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                 Guest For TUESDAY MARCH 16, 2010



                                   SUE HEALY








                Vice President, Products & Content






                       The Leadership Directories Inc.






  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmkYDIFghPg - SUE HEALY




Sue Healy is currently Vice President of Products and Content at Leadership Directories, Inc.  LDI is a b-to-b premium information provider, specializing in organizational structure and professional contact data for the leading U.S. government, corporate, media, legal, and nonprofit organizations, and the people who run them. Sue has worked at LDI since 1993, starting in the content team. She later created an internal graphics team and designed the company's first website. She spent a few years running the marketing department and then created an internal product development department, which she has been leading since 2005. Her team created and launched "Leadership Networks," an online interactive visualization of professional networks, to help users reach the people they need to know. For the last two years or so Sue has also been leading the content team.


Bradford College 1993 BA (Literature and Creative Writing)


Associate Editor, Corporate Yellow Book, Leadership Directories, Inc. (1993-1995)


Managing Editor, Corporate Yellow Book, Leadership Directories, Inc. (1995-1997)


Graphics Director, Leadership Directories, Inc. (1997-1998)


Graphics and Promotion Director, Leadership Directories, Inc. (1998-2004)


Director, Product Marketing, Leadership Directories, Inc. (2004-2006)


Vice President, Product Marketing, Leadership Directories, Inc. (2006-2007)

Vice President, Products and Content (2007-present)

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Sue Healy

VP, Products & Content

Leadership Directories, Inc.

(212) 433-1412



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These are our subscription sites and I’ve set you up with access to both. When prompted, simply enter the user name “Channer” and the password “Harold.”

Our company has always prided itself on the quality and depth of information it provides, and this hasn’t changed in the 16+ years I’ve been here. What has changed considerably, though, is the way customers consume information and their expectations surrounding this information. Our business has transitioned from one of printed directories, delivered two or four times per year with a flat display of data, to online products that are updated daily and have an increasing focus is on visualization – using color and graphics and movement to present a large amount of data in a way that is immediately recognizable and actionable for customers. Providing more information and making sure it’s updated almost immediately are the new requirements of the online age that everyone recognizes, but in our business, making information easy to find and then easy to use are also hugely important. The new focus on visualization of our content has been exciting for us, both from a product development standpoint and because of it’s positive reception by our customers.

Another newer development for us is our foray into blogging and tweeting. If you have time, please check out the blogs on our website, especially Beltway Insider™. The blogs are written by our content experts and give them a chance to take a break from updating the data and talk about what’s going on in the sector they cover. Like the visualization in the online products, the blogs are another way of adding dimension and color to what had previously been a flat, monochromatic delivery.


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