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                                    CARL PERSON Esq.







                            Attorney At Law





              Civil Rights & Anti Trust Attorney

      Candidate for Attorney General of New York State




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The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DIFAR7r_f8 - CARL PERSON Esq.



More about: CARL PERSON:

Information about Attorney Carl E. Person

College and Law School

Harvard Law School, LLB; and Long Island University, BA


Decades of Business Experience

I, Carl Person, have been engaged in business and the running of my own businesses (including my practice of law) for 40+ years. There is a difference between receiving a paycheck and being responsible for seeing that there are sufficient funds to provide regular paychecks to others. This difference enables me to understand many of the problems being experienced by prospective clients, mainly because I have already dealt with many of such problems myself, and have already thought through some of the ways to deal with such problems.

Franchise Terminations - List of 8 Steps a Franchisee Can Take to Protect or Defend against Termination

I have prepared and uploaded a 7-minute video on YouTube which explains how a franchisee facing franchise termination is in pretty much the same position as a homeowner facing mortgage foreclosure. I set forth my list of 8 things a franchisee or licensee can or should do to protect or defend the franchise or license from termination. You can read the script I prepared to create this video at Video Script>

As explained in the script and video, I am able to represent franchisees and licensees in any state in the United States, with local counsel.

Trademark, Copyright, Contract, Fraud, Securities, Antitrust and Other Business Litigation

I have had more than 40 years of experience in business litigation, including copyright, trademark and patent infringement; theft of screenplay, toy, game and TV show ideas; bank and wire fraud, RICO, securities fraud, consumer fraud, securities fraud, stock manipulation, false advertising, unfair competition, bribery, unfair labor practices, credit card fraud, loss or denial of business or professional licensing.

I am interested in representing clients in these types of litigation.

Defense of Copyright and Trademark Actions to Recover Huge Amounts of "Statutory Damages" and Legal Fees


The federal trademark statute (Lanham Act) and the federal Copyright Act have been amended over the past years to provide huge amounts of potential "statutory damages" to persons who infringe one or more copyrights and trademarks. The AIAA has brought many hundreds of actions against students and others who have downloaded copyrighted songs without payment. The student doing the downloading was saving perhaps $.80 or $1.00 but is subjected to the substantial litigation costs of a copyright infringement action with the plaintiff seeking as much as $150,000 for each illegally downloaded song, or 150,000 times (or more) the amount being saved (or "stolen"). Trademark infringement is much worse, with statutory damages of $1,000,000 for each trademark infringed, plus legal fees (which for a case involving very little in actual damages - usually nothing at all) which can amount to $50,000 to $250,000 or more.

There are various defenses that should be considered in this type of infringement action for statutory damages. Call me and I'll outline many of them for you. YOu also should look at my YouTube video entitled "Defending a Frivolous Trademark Infringement Action" [7:42] by clicking on Defending a Frivolous Trademark Infringement Action by Carl E. Person - 7:42

Defense of Mortgage Foreclosure Actions to Give Homeowner Time to Obtain 2 Benefits

Homeowners when threatened with the loss of their homes through foreclosure proceedings usually have meritorious defenses, monetary offsets or reductions in liability and/or counterclaims based on improper or illegal conduct of the lender, mortgage broker, appraiser and/or any mortgage servicing institution. Their activities often giving rise to issues such as lender's liability, fraud and constructive knowledge of fraudulent broker or appraiser practices, for which the homeowner should make an issue by defending the foreclosure action. This will enable the homeowner or property owner to achieve a delay during which time the homeowner or property owner can have a chance at obtaining a modification agreement which the lender up to that point had refused to give or have a longer time in which to sell the property (not at a distress sale) to be able to take his/her equity out of the property, and to live in or rent the property during the period without paying the monthly payment to the lender. This will provide you with far more than you need to defend the action, and allow you to build up a fund for use in settling the foreclosure action. You might be interested in looking at my YouTube video entitled "Stop Paying Your Mortgage!" [9:13] which explains why many homeowners have been getting the wrong advice - I believe many of them should stop paying their mortgage (in judicial foreclosure states) and invite a foreclosure action as a way of obtaining a modification agreement the lender otherwise refuses to give. See Stop Paying Your Mortgage! by Carl E. Person 9:13. Also, you should look at my YouTube video "Defend Foreclosure Actions! [5:16] which explains why you should defend a foreclosure action, and do so immediately, and now wait until the last minute. See Defend Foreclosure Actions!.

Small Business Representaion; and Claims for Unpaid Wages (FLSA/State)

Most attorneys in major law firms have had no business experience and for them, I believe, it is more difficult to fully understand some of the problems of the firm's business clients or clients suing a business. This business experience is also useful in understanding the problems for (i) small businesses when they are sued (such as in trademark or copyright infringement and breach-of-contract actions), and (ii) employees of major companies or governmental agencies when the employees (sometimes including executives, professionals, administrators, managers, partners and programmers) are denied the full amount of overtime pay or the wages for required preparation or end-of-day time under the Federal Labor Standards Act of 1938 and/or state law.


Arbitration - But Beware - Arbitration Can Be a Fraud

If you are considering arbitration, or are being threatened with an arbitration proceeding, there are some things you should know. I invite you to look at my YouTube video entitled "Arbitration Is a Fraud", at . I am interested in representing clients in arbitration proceedings, and the best thing to do in some instances is to fight to get out of arbitration. My video explains how this should be done.

I am interested in representing clients in the above types of litigation and others, as stated below.



Civil Rights Actions Arising Out of Abusive Criminal Procedures


Also, I am interested in handling civil cases to recover for police brutality, illegal search and seizure, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and wrongful conviction, and other denial of rights guaranteed by the United States or New York Constitution.


My initial discussion with prospective clients is without charge.

To discuss your problem on the telephone, or to make an appointment to discuss your problem in my office, please call me at 212-307-4444.

Here is a list of my YouTube videos My List of YouTube Videos

Attorney Carl E. Person
Office 212-307-4444
Cell 917-453-9376
Fax 212-307-0247
Email carlpers@ix.netcom.com


Any Questions?

Here is how you can contact me: Office 212-307-4444
Cell 917-453-9376
Fax 212-307-0247
Email carlpers@ix.netcom.com

My c.v. (or resume): My updated c.v.

Here are links to two YouTube 1-hour interviews I had recently with Harold Channer and a one-half hour interview with Paul Gloria and co-guest Jacboxer.

Carl E. Person and Harold Channer - Air date: 02-28-08 - CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW



Carl E. Person and Harold Channer - Air date: 05-15-08 - CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW



Paula Gloria and Carl E. Person - Air date: 01-07-09 - CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW


Discuss Representation with Attorney Carl E. Person

To discuss representation, you can contact me by phone 212-307-4444 or reach me by email carlpers@ix.netcom.com

There will be no charge for the discussion.

Last revised 04/05/10



Attorney Advertising




Carl E. Person. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and has more than 40 years of litigation experience, primarily in antitrust, commercial and civil rights cases. The websites of greatest interest to users of this rebate website should be: (i) Attorney Person's website about using a "town attorney general" to represent a small town or village and its residents and small businesses against the numerous and continuing violations of law by major corporations that are illegally taking away the jobs, property values, and standard of living from residents, and illegally putting local small businesses out of business. See Town Attorney General Website

My name is Carl E. Person, and I am an attorney admitted to practice in New York. Since 1993, I have written more than 100 websites (very loosely defined to include pamphlets, articles, books published on Internet, a cartoon, works in progress). My c.v. or resume is at Updated C.V. or Resume of Carl E. Person
This website is my oldest website. Lawmall.com is basically an index to these 100+ websites, not only for users, but for me to be able to find my own material.
I am a graduate of Long Island University and Harvard Law School and have more than 40 years of litigation experience, primarily in antitrust, commercial and civil rights cases. Categories of my websites, articles, pamphlets, books and other works (even a Wal-mart cartoon) are available through links in the leftside or top banners.
Most of my material is law related, and at this time I am actively trying to create a new governmental position, which I call, generically, the "town attorney general". See my website My Town Attorney General Website. Other names for this new office (not yet achieved in any of the nation's 38,967 towns, villages, cities, counties or other municipalities) are:
NYC Attorney General [which I am now trying to create through a ballot initiative in NYC, naming myself as the first NYC Attorney General]
City Attorney General
County Attorney General
Village Attorney General
Municipal Attorney General
So I can change the total number from time to time, I am including a link to my source for statistics on the number of counties, cities, towns and other municipal governments in the United States. See Wikipedia as Source for my 40,000 Total [scroll halfway down the long page]. There are 3,034 counties; 19,429 "cities" and other municipalities with "large" populations; and 16,504 "towns" or "townships". I'll use the figure 40,000.
The law has been used during the past 40 years to reduce the rights and standard of living of most Americans. As I see the problem, from my vantage point as a lawyer, litigator, private enforcer of the nation's laws, and someone who has tried (unsuccessfully) to run for statewide office in NYS (Attorney General, in 2006), the country needs more civil law enforcement at government expense. Voters, residents, homeowners, employees and small businesses do not have the money to enforce the nation's laws. This should be done by the federal, state and local governments, but it is not being done by any of them.
My concept for the "town attorney general" is to decentralize the awsome power of the state Attorney General by creating an army of 40,000 (hopefully elected) public attorneys general throughout the United States (one for each governmental unit below the state level) who will start enforcing the nation's civil laws on behalf of the nation's voters, residents, employees, homeowners and small businesses - AT GOVERNMENTAL EXPENSE. In other words, we no longer can rely upon the federal and state governments to enforce the rights of individuals, and the way of dealing with this problem is to create an enforcement office at the lowest levels of government.
This is very much a legal problem, as I see it, and something to which I am devoting a significant amount of time, in addition to my litigation law practice.
If you would like to help out or want to talk about any of these matters, please give me a call, 212-307-4444 or send me an email, to carlpers@ix.netcom.com.






Information Relating to the Law Practice of Carl E. Person

  325 W. 45th Street - Suite 201
New York NY 10036-3803

Tel: (212) 307-4444
Fax: (212) 307-0247

E-mail: carlpers@ix.netcom.com

Harvard Law School, 1962

Updating Note on 11/16/07: My practice today is varied with:

  • representing plaintiffs in federal and state courts in contingent-fee litigation as to antitrust, civil rights, fraud, libel, predatory lending and employment cases
  • representing defendants in federal courts in trademark, copyright, maritime, business tort, contract, fraud, defamation, and other commercial cases
  • representing defendants in federal courts as local counsel
  • representing plaintiffs or defendants in various other types of litigation the outcome of which is important to the clients - in other words, I'm interested in almost any type of civil litigation except negligence, malpractice, small claims, matrimonials, and filing of bankruptcy proceedings
  • I do not do transactional work such as setting up corporations, filing of copyright or trademark applications, or real estate closings

Brief Description of Practice: civil litigation (including Robinson-Patman Act and other antitrust, small business and civil rights), in the federal and state, mainly on a contingent-fee, or partial contingent-fee, basis courts

    Admitted to Practice:
  • All New York Courts (1962)
  • U.S. District Court - Southern District of New York - New York NY (1970)
  • U.S. District Court - Eastern District of New York - Brooklyn NY (1975)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 2nd Circuit - New York NY (1975)
  • U.S. Supreme Court - Washington DC (1976)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit - San Francisco CA (1980)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 4th Circuit - Richmond VA (1994)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit - (1997)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 3rd Circuit - Philadelphia (1997)
  • Various U.S. District Courts (pro hac vice) including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Trenton, Chicago
  • Litigation Experience:
  • Robinson-Patman/Antitrust, including Carl E. Person v. Google, Inc., Coalition for a Level Playing Field LLC v. AutoZone, Advance Auto, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, The Intimate Bookshop v. Barnes & Noble, et al., New York, United Magazine Co. v. Murdoch Magazines Distribution, et al.,, New York, Coalition for a Level Playing Field, et al. v. AutoZone, Wal-Mart, et al., New York, Yellow Pages Advertising Agencies v. Bell Yellow Page Publishing Co's, SDNY, National Auto Brokers Corp. v. General Motors Corp., et al., SDNY; Parker Brothers v. Anti-Monopoly, Inc., San Francisco, Hygrade v. Tropicana, SDNY; Anti-Monopoly, Inc. v Hasbro, Inc., SDNY; Servco v. Xerox Corp., SDNY; Vitale v. Marlborough Gallery, et al., SDNY; Paralegal Institute v. American Bar Association, EDNY; Kramer v. Pollock-Krasner Foundation, SDNY
  • Civil Rights, including New York State Association of Career Schools v. State ducation Dept. of New York, SDNY (advertising); New York State Association of Career Schools v. State Education Department of New York, SDNY (excessive regulation); Person v. Association of the Bar, EDNY (lawyer advertising); Person v. Association of the Bar of the City of New York, EDNY (shares in lawsuits, expert testimony on contingency fee basis); Paralegal Institute v. American Bar Association, EDNY
  • Environmental, In re Lutheran Medical Center (environmental impact statement), EDNY
  • RICO, Teltronics v. L.M. Ericcson, EDNY, Rand v. Anaconda-Ericcson, EDNY
  • Bankruptcy, In re Feit & Drexler, Inc., SDNY; Teltronics v. L.M. Ericcson, EDNY, Rand v. Anaconda-Ericcson, EDNY; In re Rumican 190 Corp., SDNY-Bkcy Ct
  • FIRREA, Fisch v. Fidelcorp Business Credit Corp., SDNY; Goller Place Corp. v. RTC, EDNY, DNJ-Trenton
  • Copyright, Merchant v. Lymon, SDNY; Buckner v. Marvel Entertainment, SDNY; Cox v. Paramount, SDNY; Folke v. Paramount, SDNY; Associated v. Walt Disney Co., SDNY, Dunn v. Paramount, SDNY
  • Patent, Lemelson v. General Mills, Chicago; and Chalais v. Hasbro, SDNY
  • Trademark, Parker Brothers v. Anti-Monopoly, Inc., San Francisco; Charles of the Ritz Group, Ltd. v. Marcon, Ltd., SDNY
  • Class Actions, National Auto Brokers Corp. v. General Motors Corp., et al., SDNY; Collins v. American Express Corp., Sup. Ct., NY Co.
  • Diversity Litigation, federal courts: numerous cases from 1970 to present
  • Real Estate Litigation - various lawsuits in state and federal court relating to real estate, mortgages, injunctions, bankruptcy reorganization, land use
  • State Actions, numerous actions in state courts in New York, Florida and Pennsylvania involving real estate, misappropriation of ideas, breach of contract, unfair competition, commercial matters

Specialized Legal Websites Created, Authored and Maintained by Carl E. Person:

  1. Main Web Page -- www.lawmall.com


  2. Carl E. Person Attorney Website -- Website for Law Practice of Attorney Carl E. Person


  3. The Most Important Website (in Carl Person's Opinion) and It's FREE -- FREE Website for Personal Financial Makeover - Note: Until Fixed, Takes 1 Minute to Load - But Worth It -- Don't let this temporary development problem (caused by my ZIP Code radius search) deter you from getting in on the ground floor of this new, FREE website to help you makeover yourself financially!


  4. Carl Person's 2nd Most Important Website, also in His Opinion FREE Website for Attorneys to Place 100's or 1,000's of FREE Ads Describing the Legal "Tasks" and "Fields" for or in which They Seek Clients


  5. Robinson-Patman Act / Price Discrimination -- Robinson-Patman Act, Price Discrimination Website"


  6. Stopping Wal-Mart, Other Superstores & Globalization -- Stopping Wal-Mart, Other Superstores & Globalization


  7. My First 4 Websites on Prosecutorial Abuse and Prosecutorial Misconduct - [Please note that each of these four websites begins with a Part I which is identical as to each of the 4 websites. Read it once, and skip over it to Part II in each of the other 3 websites.]:



  8. Sherman Antitrust Act -- My Sherman Act Website


  9. Cusack Papers a/k/a JFK Papers Litigation -- Website Showing How Government Can Rewrite History - Story of the "Cusack Papers" - 750 pages of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe Material - Government Prevailed in Criminal Proceeding in Spite of the Authenticity of the Papers
Rev. 7/26/01, 11/16/07





LawMall - a Unique Website for Antitrust and Civil Rights Litigation and Needed Political Reform




1st Pub.: 1995; New Look 11/11/07; Last Update: 11/12/07-9:17 am

Explanatory Note as to Lawmall Website Development; Website Search Technique

My name is Carl E. Person, and I am an attorney located in New York, NY. I started this website in 1995 and have made hundreds of changes from then to the present, including Lawmall's new look (using "php") and website search feature (as of 11/11/07). When I started using professional programmers, I started using new URL's, but I still consider these "independent" websites part of my Lawmall. Many of my most important websites are not under this "Lawmall" structure, but I'm including them in the various lists below. Most of my Lawmall websites are pure HTML websites, which I'm gradually changing. My newer, professionally-programmed websites generally have or will have independent domain names. Regardless, I include both types in my list below, to try to have one place where I can refer to most of my websites.

Searching for Website Material I Have Published

Now, you can search my 100+ websites using my newly-obtained PicoSearch feature. Prior to this search feature, I used a search engine such as Yahoo, MSN or Google to conduct an Internet search for website material I have published. I would search for "Lawmall" + "Topic" such as "lawmall jury nullification".

That was an easy way to search for my own published material. All I did was put the word "lawmall" before what I'm searching for, and I could generally find what I'm looking for. Try it using a major search engine. Search for "jury nullification" (562,000 hits") and then search for "lawmall jury nullification" (only 8 hits). You don't have to use the quotation marks.


Prior to Internet, I published two books (one book, published by Doubleday, sold 60,000 hardcover copies) and several articles. Internet encouraged me to write and publish many more times on a broad range of subjects. I am trying to put most of the subjects on this single home page of lawmall, which is admittedly difficult and confusing. In fact, some of my best material (in the form of 8 new free websites to create mailing lists ) is not listed or described on this page.

I have gone from writing about problems into writing about solutions. The solutions generally are not legal solutions, because the courts increasingly refrain from enforcing what in past years we considered our "rights" as citizens, residents, employees, homeowners and small business owners. As a result, I have turned to practical political solutions. I emphasize the word "practical" because I don't waste my time thinking about writing proposals to amend federal or state constitutions, or writing proposed statutes for enactment by Congress or state legislatures. I leave this to the highly-paid lobbyists who have been instrumental in stealing the United States from its lawful owners, through providing incentives to our elected officials to enact statutes, rules and enforcement policies that transfer the nation's wealth to the world's largest corporations, and deprive Americans of their standard of living and meaningful jobs. My hat is off to those of you who have worked hard to ruin America. You have done a great job, and your family will at some time recognize you for what you have done.

Meanwhile, there is a job to be done in trying to restore the United States in a variety of ways, such as in its economy, standard of living, a competitive and representative news media providing news needed by the public to make meaningful political and other decisions; health care availability and quality, oil prices, educational costs and opportunities, freedom from prosecutorial abuse and other governmental oppression, absense of major voter fraud, just to list some of the areas of concern.

The solution I propose is Internet based, through the creation and use of email mailing lists to serve as the nation's news media, to provide the news needed by the public to select, nominate, support and elect candidates who will represent the interests of voters rather than the interests of the top 2% of the economy, including the nation's and world's largest corporations.

I feel that by creating free websites of value to voters, I and others can create email lists of voters to enable voters to get weekly emails of information not being provided to them by the monopolized media. These email lists can be used to identify and promote the right type of candidates for public office, and help to get them elected, in competition with the main media who are highly successful in finding, promoting and electing tweedle-dum and/or tweedle-dee, with the election of either being acceptable to the economic forces controlling the United States and the major media.

New York State offers an excellent opportunity to achieve political change from the ground up, through New York law that permits voters in towns, villages and cities throughout New York State to enact laws themselves, provided the laws include the financing needed. These laws, however, are not allowed to change the office of the prosecutor or the office of the county clerk. For 29 proposed statutes which should be enacted by NYC voters please look at my website 29 NYC Statutes for Enactment by NYC Voters in "Ballot Initiatives"

If voters can pass laws in spite of their elected legislators, voters can start seeing an improvement in their position. For example, in NYC the major is attempting to force "congestion pricing" down the throats of voters, motorists and persons living outside of Manhattan. I have prepared a ballot-initiative petition which, if adopted by NYC voters, would declare congestion pricing illegal. See my petition at Petition to Make Congestion Pricing Illegal in NYC. Also, see my website against congestion pricing, at Website against Congestion Pricing in NYC.

Another problem I'm working on is trying to make work more meaningful and more valuable to voters and residents. We should not become a nation of Wal-Mart associates, at $8.50 per hour, no benefits, and a 28-hour workweek. You can't live on $12,376 per year (28 x $8.50 x 52) before or after taxes. One of my solutions for the problem of our diminishing base of good jobs is to have a national database of tasks that each website user would like to perform for money, with a 50-mile ZIP Code radius to enable the providers of the tasks to be found in the geographic area in which the tasks are to be performed. Take a look at my website www.myclads.com (meaning "My Classified Advertisements"). Through community use of this website, the community can create a vibrant economy for its members, and persons living in the surrounding area. The persons who are benefited from this new income are more inclined to listen to the persons providing them with new income - as to political matters - than the persons responsible for taking away their standard of living. This seems to be a key to political change, perhaps hard to grasp by everyone, but there nevertheless. You can compare the situation to the "ward healers" in NYC from the 1790's to the 1960's (see Wikipedia entry for "Tammany Hall"). The political wards had "healers" or "ward healers" who took care of the people living in the ward (really, a welfare system), and could count upon them to vote for the candidates being supported by the ward healer. This is a bottoms up approach which is needed in the United States at this time. We need to get more money to most of the voters by giving them greater earning opportunities, and www.myclads.com seems to be the way to do this.

I need some help in accomplishing these objectives, and if you are interested in getting involved, please let me know, by email to carlpers@ix.netcom.com

                            CARL PERSON ESQ.

                         Civil Rights & Anti Trust Attorney

      Candidate for Attorney General of New York State



                                       MORE TO BE ADDED



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