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                 "The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa"

         (Winner of Four Telly Awards & Aegis Award)


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                             "The Quick & Dirty Guide to Hip Hop Dance"


                                                    "Hip Hop is not just a mirror of what is

                                                        it should be a reflection of what can be"

                                                             BARACK OBAMA




  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaFXI0f7DX0 - DEBDOOT DAS



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Debdoot Das:
Hot Salsa Video Launches Director

Das admits to cutting a few corners that made his job more difficult. “I didn’t start out with color charts and gray cards to give me a reference point for the color correction work in Final Cut Pro,” he admits, “which I knew I should have. I learned that lesson the hard way.”

Considering how success snuck up on him, the oversight is understandable. He continues, “If you had told me this video would beat the Hollywood movies in its class — well first I wouldn’t believe it, but second, I would have done some things differently, like creating those reference cards for color correction.”

“Now you can afford to have a system that does it all, so I was able to do everything under one roof. And because it’s all connected with the same philosophy, it just flowed.”

Das had a smoother time shaping the graphical look of the video. “I made tremendous use of LiveType,” he says, “which is a very major and really creative tool. I could play with it for hours.

“I decided I was going to use one signature graphic for the titles. I didn’t want to use canned effects, so I tried 100 different things before I got the right feel. It’s a square that slides in and out, very playful, but smooth and kind of muted. Since the cameras are static, I wanted to create a sense of motion, so you feel like something is happening.”

Extracting Clicks, Pops, OKs

Das used a Kurzweil 2500 synthesizer to create audio samples, which he mixed and compressed with Peak and Logic. “Our audio doesn’t have too-perfect MIDI sound,” explains Das, “because we quantized it. We took the digital version and added analog noise with a tube amplifier to mess it up a little, so it sounds warmer and friendlier.”

Laughing as he remembers the haphazardness of his project, Das relates, “We were winging it so much. The mic was returning all kinds of clicks and pops that we had to edit out. We replaced whole words with a cleaner sample of the same word we would take from somewhere else on the audio track. And Gigi had this nervous way of saying ‘OK’ all the time. We joked that if Gigi were a dinosaur, she’d be an ok-saurus. So we had a whole run of OK extractions.”

One Person, One Roof

Das spent about 10 months working on “The Quick and Dirty Guide to Salsa.” “Normally,” he says, “one person makes the video, someone else authors the DVD, and there are a bunch of disconnected things going on. Even when you have people who are very good, they occasionally lose the flow.

DVD Cover

“Now you can afford to have a system that does it all, so I was able to do everything under one roof. And because it’s all connected with the same philosophy, it just flowed.”

Perhaps because he’s always looking to improve his salsa steps, Das never loses his user perspective. “I learned about usability from Apple,” he says.

“We were constantly tweaking back and forth and compiling what we’d done to simulate the user experience. But it’s funny, I didn’t even have a DVD player. Toward the end I wanted to check how it would work with a remote, so I had to go out and buy one.”

Das even developed a portal site for dancers, reachable via links from the video and his website. The free service offers a discussion board, gallery, chat room, salsa CDs, club information — and, recently added, by-invitation-only instant messaging and a Friendster.com-style social network. “It lets you reach out to salsa dancers who are friends of your friends,” he says, “so it enhances the whole experience.”

Enthusiastic Response

While Das was pleasantly surprised when his video became a runaway hit, he knew early on that he was heading in the right direction. “Across the street from my studio is this real happening café,” he says, “and I would take the video over to test it on their big screen TV. So lots of people watched it while it was being made. They looped it for days — and they loved it. So I had a feeling it would be successful.”

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Winner of Four Telly Awards and Aegis Award

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa

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Revolutionary first-ever true multi-angle Salsa dance video. From basics to super advanced, these Salsa DVDs contains 92 authentic Cuban Salsa moves. This series condenses yearsof Salsa dance instruction in four Salsa DVDs that document the greatest Cuban Salsa tradition that till recently was obscured by the embargo on Cuba. This is the most revered Salsa video series in the world.


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Ishani Duttagupta, Assistant Editor, The Economic Times

The unique multi-angle feature gives you the ability to watch Salsa lessons from three different views. With easy-to-follow instructions, this DVD teaches the basic solo steps through partner dancing to the complicated Salsa team dance patterns also known as Casino Rueda. Now, you may rule the dance floor with confidence.


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From the sleeve, The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Salsa. the first-ever true MULTI-ANGLE dance instructional. (Over 9 Hours of Video Instruction). Experience free Video of Salsa... Jump to text »






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