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Guest For TUESDAY APRIL 27, 2010



Architect / Interior Designer



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQc4sLPA3OI - RUTH LYNFORD



More about: RUTH LYNFORD

Visionary, generous, committed, vivacious, enthusiastic, sharp, determined, knowledgeable, warm, gracious, interested, engaged and resourceful: these are just a few of the adjectives which begin to describe Ruth Lynford-a woman extraordinarily dedicated to the individuals and professional she befriends and organizations she serves.


Sarajane Brittis, Ph.D.

President, Board of Directors

International Center for Integrative Studies (ICIS)



















Ruth Lynford received a Bachelor of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. As President of her firm Lynford Ltd., she has served a wide range of residential and commercial clients helping them to accomplish their aesthetic and functional objectives on time and on budget.


However, Ms. Lynford’s career has integrated a broad range of interests related to the world of design. She has devoted much of her time to design education, having founded New York Eleven in 1996. NY11 is a collaboration of 12 prestigious New York state educational institutions offering four-year programs in Interior Design who make an effort to reach the public and legislators with examples of student thesis work, exhibiting at the Untied Nations, New York City and in Albany, the Capital of New York.  She has held to the belief that the future generations of Interior Designers must perform at ever higher levels to achieve the confidence of the general public.


Ms. Lynford has been actively engaged in the political process necessary to achieve recognition for Interior Design as a legitimate profession. Her efforts led to the successful passage of legislation recognizing Interior Design as the 33rd profession in New York State. This legislation serves as a model for similar legislative initiatives in other states nationwide.  She is presently working to raise the bar of the Interior Design profession by constantly consulting with legislators.




 FASID,  IIDA, NYS. Certified, Assoc. AIA

§  Graduated with Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

§  Received a Honorary Doctorate Degree from the New York School of Interior Design

§  Received Distinguished Alumni Award from Washington University

§  Received Leadership Award of Excellence, International Interior Design Association (IIDA), NY Chapter

§  Licensed as an Interior Designer in New York State

§  President of Lynford Ltd., a firm specializing in institutional, commercial and residential interior design.

§  Fellow of American Society of Interior Designers

§  Founding President of Interior Designers for Legislation in New York (IDLNY)

§  Responsible for the creation of Interior Design as the thirty-third profession in New York State

§  Founder of New York Eleven

§  Inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame

§  Designated “Most Excellent” by Officeinsight in recognition of her ardent and continuous efforts to create public and legislative awareness of the contributions of interior designers to the health, safety and well-being of citizens in the State if New York

§  Serves on the National Advisory Council of Washington University School of Architecture

§  Serves on the Washington University New York Regional Cabinet

§  Serves on the Board of Advisors of Fashion Institute of Technology

§  Serves on the Board of Advisors of Pratt Institute

§  Serves on the Board of Advisors of New York Institute of Technology

§  Serves on the Board of Directors on International Center for Integrative Studies (ICIS), a non-governmental organization of the United Nations

§  Serves on the Board of International Council of Caring Communities (ICCA), a non-governmental organization of the United Nations

§  Served on the Advisory Council of Cornell University

§  Served as National Chairperson of Education for American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

§  Served on the Consortium of Environmental Behavior with the Federal Government

§  Designed Furnishings for Pierre Cardin’s “Environments for the Home”

§  Published in Interiors, Interior Design, House & Garden and New York Interior Design Masters of Modernism

§  Cited for contributions to the Interior Design profession in Women of Design, by Beverly Russell

§  Member of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Study of Man/ Environmental Relations

§  Member of the American Institute of Architects

§  Lectured on the psychological and physical effects of the built environment

§  Selected as a “ Design Icon” by Interior Design Magazine

§  Leader in the effort to promote Sustainable Architecture and Interior Design

updated July 2009


 Alabama was the first state to recognize Interior Design as a legitimate profession. As the legislation gathered momentum in other states, battles were fought and won-by interior designers.

None was as tough in terms of passage as the bill in New York State, guided for more than six years by a determined woman architect and interior designer, Ruth Lynford. New York, with a large number of interior designers (10,000), was seen as a bellwether state and thus one in which architects should take a stand. That Ruth Lynford pitted herself and her small coalition of six interior design organizations against the mighty AIA and emerged successful is a lesson in the power of persistence, tactics, and sheer charisma on her part. “I was taught to take risks, to put your life on the line for what you feel is right. I just had to do what I had to do,” she explains. Once New York, Illinois, and California were in the bag in 1990, there was no turning back. Interior design was on the docket as a full-fledged profession, subject to specific exams and government regulation. It was no longer enough to be a woman of style and taste, to practice as, and call oneself, an interior designer.




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