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Guest For TUESDAY MAY 4, 2010

             ROBERT D. SOLOMON MIT Ph.D




                     Founder President CEO


                 The Trillennium Corporation



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GezWAWSU6vc - ROBERT D. SOLOMON Ph.D



More about:


Dr. Solomon - Trillennium Founder & CEO

Dr. Solomon in the Trillennium ThinkRoom

Dr. Robert Solomon is a pioneer and leader in creating and applying new technology-based thinking methodologies to enable CEOs and their organizations to innovate, make breakthroughs, overcome barriers to growth, and increase profits.

He has conducted sell-out Executive Briefings internationally to thousands of CXOs in hundreds of invited, sponsored, and custom in-house programs on the business payoffs of new strategies and technologies. He has produced a ten hour Video Series with MIT, was the Chief Moderator for the Harvard Business Graphics Conference, and is authoring a new book: "Beyond Babel - Solving Impossible Problems".

As CEO of TRILLENNIUM Corporation, Dr. Solomon draws on his wide, varied experience from over 600 consulting programs to advise senior executives from Fortune 500 to medium size companies.

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 He has led the TRILLENNIUM team in helping companies solve complex problems, develop strategies for sustainable growth, deal with competitive threats, meet financial challenges, evaluate and manage acquisitions, expedite transitions into new technologies, identify new markets, and innovate new products and services.

He and his staff have acted as a composite "virtual executive" at major companies for over fifty client-years. He has worked closely with key executives in planning and implementing multi-disciplinary, cross-functional programs to innovate new products and applications, increase market share, catalyze change, increase profit, and reduce time to market.

Since 1997, Dr. Solomon has focused on developing the ThinkRoom™ Process - a powerful proprietary, technology-based approaches to improve collaborative thinking, and empower clients to augment and amplify their intelligence assets to solve complex problems.

He pioneered the early utilization of many cutting-edge technologies in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer products such as: laser printers, LCD projectors, video conferencing, smart buildings, adaptive process control systems, medical instrumentation, imaging systems, robotics and mechatronics, and Augmented Intelligence products such as the Concept Processor™.

His non-profit work has covered challenging diverse complex areas such as: state government, transforming our educational system, new approaches to cancer research, and preventing nuclear disaster.

Dr. Solomon received his Doctor of Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He served on the faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he was director of the Computer Architecture Laboratory and also headed the Color Research Team at the MIT Media Lab.



Trillennium ThinkRoom Process


Leverage our powerful, proprietary strategies, tools, and methodologies to make faster and better decisions, and quickly and easily achieve your goals.



ThinkRoom Process


Apply our proprietary methodologies to achieve breakthrough meetings
Accomplish in hours what usually takes days, weeks, or even months.






Enable key individuals to directly collaborate in our ThinkRoom.
Quickly transcend politics, personality, and turf issues.
● Combine different individual perspectives to build an accurate big picture.
Achieve a lasting, workable, realistic consensus.




Beyond Negotiation


● Transcend zero sum Win/Lose situations of at best a 50 / 50 compromise.
● Utilize Trillennium's POSotiation methods to arrive at 100% / 100% share.
● Create and share a much bigger pie.




Visual Understanding


Transform your facts, ideas, and concepts into graphical DynaGrams.
Capture inter-relationships to see the Big Picture.






Go beyond the limitations of pen and paper & simple PC-based literacy
Effortlessly master Empowered Thinking to handle greater complexity.
Handle more information, learn faster, & accomplish more in less time.















Become A Third Millennium Corporation


Transform your company into an Intelligence Driven Enterprise.
Leverage your portfolio of intelligence and technological assets.
Secure your corporation's competitive position far into the future.





 CEO Seminar Series & Speaker Events

Thousands of executives have attended our seminars to gain practical insights into attaining their goals using our strategies, tools, and techniques.  We will share with you and your team unique ideas and approaches to empower you to deal with today's fast-paced information overloaded world - to make more optimal informed decisions.


Seminar  Leader


Dr. Robert D. Solomon - MIT Ph.D. - Trillennium Founder & CEO


Experience Thought Provoking  Briefings


● Interactive chats with your executives, managers, and key thinkers
● Discussion of provoking new business concepts to challenge old thinking
● Arrive at new ways to make more revenues and increase the bottom line.


PC-Empowered Thinking


● Leverage your PC and knowledge to empower your mind.
● Get a major edge on your competition - learn to do what they can not do.
● Handle much greater levels of complexity and cut through complication


Achieve Breakthroughs
In  A ThinkRoom


● How to stop wasting time in countless meetings with limited participation
● Capture, organize, & structure  all of the attendees  facts, ideas, & opinions
● Quickly reach consensus & resolve issues to  achieve breakthrough results.


Collaborate To Tap Hidden Assets


● Transcend departmental agendas to cross-functionally  work together
● Learn to solve high value, cross-functional, and multi-disciplinary problems.


Become An Intelligence Driven Enterprise


● How to go from today's organization to a Third Millennium unbeatable team
● Leverage the full power of your information, technology, and methodologies
● Learn how to collaboratively manage complex situations.




Trillennium Executive Consulting Programs

Our executive advising and consulting services and programs will enable you to become a more  profitable company.  You'll make better decisions faster, more easily solve your high value business problems, and resolve complicated issues by leveraging Trillennium's expertise and proprietary methodologies.


Solve Impossible Problems


● Break through the barriers to your profitability and growth
● Enable your executive team to easily collaborate beyond political agendas
● See the big picture - ALL the issues and possibilities !


Create Winning Strategies


●  Make your strategic planning process a collaborative executive effort.
● Reinvent your future - go beyond mere financial projections.
● Innovatively respond to market challenges.
● Globally optimize - make connections between key strategic issues


Innovate Financially


● Transcend today's limited financial tools
● Create an un-level playing field  to achieve greater financial gains.
● Gain a competitive advantage.


 Painlessly Implement Organization Change


● Realize the gains of positive change without the pain.
● Proactively make change happen to attain your goals.
● Quickly & successfully respond to sudden internal and external challenges. 


Avoid Costly


● Foresee major pitfalls and critical oversights.
● Protect your investment in strategies, programs, & new products
● See new opportunities for improvement and innovation.


Make Acquisitions Work Synergistically


● Find hidden assets and liabilities, and identify unrecognized synergies
● Anticipate unseen problems such as market conflicts and cultural mismatch
● Avoid future loss of key people and IP assets.


Tap Hidden Assets


● Leverage your technologies into new products and markets.
● Translate your IP assets into marketable products and applications.
● Cross-fertilize your technologies between your operating units.


           Structured Collaboration

We tap the  undocumented tacit knowledge, experience, observations, beliefs, and concerns of your key team members.

We structure and share our evolving composite big picture with the team to resolve issues and arrive at a much more accurate picture of the problem, situation, or opportunity.


Our Directed Collaboration Programs enable you to
· Achieve unprecedented growth
· Get out of the rut of flat business
· Forge new business partnerships
· Make workable acquisitions
· Develop differentiated products
· Penetrate lucrative new markets
· Leapfrog the competition
· Dramatically increase profitability
· Substantially cut costs
· Execute your vision
· Implement your "wish list"

We enable teams to overcome tough barriers
· Develop a more complete vision of the future which accurately anticipates competitor moves, customer needs, advances in technology, changes in regulations, and other key factors.
· Identify critical future trends, see opportunities, and anticipate threats.
· Decrease time to market and new product development cost.
· Utilize and proliferate new technologies more quickly.
· More effectively leverage your untapped company intelligence assets
· Reduce wasteful internal competition
· Tap into the "goldmine" of disconnected and buried information and
    build a more complete and accurate picture of your problem.

We enable Real Collaboration - putting together the ideas, knowledge, and experience of several people - to do what no one person can do
· Complex problems cannot be simply divided up and delegated down  the standard hierarchical compartmentalized organization.
· Real Collaboration is not just teamwork or improved communications - it is the ability of people to critically reason and think together interactively or separately through Visual Understanding.

Indirect Individual Collaboration
· Sometimes schedule conflicts or the realities of personalities and politics preclude face-to-face meetings.  In such cases, we use Indirect Collaboration to capture individual ideas and issues in one-on-one meetings and build a connected picture of the different perspectives of the whole cross-functional problem or challenge.  As our picture emerges, we are able to elicit more information, resolve conflicting views, and determine the truth in follow-up interchanges




Trillennium Track Record

180 clients spanning a dozen countries, 26 states, and 75 industries


Corporate Consulting – $2B Revenue Lift & $400M Bottom Line Lift


Composite Executive Annual Retainers – 37 Client Years

Acquisitions Assessment – $750M Deals


Product Development – 85 Products –  > $1B Market Value


Manufacturing Automation – $1B New & Retrofitted Plants


 Pioneering Product Firsts:
       Laser Printer, LCD Projector, Color Slide Printer
       Display-Based Instrument, Display-Labeled Dynamic Keys
       Graphics Terminal, Distributed Building Management System
       Color Facsimile, Electronic & Credit Card Gas Pump
       FFT Spectrum Analyzer, IV Infuser, Fototone NTSC Picture Phone
       Concept Processor, ThinkRoom, Ultra-wide Screen 3D

 Pioneering Management Firsts:
        International Global Development Team with Localizations
        Instantaneous Consensus Collaboration Methodologies
        ThinkRoom-based Augmented Collective Intelligence
        POSotiation Conflict Resolution, Business Wisdom IntelliBank
        Synthesized Genius via Combined Expertise
        Venture Productions International >> Venture Capital + Incubator




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