzaro as a force to be reckoned with on the independent filmmaking scene.

Cannizzaro went on to write and direct the dramatic short film, SIXTH SENSE, starring legendary Hitchcock actress Tippi Hedren. The next feature he helmed, on location in Washington DC, an action thriller, MOB, for ITC Polygram Filmed Entertainment. Returning to Hollywood, he produced the black comedy, written and directed by accomplished novelist Sonny Girard "DEAD MONEY".

As an Executive Producer, his credits include "BARNYARD PLACE"; an original children's series (13 episodes), and "GREY MATTER TELEVISION". Working in association with the award winning CGI animation company, S4 Studios (THE SIMPSONS, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS). This innovative pilot combined cutting edge 3-D, CGI graphics with live comedy. During the development of GREY MATTER TELEVISION, Cannizzaro teamed up with Paula Schwartz, EMMY nominated writer / producer of "CELEBRITY HOMES". As a result of their collaboration on GREY MATTER, the two formed INDIE GEMS FILMS.

Cannizzaro co-wrote and directed the feature comedy, "Hanging In Hedo," and is currently in production with the psychological thriller, "Hollywood Sarah."


Derek Marrero

Derek Marrero has been in the film industry for twenty years. He studied theater, film and television at State University of New York at Purchase. While still at Purchase, he founded Twist Studios, Inc. which he managed from 1998- 2001. At this company he produced numerous television commercials and a television pilot for Indie Gems Films Gems in Hollywood California.

In 2002 he, along with two other associates, joined Indie Gems Films LLC a feature film production company based in New York City and Hollywood California.. As an officer and director of production at Indie Gems Films, Marrero worked with private investors to create several partnerships to develop and package high-quality feature films. These included original screenplays: Maspeth, Laredo, Drones and Saint Marks Place.

Derek currently serves as V.P. of development for Indie Gems Films LLC in New York.


About Indie Gems Films

Who we are and what we do
INDIE GEMS FILMS LLC was formed in 2000 by Gregg Cannizzaro and Paula Schwartz. It is a full service production company dedicated to producing unconventional and unique groundbreaking films and television programming.

Our aim is to develop and produce independent films and television that appeal to 18 to 35 year old demographics.
We are an independent motion picture/ television company engaged in financing and producing quality pictures and television projects from original material either submitted or developed in house.

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