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                                       ROBERT  GUMBS





                                "The Concerned Forum"

   Robert Gumbs The Chairman of "The Concerned Forum" &  his

       Colleagues have called a Participatory Meeting Titled:

         "The Future of the Left in The Democratic Party"

              for Wednesday November 17 at 6:00 PM. 

Address is 100 West 12th Street (Just off 6th Avenue)             

                       Apartment 6D - Jean Ingberg

           All Concerned  Citizens are Invited to Attend


                                         (212) 234-2316


  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7qYB3QQamw - ROBERT  GUMBS



More about: ROBERT  GUMBS


Apr - Aug 2010 U.S Department of Commerce
(Census Bureau). Enumerator.
My duties consisted of interviewing
residences in a prescribed area,
in order to ascertain the amount
of people living in their residence
and their nationality.

Aug - Oct 2008 Presidential Election of 2008. Campaign
Volunteer. I served as Office Receptionist;
another duty was to maintain a data base of
volunteers as well as to
contact voters in various states.

Feb - Dec 2003 Goldwater-Coler Hospital, Roosevelt Island,
New York City. While a patient, I produced and
Moderated my own radio talk show called the
"Concerned Forum"; on the FM Band on the
Hospital radio station which was created by a
Federal Grant.

Jan 1998-Feb 2003 Labor Ready, Newark, New Jersey, New York City.
I work at a series of part-time assignment
in the Construction field, and Product
management at various warehouses in the
bi-state area.

Aug 1991-Sep 2002 U.S Army Reserve. Fort Belvoir, Fort Monroe
in Virginia; and Military District Washington,
D.C. Military Police Officer. Conducted Security
operations, traffic monitoring, as well as
clerical and publications management.

Sep 1996-Oct 1997 Baltimore District Attorney's Office
(Housing). My duties were that of the Office
Receptionist,scheduling meetings with Landlord
and Tenant groups.

Mar 1992-Aug 1996 The National Association for the Advancement
of Colored People (NAACP). Secretary for the
Committee on Crime and Violence. During the
committee's meetings I was responsible for
monitoring the process of the discussion. I
also met with local elected officials to discuss
various strategies for dealing with the violence
that afflicted young African American men in

Mar 1991-Jul 1996 Smithsonian Institution,Washington, D.C
Assistant. My duties consisted of updating and
maintaining the personnel data base for
my department. I also served as a Human Relations
Generalist, which required me to work on issues
involving disputes between management and labor.

Jun 1986-Sep 1986 U.S House of Representatives, Washington D.C.
Office of Representative John Bryant (D),
Dallas/Ft.Worth,Texas. I acted as receptionist
and administrative assistant. My title was
Congressional Aide.

Jan 1980-Mar 1991 U.S Navy, Defense Intelligence Agency, Pentagon,
Washington, D.C Intelligence Technician.
Granted COSMIC/Top Secret/SBI Security Clearance.
Non Commissioned Officer in charge of
Administration for the Office of
Soviet/Warsaw Pact Naval and Military
Affairs. My military Responsibilities
included assisting the Intelligence Analyst with
classified research in order to produce
briefings for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the
Secretary of Defense and on occasion
President of the United States.
I also, upon orders disseminated Press
Releases to the major News outlets. I
was awarded with a Letter of Meritorious
Achievement from the Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff.

Education B.S History State University of New York
Xerox School of Management, Falls Church, Virginia
Working on a Masters Degree in International
Relations at American Military University


Guest For THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2010

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