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                 Guest For TUESDAY MARCH 23, 2010



                         HOWARD WEINBERG




        Documentary Filmmaker / Television Journalist



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnlWafYsGxE - HOWARD WEINBERG




Howard Weinberg
711 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10025

p: 212-222-9539
f: 212-666-6365

Develops innovative program formats that become models for industry, takes ideas from concept to completion. · Manages creative staff and technical production, delivers high-quality programs under tight budgets and deadlines. · Special skills in talent development, public policy issues, anticipating audience tastes. · Extensive experience in broadcast, cable and non-broadcast television.




The MacNeil/Lehrer Report, Founding Producer, 200+ programs
Created original program format for The Robert MacNeil Report that became The MacNeil/Lehrer Report. Created viewer-friendly storytelling approaches to provide clearer in-depth news analysis. Supervised reporters. Produced original documentaries. Won Emmy, Peabody and duPont Awards.

Bill Moyers
Listening to America, Executive Producer, 27 hours - Earned critical acclaim for elevating "dialogue of democracy" during 1992 election year.
Sports For Sale, Producer-writer-director, 3-hour PBS event that included 90-minute documentary, live discussion and call-in program.
Bill Moyers' Journal, Producer, documentaries: What's a Party For? (two-party system), Within Our Power (energy conservation), The Oregon Attitude (environmental awareness), This Neighborhood is Obsolete (urban decay).

CBS News
Sunday Morning, Producer, 100+ segments
Profiled creative artists: David Hockney, Yo Yo Ma, Charles Dutoit, Leontyne Price, Dizzy Gillespie, Willem de Kooning et al. Produced topical Sunday Morning Cover Stories in 10 days.
Sixty Minutes, Producer for Harry Reasoner
Produced stories on airline pilots' retirement age, campaign finance reform, environmental activists Amory & Hunter Lovins and maternity leave laws.

Assignment America, Producer for Studs Terkel
Created show concept: documentary profiles of people connected to topics of national importance.



Ethics in Sports – a CBS Religion Special, hosted, narrated, wrote and produced.  

Unraveling of a Candidate, New York Times Television for Discovery Channel “Spotlight”

Sid at 90, the “undisputed star” of the 2003 New York Jewish Film Festival (NY Daily News)

New York in Song, a 90-minute post 9/11/01 television cabaret tribute to New York City.

net.LEARNING, a two-hour PBS special, won Education Writers Assn. reporting award.

“Topless Cellist” Charlotte Moorman, a documentary profile of the avant-garde artist.



The Dick Cavett Show, Executive Producer
Created "big show" network-look within tight PBS budget; reduced costs through innovative resource management; successfully marketed program, sold it for another season to PBS stations.

Project Literacy U.S., Producer-writer, three national PBS documentaries
Revamped program concept, made host-narrator integral to story, not simply an add-on celebrity. Convinced high-profile actors to host documentaries - Pat Morita on mentoring, One Plus One; Phylicia Rashad on children's literacy, First Things First.

Hoop Dreams, Script Doctor
Reshaped four-hour rough-cut, gave director Steve James six pages of detailed notes on how to clarify story line, tighten structure of what became an award-winning theatrical documentary.

Scoundrels! Scalawags! & Saviors! -- The Good Old Days at New York's City Hall, Producer-Director
Edited WABC-TV Eyewitness News correspondent Milton Lewis' script into 10-part Emmy Award-winning series; updated, re-edited as documentary. Created ground-breaking technique, replaced "stand-ups" with on-camera action-narratives: had Lewis ride in hansom cab, open top hat at City Hall, bring flowers to Boss Tweed's grave, etc.

net.LEARNING, Executive Producer, Producer-Writer
Revised concept, improved proposal, reported new stories and submitted rewritten document to Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to receive $1.l million to produce two-hour PBS documentary about online college education.



Inside Story with Hodding Carter, Senior Producer
Trained respected print-journalist and State Department spokesman to become on-air TV talent. Supervised staff, post-production, for 8 programs of pilot series. Series ran for 8 years.

WABC-TV Eyewitness News, Discovered Rose Ann Scamardella
Responded to concerns for newsroom diversity and News Director's complaints that he couldn't find an Italian-American correspondent; found Rose Ann, personnel director of shipping company; coached her, worked with her. She became news anchor and so famous that Gilda Radnor parodied her as "Rose Ann Roseannadanna" on Saturday Night Live.

Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Forums, Producer-Writer-Director
Improved presentation, re-launched series of seminars produced as high-quality, cutting-edge issue TV programs distributed by PBS for broadcast, classroom use including Journalists, Lawyers & Public Officials: Overcoming Public Mistrust; Money, Humor & Spin In Election 2000; Journalists In A Time Of Crisis: Watchdogs Or Lapdogs?

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Adjunct Associate Professor, Developed with Associate Professor June Cross new Documentary Seminar course to co-teach in Spring 2009

Adjunct Professor, Taught "Introduction to Broadcast" to 2-Year degree students, Fall 1997; "Producing Television Newsmagazine Stories" to School of International & Public Affairs students, Fall 1993. Used functional context approach to "immerse" students and stimulate learning.



2002 - 1993 Priority Productions, Inc.
1993 - 1990 Public Affairs Television, Inc.
1989 - 1987 Freelance Producer
1987 - 1980 CBS News
1980 - 1973 Educational Broadcasting Corporation, Inc.



Writers Guild Of America, East; National Academy of TV Arts & Sciences, Board of Governors, NY Chapter, 2005-2007;  

The New York Film/Video Council, President, 2004-2009 and 1999-2001, Board of Directors, 1997-99, 2001-03;

Dartmouth College – A.B., Government, 1962; Columbia University – M.S., Journalism, 1965.



Columbia Journalism School, The Dartmouth (College) newspaper, and Omaha Central High School have honored Weinberg with Distinguished Alumni Awards.   



TV LAB: License to Create – a feature-length historical, educational documentary about an innovative period in public television from 1972-1984.  The Independent Feature Project selected it for “Spotlight on Documentaries” at Independent Film Week in New York, Sept. 14-19, 2008.  The work-in-progress is described at www.howardweinberg.net.       



Howard Weinberg
Background - Table of Contents Independent Documentaries - Table of Contents
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Documentary Filmmaker
Program Creator
Executive Producer
Talent Developer
Journalism Educator

711 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10025
p: 212-222-9539
f: 212-666-6365


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profile of director, and funding history.



Howard Weinberg

Bill Moyers (left) and Howard Weinberg on the set of Listening to America.

Howard Weinberg is an award-winning independent documentary film and television producer who has created significant public and commercial television programming. His innovative reporting and imaginative producing have contributed to the successes of major figures in American journalism: Bill Moyers, Studs Terkel, Robert MacNeil, Jim Lehrer, Hodding Carter, Charles Kuralt and Harry Reasoner.

Founding Producer of The MacNeil/Lehrer Report that began as The Robert MacNeil Report and made nightly news analysis a staple of public television; Executive Producer of The Dick Cavett Show — the premiere talk show of PBS; Creator and Producer of Assignment America with Studs Terkel; Senior Producer of Inside Story with Hodding Carter; and Executive Producer of Listening to America with Bill Moyers — a 27-part election year series called "one of the high watermarks of televised politics", Weinberg has earned a reputation for producing quality television and the recognition of his peers. Columbia Journalism School has honored him with its Alumni Award for Distinguished Achievement.

Political Cartoonists Bill Mauldin (left) and Pat Oliphant (center) with Studs Terkel during the filming of "If It's Big, Hit It"

Specializing in arts and culture as well as politics, education and public policy, Weinberg has worked with major figures of our time: Luciano Pavarotti — twice producing his Pavarotti Plus! Concert intermission features for Live From Lincoln Center; Dizzy Gillespie, David Hockney, Willem de Kooning, Jennifer Bartlett, Harold Prince, Ricardo Muti and Robert Joffrey, Leontyne Price, Nam June Paik, Charles Dutoit and Yo Yo Ma — profiling them for CBS Sunday Morning with Eugenia Zukerman, Billy Taylor, Heywood Hale Broun and other correspondents. For CBS 60 Minutes, he profiled alternate energy experts Amory and Hunter Lovins, and produced stories on Campaign Finance Reform, Airline Pilots' Retirement Age and Maternity Leave Laws. Weinberg profiled political cartoonists Pat Oliphant and Bill Mauldin, who caricatured Presidents Nixon, Johnson and Ford, and he produced other programs with or about Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter.   In 2004, he produced Unraveling of a Candidate, an election year reminder of how untoward moments can derail candidates in presidential primaries, for the Discovery Channel's Spotlight series via New York Times Television.   The program was repeated multiple tiimes on DiscoveryTimes cable.

A documentary filmmaker with wide-ranging interests, Weinberg produced "Topless Cellist" Charlotte Moorman, a ha1f-hour video commissioned as a tribute to the late impresario and performance artist by her long-time collaborator, the seminal video artist Nam June Paik. Originally broadcast on WNET/New York, "Topless Cellist" was selected for screening by the New York Film Festival; it played for four months at Holly Solomon Gallery in SoHo and has been shown on television and at museums and festivals worldwide.

Weinberg has been honored with Emmy, Peabody, DuPont and Polk awards for his work. In addition he has written, produced and directed documentaries that have won other prestigious awards: Moyers/Sports for Sale — the Excellence in Sports Journalism Award from the Center for the Study of Sport in Society; Special Report: After the War — the CINE Golden Eagle Award; First Things First, A Project Literacy U.S. Special — the Education Writers of America Reporting Award.

Weinberg won his second Education Writers of America Award for net.LEARNING, a two-hour PBS documentary about the new phenomena of online college courses. For MSNBC cable television, he produced a profile of Caroline Kennedy and a documentary, Extreme Plastic Surgery.

His independent documentary, Sid at 90, a profile of veteran actor/comedian Sid Raymond, has been selected for screening by the12th Annual New York Jewish Film Festival at Lincoln Center and will be broadcast on WLIW 21, Long Island, New York Public Television. Weinberg and Ruth Leon produced and directed New York in Song -- a 90-minute special featuring 30 great cabaret stars singing songs about "the city that never sleeps" to benefit the educational needs of children of victims of 9/11. Among his current independent works-in-progress are a cabaret performance series with Ruth Leon about America's greatest composers and lyricists, The Great American Songbook; and a documentary about the TV Lab at Thirteen/WNET: TV's First Digital Revolution.

Expert in orchestrating panel discussions and hybrid documentary/discussion public affairs programs, Weinberg wrote and produced The Future of Investing for Wall Street Journal Television's European Business News and Asian Business News networks; 1996 America's Election for NHK, Japan; and four DuPont-Columbia Forums: Journalists, Lawyers, and Public Officials Overcoming Public Mistrust; Money, Humor & Spin in Election 2000; TV News: Serving the "Public Interest, Convenience and Necessity"?; and Journalists in a Time of Crisis: Watchdogs or Lapdogs? The PBS Adult Learning Service distributed the edited duPont programs to public television stations and classrooms.

As a producer of studio talk programs, Weinberg is skilled at speaking into an anchor's ear to guide a show's pace and to add information. As a host/interviewer himself, he has demonstrated his on-air abilities by moderating a program on Digital Filmmaking that he also produced for The New York Film/Video Council for cablecast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.   His first network broadcast appearance as a correspondent-narrator came in the Fall of 2004 when he hosted as well as produced and narrated Ethics in Sports--A CBS Religion Special.

Weinberg welcomes opportunities to guest lecture before journalism classes and has done so at the University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Diego; University of Massachusetts; Long Island University; City University of New York; and Columbia University.

Weinberg developed and taught a course in documentary history and strategy to graduate journalism students and others at New York University in Spring 2005, 2006 and 2007; twice he invited the distinguished documentary cinematographer Albert Maysles, one of the founders of cinema verite or direct cinema, to speak to his class. 

In Summer 2005, Weinberg taught a production course in documentary filmmaking to graduate students in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Dartmouth College. Also, he has taught full courses on television news magazine production and documentary filmmaking as an adjunct professor at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. 

  Al Maysles (center) switches between VHS tape and DVD excerpts of his work while Weinberg takes a question from the class. 

"Documentary Doctor" Weinberg helps refine rough cuts, as he did for Hoop Dreams.

As a consultant, Weinberg is known as the the "Script-Doctor" or "Doc Doc" — "Documentary Doctor."  He doctors scripts, refines rough or fine cuts of documentaries — notably for the award-winning documentary feature film Hoop Dreams. When brought in at an early stage, he rewrites and revises proposals and treatments for television documentary and public affairs series.  .

A lifetime member of the Writers' Guild, Weinberg was elected in July 2005 to the Board of Governors of the New York Chapter of the National Television Academy, where he has been a frequent speaker. For many years a member of the New York Film/Video Council, the oldest non-profit organization promoting independent film in the United States, Weinberg served as its President from 1999-2001. He continued to serve the Council as a Board Member, and was reelected as its president for 2004-2008.

Weinberg grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, was graduated from Omaha Central High School whose Alumni Association has inducted him into its Hall of Fame. He was graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College, where he was Editor of The Dartmouth, which later honored him with its Distinguished Alumni Award. Weinberg was graduated with honors from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, which also has honored him with its Alumni Award for Distinguished Service to Journalism.




Tuesday March 23 , 2010

(11:00 AM - NOON / (NYC Time)

Channel 34 of the Time/Warner, Channel 83 of the RCN, & Channel 33 of the VerizonFiOS
Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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