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                                VINCENT S. MORGAN



                  Candidate for the United States Congress

                                    New York District 15




The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFjvEnybY7M - VINCENT S. MORGAN





New York City has a candidate for US Congress that holds the future of his community as the driving force behind his ambition to represent one of our most vibrant and diverse districts – New York’s 15th Congressional district.  Vincent Morgan makes his living as a community banker, but has committed his life to making Upper Manhattan a great place for all of us to live, work, and raise our families.  Vince is a family man who is not interested in the power and money that has influenced too many New York politicians for too long – he wants to represent NY-15 to make New York a better place for us all.  ”The bottom line for me,” says Vince, “is that my family comes first. The best way I know to make a better life for my family is to work hard to improve the community we call home.”

Since making Harlem his home a decade ago, Vince has been busy as a hands-on worker and advocate for his community. Today, Vince serves as chairman of the 125th Street Business Improvement District and is a director of The Riverside Theater. He serves on the advisory boards of the Harlem Biennale, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Alianza Dominicana. He is also a board member and mentor for the Future Giants in Harlem, an organization dedicated to at-risk youth ages 16 to 18 years old.

Vince recognizes the value of education and guidance for our young people, as he has learned and built on his personal trials.  Raised by a single mother in Chicago’s tough Bronzeville community, Vince dropped out of high school at age 16. With the support of concerned adults and his own determination, he turned his life around. He obtained his GED; went on to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C.; graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Illinois at Chicago; and earned a Master’s degree in public administration from New York’s Columbia University.

While his turnaround and credentials are impressive, Vince continues to be a down-to-earth guy, very much in touch with the reality of the community he hopes to serve. “I know what it means to drop out of school and work a minimum wage job. I grew up with an absentee father, a mother who had to work so much I hardly saw her, and a grandmother who didn’t believe in sparing the rod.”

Those experiences forged a character that fuels Vince’s understanding about real-life issues and his desire to solve them. “I’m in touch with reality every month when my wife and I pay the daycare bill for our two babies and then struggle to make ends meet for the next 30 days.

Vince uses the knowledge he gains from his work as a community banker to help fuel development of the neighborhood and district in which he lives.  ”I’m a community banker,” he says, “My role in the banking industry is to find opportunities for our bank to invest in communities by financing affordable housing and by loaning funds to organizations that offer services to low-to-moderate income families.”  Under the job title of Vice-President and Community Banking Officer, Vince is credited with increasing bank relationships and revenues with some of the most well-known business, non-profit and community entities Uptown and around the State of New York.

On the political front, Vince believes “Democracy is based on people.” That’s why in 2001, he volunteered for service in the Harlem office of Congressman Charles B. Rangel. In 2002, he was appointed campaign director for the Congressman’s successful re-election.  In 2007, he led the creation of Harlem NOW, a non-partisan group dedicated to mobilizing people to work together in solving grassroots issues.

Vince Morgan is the leader the 15th Congressional District of New York needs NOW.  His story and dedication to our community should inspire hope for us all.  With your help, Vince will provide the people of our District the inspired and caring representation we deserve.

Download here: http://morgan4congress.com/wp-content/uploads/Bio-Vincent-Morgan1.pdf


Member, NY County Democratic Committee Elected to represent the 7th Electoral District of the 70th Assembly District in Harlem. Working to ensure our party’s values and issues are implemented to better the lives of all New Yorkers.

Community Banker, US Commercial Bank For almost 5 years he has been a community banker working with local small businesses, not-for-profits and individuals; providing counsel and connecting them with products and services that help them succeed.  Vince works primarily with organizations that build affordable housing or provide social services in low income communities.

Founder, Harlem NOW Vince founded this non-partisan organization to bring the diverse residents of Harlem together around common issues and community activism. The organization’s “Neighbors United” theme is a reminder that we are all in this together.

Chairman, 125th Steet Business Improvement District He serves as Chairman of the Board of  this organization dedicated to promoting Harlem’s main commercial corridor. The BID is responsible for safety and sanitation and manages programs that attract visitors and investment on 125th Street.

Director, The Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone He served as the Director of Marketing for Upper Manhattan’s premier economic development organization. During his tenure he created the “Swing Uptown” tourism initiative to attract visitors Uptown.

Special Assistant/Constituent Services, 15th Congressional District of NY Proudly worked for the people of Upper Manhattan in the busy Congressional district office. Assisted residents with issues that included housing, immigration, healthcare, social security, education and economic development.


I Believe in NY-15!





Labor Day Message: “Let’s Get NY-15 Back to Work”

NEW YORK, NY (September 6, 2010) – As summer ends and people celebrate the Labor Day holiday, Congressional candidate Vincent Morgan urges us to remember the people who are trying to survive in a difficult economy without jobs.

The unemployment rate for the state of New York is lower than the national average of 9.6 percent, but the rates in the communities of  NY-15, such as Harlem and East Harlem and Washington Heights, easily exceed 25 percent. “That means thousands of people in the District who cannot get work and take care of their families,” says Morgan, “and that is a shame for the greatest country in the world.”

“Although the Federal government has made some progress in extending unemployment benefits and creating stimulus programs to create jobs, it’s just not enough,” says Morgan.

Labor Day was created by the labor movement in 1882 to pay tribute to “the contributions workers made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.  It recognizes the vital force labor has added to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy.” (SOURCE: U.S. Department of Labor)

Morgan concludes, “I believe every American should have an opportunity to work and provide for their children. Whatever I have to do to make that happen is what I will fight for if I am elected to Congress.”



The NY League of Women Voters Debate — 8/26/2010

See it for yourself and decide whom you believe is the best candidate to represent the people of the 15th Congressional District.

WNYC’s take on the NY Times endorsement:


LWVNYC Debate parts 1 thru 4 click below:

Part 1:


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Part 4:





“Go Back to School” says Vincent Morgan

NEW YORK, NY (September 1, 2010) – As everyone prepares for the new school year next week, Congressional candidate Vincent Morgan has words for parents and young people.

“NY-15 has one of the highest high school drop-out rates in the country. With that in mind, I especially want to talk to young people who are debating on whether or not to return to school,” says Morgan. “I dropped out when I was 16. Fortunately, with the help of interested adults, I realized my mistake. Now that I am a parent, the prospects for my children’s educational future are really a priority for me.”

Morgan has two things he wants to drive home:

1) To parents: “Being actively involved in your children’s education is the greatest gift you can give them. The job of the teacher is to educate. The job of a parent is to parent — to give your children the moral foundation and social skills to make it in the world. Don’t ever abdicate that responsibility. The future depends on you doing your job so that we raise children who achieve in school and believe they can succeed in life.”

2) To young people: “I hope everyone who needs to be in school goes there on Tuesday. It’s not really a choice — it’s a requirement — if you want a meaningful future. There are no jobs for people who lack education. People who do not at least finish high school are doomed to a life of unemployment.”

Finally, Morgan says, “I believe our society needs to ensure that citizens have access to superior, affordable education from daycare through college. That is the path that will keep Americans employed, economically stable, able to raise families and achieve the dreams we all have for a better future.”


Download the M4C Education Plan:


For more on Morgan’s position on education, view his two RapidFire videos on the topic:





Volunteer with M4C Team!

The M4C Team NEEDS YOU! to help Vince win on September 14th!

East Harlem, Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood & the Upper West Side

We will be working in teams throughout the district distributing campaign flyers and posters and introducing Vince Morgan to your neighbors. Our goal is to reach every registered Democrat in NY-15. Whether you have a couple of hours a week or more time to volunteer we need you to reach out to your neighbors and friends.

A few hours a week will go a long way.  Take your building or your block! We will supply what you need to be successful.

E-mail: volunteer@morgan4congress.com

Call: (347) 602-0908 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (347) 602-0908      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Text: M4C to 37619

or Join the M4C Volunteers Facebook group at the link below:





Vincent Morgan Calls for Action by Elected Officials and Community to Stop Violence

NEW YORK, NY (August 10, 2010) — The shoot-out in Harlem last Sunday morning occurred within walking distance of my home on Lenox Avenue.

Violent behavior is a by-product of much greater problems within our community. Poverty level incomes, chronic unemployment, school drop-out rates, poor living conditions and drug abuse are contributing factors that lead to explosions of violence. We must address the root causes or risk continued escalation.

Indiscriminate violence and the fear it promotes is eroding the quality of life for every resident of this community. For policemen to be attacked in tandem with citizens says that we have truly reached a point of crisis that demands an urgent response.

As the parent of two small children whom I am raising in this community, I am not content to sit back and watch my community grapple with fear or continue to be victimized by random violence.

This is a life and death issue that demands more than rhetoric from our elected officials. Our community has to come together as one and public officials have to take a stand and help find real solutions.



Vincent Morgan Succeeds In Placement On Primary Ballot

Democratic Candidate Hopes To Represent NY-15 in Congress

NEW YORK, NY (August 2, 2010) — The Morgan4Congress campaign team has succeeded in getting their candidate, Vincent Morgan, on the Democratic ballot for the September 14th primary. That means constituents of New York’s 15th Congressional District will have the opportunity to promote a new voice in Congress when they cast their votes.

The team submitted several thousand signatures in excess of the 1,250 which are legally mandated by election law. Morgan campaign manager, Jason-Michael Greene, said “Our success in the petition drive shows that voters in NY-15 are hungry for change and want effective representation that speaks to the ever-evolving dynamics of New York’s most vibrant and multi-faceted Congressional district.”

Candidate Morgan is “thrilled” about his success. “I am committed to tackling the hard issues of education, employment, healthcare access, youth and senior services. I will work tirelessly in Congress to promote solutions that are equitable and sustainable. I will be an exemplary public servant and hope the voters of NY-15 will empower me to achieve my mission.”

He went on to say, “NY-15 deserves a representative who is on top of today’s issues and whose behavior is above reproach. The controversy surrounding the incumbent Congressman has been a great distraction for the last two years. The Democratic party can ill afford a November general election that is under a cloud of ethical scrutiny.”

Greene says, “Now that Vince is on the ballot, it’s up to voters to go to the polls on September 14th to elect the person who shares our aspirations and will work aggressively on our behalf.”




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Vincent Morgan Advocates for Children

NEW YORK, NY (June 22, 2010) — Last week, the Citizen’s Committee for Children released their annual report, “Keeping Track of New York City’s Children.” Once again, it revealed huge problems in almost every quality of life indicator for children. Driven by the ongoing recession, youth unemployment is high; use of food stamps has increased; children are being hospitalized for preventable illnesses; mothers are plagued by low birth rates and infant mortality. Our children are being incarcerated at alarming rates and abuse and neglect remain high. Perhaps most shockingly,  homeless families with children increased about 21 percent.

In almost every one of these categories, the communities of Upper Manhattan are disproportionately affected.

As a father, it breaks my heart to know that so many children in the district I hope to represent are so seriously disadvantaged and at risk.

If I am successful in my quest to represent the citizens of the 15th Congressional District of New York, my priority will be attacking the issues that plague our children and their families. I will devote my efforts to promoting programs that create jobs; improve daycare and educational options; eliminate health disparities and provide safety nets so that no child goes hungry, homeless or uncared for.

I want to get on the Democratic primary ballot so that I can have a fighting chance to fight for the children in my district.

Our children are our future. If we don’t improve their quality of life, I shudder to think what the America of tomorrow will become.





Vincent Morgan on the Deepwater Oil Spill Crisis

NEW YORK, NY (May 27, 2010) — What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is beyond belief. Now confirmed as the largest oil spill in history, it has caught absolutely everyone off guard.

There is no doubt that BP is responsible. They must be held accountable in every way and spend every dollar necessary to mitigate this disaster. They are a private company that has financially profited for many years to an extraordinary degree. No amount of money can repair the damage done. This must be a wake up call to America and a call to action for our country to lead the way in finally investing in alternative energy sources.

On the public side, so many things have come to light that are astonishing. The Federal government must end the “cozy relationship” it has with all of the oil companies. There must be transparent relationships and meaningful oversight of the oil industry.

After viewing this afternoon’s press conference with President Obama, I am convinced that he is leading an intelligent response; employing all of his authority and marshalling every possible resource to mitigate this disaster. I agree with his approach of engaging long term solutions rather than knee-jerk reactions. The Federal government must never abdicate its responsibility to citizens, but at the same time, there is a delicate balance between public and private that has to be maintained. We need a national energy strategy and the formation of a national commission is a meaningful step in that direction.

If there is anything positive that can come out of this disaster, it would be that every American will act more responsibly in their personal energy consumption and improving their relationship with the environment. We must reduce our dependence on oil by developing alternative sources of clean, renewable energy. To not do so will result in a disaster even greater than we have at hand.

In this midst of everything, I hope no one forgets that 11 human beings died in this event. No matter what containment and clean up efforts occur, the families of those people will never have restitution of the lives of their loved ones. To them, I express my heartfelt condolences.





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