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                                   PETER HESSE










          Social / Economic / Political Activist




                              Founder / Director:

                     "Peter Hesse Foundation"











            " Vision Works - From Vision to Action"







The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riTVe09H2jM - PETER HESSE



More about: PETER HESSE


The Peter-Hesse-Foundation "SOLIDARITY IN PARTNERSHIP for ONE world in diversity" was created on December 7, 1983 in Düsseldorf, Germany, to sustain private initiatives aiming at giving deprived children in Haiti a chance. In the course of the years, a learning-process led to a widening and deepening of the engagement. The Foundation's full name is significant for its program today.
Informally, Peter Hesse is engaged in Haiti since the beginning of 1981 - at first privately, later as a German Foundation with the help of the "Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DWHH)". From November 17, 1988, the Peter-Hesse-Foundation is formally recognized as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the State of Haiti. After a 5-year learning process, the Engagement concentrated on Montessori preschool teacher-training and on help to open preschools.
Based on what was learned in Haiti, the engagement widened and deepened through a global consciousness towards socio-political fields - reinforced by "inner learning". At first children's chances for their own development in ONE world in diversity were in the foreground. This, however, widened to the field of social, ecological and economical world-wide development for a world in balance.
Born on April 5, 1937 in New York. After school mainly in Germany, studies in economics in Munich and further Management-training. From 1971 to 1998 President of family-business "Schmincke Artist's Colours". Parallel activities as Management-trainer, engagement in employers' associations and in politics, since 1981 in development politics and in field-work. Honorary Consul of Iceland. Married, no children.


Curriculum Vitae - Peter Hesse (private version 2008):

Born on April 5, 1937 in Port Chester, New York, from German parents. (Was) moved to Germany at 3 months of age.

Unusual family-situation during world war II. After the war and a primary-school year in Geneva: Schule Schloss SALEM (private country-school) + one year Phillips Academy ANDOVER, Massachusetts, USA.

Studies in Business Administration and Economics, University of Munich, Germany. After end of formal studies ("Diplom-Kaufmann" 1963) further training in Germany and England to become Marketing- and Management-Trainer - parallel to practical learning in family-business.

Until 1970 Marketing- and Management- Trainer in German industry and in educational institutions - parallel to marketing-work in family-owned artists' color factory "Schmincke". Seminar-specialization in GRID group-dynamics and SYNECTICS creativity-training.

1966-1968 Regional president of Germanys Young-Presidents-Organization (Bundesverband Junger Unternehmer - BJU) - (main activity: testing of new/modern management-seminars).

1969 Founder of "Komitee für Managementbildung in Europa" (Committee for Management- Education in Europe) - a group of 163 mostly young professionals trying to modernize formal management-education in Europe, mainly in Germany - resulting in the development of a Management-Education Concept (4 stages: School / University / Postgraduate / Lifelong).

1971-1998 President of "Schmincke"- Family-business. (1999 retired to consultant status).

1974 Co-Founder of "Deutsche Management Gesellschaft" (German Management Society).

1974 (until 1983) Trainer in "fair dialectics", group-activities and political subjects for the Christian Democratic (CDU) party of Germany in Düsseldorf.

1975/76 Candidate for Federal Parliament in the Christian Democratic Party (narrow miss). Since that time various political CDU-posts, -engagements and initiatives on a local and national level, especially in the field of ONE-world development. Since 1984 Member of the Federal CDU Development Commission - since 2003 including human rights. ("CDU Bundesfachausschuss Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und Menschenrechte")

1978-1987 Chairman of regional employers association of the chemical industry.
Since 1978 member of the board of the regional umbrella-organization of all mayor employers associations ("Unternehmerschaft Düsseldorf"). 1993 Vice-President.
2001 until April 2003 President.

Since 1981 poverty-fighting activities in Haiti. Initially seminars in Project Management, later mainly Early Childhood Development through Montessori teacher training and opening of Montessori preschools for poor children

1983 Establishment of the "Peter Hesse Foundation SOLIDARITY IN PARTNERSHIP for ONE world". 1988 formal foundation of a sister-organization in Haiti (same name).

1988 Co-creation of German association "ONE world for ALL" (EINE WELT FÜR ALLE)

Since 1988 only part-time (half of year) in family-business.

1989 First "mystical" experiences ( guiding messages received in meditative states of mind ).

Since 1990 global activity for consciousness-building / promoting early and basic education.

Since 1991 Honorary Consul of the Republic of Iceland in Düsseldorf, NRW.

1992 Foundation: INITIATIVE PRESCHOOL EDUCATION for children in ONE world.


1994-2001 elected Chairman of "PARITÄT International", a network of German NGOs, working in ONE-world development.

Since 1995 active participation in international conferences like
- UN Social Summit in Copenhagen (publication of 3 "SUGGESTIONS FOR ONE WORLD DEVELOMENT")
- UNICEF and IFCW Children's Conferences
- UN-Mid-Decade-Review EDUCATION FOR ALL, Amman, Jordan
- STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM, San Francisco ( organizing and convening
roundtables on global EDUCATION in 1995 and 1996)

1996 Five-bypass-heart-operation - followed by decision to (soon) quit the family-business and concentrate on ONE-world work, especially for children.

1997 Hiring of a young successor for the "Schmincke" family-business - and beginning to work on first book following 60th birthday. End of 1998 hand-over of "Schmincke"-Presidency

1998 Member of the INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES (IONS), California, USA
1999 Initiating regional Düsseldorf/Neuss IONS Community Group: "NE-D-IONS", since 2006 transferred to Duisburg "DU-D-IONS".

1999 Publication of book "From VISION to REALITY" (Von der Vision zur Wirklichkeit)

2000 Concentration on international work - mainly for the promotion of high quality EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT/EDUCATION - mainly through work with
- The Worldbank, Washington, DC (Introduction of Haiti Montessori Project into the Worldbank-Conference "INVESTING IN OUR CHILDRENS' FUTURE",
- UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) Conference AID & TRADE, N.Y.
- EXPO 2000 - as a Registered Project "EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION" of the World Exposition, Germany, displayed in the EXPO"basic-needs" Thematic Area.
- EXPO 2000 Global Dialogues on Fighting Poverty and on Building Learning Societies.

Since 4. May, 2000: "NGO in SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - ECOSOC".
Since later in 2000 member of CONGO.

Since 2001 International conferences - mainly for ECD (Early Childhood Development). German representative of the WORLD FORUM ON EARLY CARE AND EDUCATION.
2003 Co-writing and publishing book "On the way to a Jesus of today".

Since 2002 yearly participation in the "World Social Forum" in Porto Alegre, Brasil (2004 in India, 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya) - including offering workshops on UN-reform-vision and on the Global Marshall Plan since 2003.

2003 "Creative Member" of the Club of Budapest (2005 recipient of the "Change-the-World-Award"). Engagement in the "Global Marshallplan-Initiative" for a peaceful "world in balance" and in NGO-work for a transparent, democratic and participatory reform of the UN.

2004-2006 IFCW-representative to the United Nations in Geneva and Vienna.

2005 move to second home in Seynod/Annecy, France, 40 minutes from the United Nations, Geneva, to improve UN-presence and working conditions for "ONE world in diversity".

2006 125-years Schmincke.Co. + 25 years Haiti-engagement (book by German Journalist). Editor "SOLIDARITÄT die ankommt!" for the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. Participation in ADEA-Biennale in Libreville, Gabon (meeting of African education-ministers).

2007 Beginning to write first English book "VISION WORKS"

2008 Member of "Associaton Montessori Internationale (AMI)" and of CIVICUS. Participation in ADEA-Biennale in Maputo, Mozambique. Publication of book "VISION WORKS".


                                     Thursday November 5, 2009

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