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                                              PAUL  SLADKUS

                                  (Part 1 of a 2 Hour Conversation) 


                  Former Emmy Winning Participation in the 

                        Production of (among many others):  


                                         Love of Life


                             The CBS Television Network 



                       NET PBS Public Television Service


   The Nature Series       &            The Brain series

                         Other Credits Include Work on:


                                         All in the Family


                                  CBS Television Network


                                        Founder / President

                                   Good New Broadcasting


                                       Good New Planet   

                         www.goodnewsbroadcast.com     /    www.goodnewsplanet.com


      The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep_MhWSAqBk - PAUL  SLADKUS (Part 1 of 2)




Paul Sladkus  
Paul Sladkus Producer
American Dream Show
Paul Sladkus and Good News & Milestone Broadcast Corporation's Background

Paul Sladkus who has over 33 years of diversified experience in the communications industry founded Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC) He and his company have successfully carried out numerous production, fund raising, advertising/marketing/public relations, new technology and management assignments.

Prior to MBC, Paul was an executive with CBS & PBS Television for fourteen years working on over 150 television shows and series (Show credits and awards available).
While at CBS & PBS Paul oversaw $60 million dollar corporate departments and $20 million dollar media projects. MBC was created nineteen years ago as a full service multi-cultural marketing organization and five years ago established their not for profit Good News Corporation.

Major corporate clients, such as United Airlines, Citibank, Delta Airlines, Club Med, AT&T, Kraft/General Foods, United States Postal Service (USPS), Sprint, Tropicana Hotel, Western Union, IBM and the Campbell Soup Company have retained MBC for full service multi-cultural marketing.

MBC has created, raised funds for and managed/produced hundreds of cultural events. For the US Postal Service MBC created a Hispanic project named “Let’ s Write!” commemorating 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovering Puerto Rico. The event received praise from President Clinton, governors, mayors, celebrities and Hispanic community leaders, as well unprecedented media coverage.
The event led to the uniting of the public schools and parochial schools in Puerto Rico, the closing of Humacao for celebration and 10,000 letters given to the children affected by the bombing in Oklahoma City. Let’s Write honorary Ambassador was Edward James Olmos. Paul has been given the Amigo Award from Hispanic Newspapers MBC created the first Chinese Section in the New York Times, bringing the first American Music in Mainland China, helped create the largest PBS 10 Hour Television series for the Asian community, titled The Pacific Century, created the first Good News web presence in Chinese and Japanese, opened the Asian Jade Room at the Tropicana Hotel with the Peking Acrobats in Chinatown, NYC, created the US Postal Service First Lunar New Years Stamp World Wide marketing .
Other firsts have been for the Asian Indian community we brought Raj Kapoors daughter to America, for the Vietnamese we partnered with Kieu Chinh, assisted with the first Korean business magazine, created the first Asian American TV Show, created promotion in the Filipino leading Church in San Francisco, work with Yue Sai Kan, China’s most popular personality. MBC created the Fist European and Middle Eastern Marketing conference on Ellis Island. Go to

The Good News Corporation is the first life affirming, thought provoking, educational “non violent” good news world wide web site and media company focusing only on Positive News.
produces or finds the good news stories that are changing our lives. GoodNewsBroadcast.org promotes celebrities to scientists to everyday people doing good things for humankind. GNC also produces GoodNewsPlanet.org which is in foreign language/culture/Diaspora; currently serving: Afrocentric, Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Some interviews include: Lynn Swann/Boy and Girls Club, Paul McCartney/UN Association, IBM/Physically Challenged, Wyeth/Children’s Health Fund, Danny Glover/Anemia Foundation, Isabella Rossellini/Vagina Monologues, Maurice Strong/Earth Charter, Elie Weisel/Israel Film Festival, Ted Danson/American Ocean Sea Campaign, Sarah Jessica Parker/Girls Inc., Marisa Tomei/Working Playgrounds, just to name a few.

Paul’s media credits include: Emmy's for Love of Life on CBS and The Nature Series and The Brain Series on PBS/NHK/French. Other credits: All in the Family, The Emmy's and Oscars, Sonny and Cher, Good Times, AFI Salute to James Cagney and Orson Wells, Captain Kangaroo, Maude, Matchgame, Carol Burnett, WCBS News, LA Lakers, Tony Orlando, The Young and the Restless, Cronkite, The Price Is Right, Rose Bowl Parade, Shlrley MacLaine, Innovation, The Pacific Century, All Time Music Songbook, Big Band Music, World Earth Day (with NHK), Environmental Specials, China/America (first national American music radio program in China and numerous ethnic radio and television commercials, print ads and brochures and 100’s of events. .Current productions include Les Paul and Lester Lanin music specials, Joseph Plays with Food and The American Dream show w/Ingrid Lemme.

Good News Broadcast National/International Radio and Television programs, as well as a Good Newspaper, Good e-Newsletters, Good Magazine and Good News Book will appear shortly. All media will utilize the content from GoodNewsBroadcast.org. Let’s share our Good News.
American Dream Show with Ingrid lemme - TOP



Many people have a wrong idea of what constitues true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. Helen Keller Go To: http://www.wwrf.org/thewaterhour.htm  to find the links to "The Water Hour".  Also, please check out our www.youtube.com/goodnewsbroadcast site. Technical Note: Some audio/video stories may not be accessible this time, as we are expanding our technology to better serve you.  Thank you for your continued sharing of your Good News, it is our honor to post it.  Paul




Search 4,000 Stories


Good News Broadcast 
World Wide Web


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He who falls in love with himself, will have no rivals.  Benjamin Franklin
The heart of man and the bottom of the sea are unfathomable
Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.         ~Sarah Bernhardt~
The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. Carl Jung




We are offering a new media concept for news and entertainment about people making a positive, constructive impact on society, no matter what the obstacles are.


News desk and Media Contact: Paul Sladkus


Tel. (212) 647-1212

Fax.(212) 647-1216

Email. goodnews@goodnewsbroadcast.com


Imagine if each New York Times article attached a candid, unedited audio recording of the people interviewed for each story? Would the way you get your news seem a little different?


Good News Broadcast is the only news program, for now, where you will not only be able to read an article, you will be able to download, on demand, the actual video or audio interview behind the article.Almost every written story on Good News Broadcast attaches an original, unedited audio or video interview with the people behind the articles. So, rather than just reading our write up, our audience can go straight to our news sources and make their own decision about the content. We provide all the media resources to bring the audience into the action, to let them decide for themselves about the news.


This is just one example of how Good News Broadcast brings innovation to the news industry.


Good News Broadcast (GNB) is a rapidly growing media lifestyle publications covering  and distributing news and entertainment from domestic and international sources related to health, science, business, international relations, and multi-cultural and niche community interests. GNB publishes and syndicates content on-line, on-air, and in print under the Good News Broadcast Brand. It it one of the first news publications to combine the article with the audio interview and continuously to develop innovations in news media.


Approximately 80 percent of GNB articles and attached audio interviews are made available year round on demand, from the internet, at all times. GNB's current story archive contains over 2,700 audio, video and text stories and events, indexed by most major search engines. Most stories are indexed by major search engines within four weeks.


Serving a niche but extraordinarily influential community with excellent brand equity that ranges from international lawmakers and industry shakers, GNB is a powerful community of people and organizations who have contributed stories to the site. Currently, 100,000 unique visitors from this audience generate 1.2 million hits to the front page each week. The audience is made up of a highly-influential, professional persons concerned about making a positive impact on the World and future generations through media. They collaborate with Good News Broadcast, via their agencies and in person at Good News Broadcast events, to network with individuals who share their interest in leveraging the power of media to make a positive impact on society. 


Create good will for your brand by becoming a sponsor of Good News Broadcast. Contact Peter Meister at Tel. (212) 647-1212 or (201) 456-4754. Sponsorships start at (US) $40,000.



This is the international place of record to build good will for brands by 'walking the talk'. We encourage you to make your mark to investors, lawmakers, and citizens from around the World as a sponsor and supporter of the publication, and let the World know that you support people and organizations who care about doing good things for the benefit of all kinds of communities.We offer the following information to those seeking to place content on Good News Broadcast:



‘Good News’ Brand Essence: A place where people can participate in news media in positive ways.


‘Good News’ Brand Promise: We promise to provide voice, in audio, video and text media, and any emerging technology platform that helps to fairly present constructive, unbiased, newsworthy information to all audiences – without preference to any single political, religious, business or social agenda.


‘Good News’ Brand Tone and Manner: Positive, life-affirming, thought-provoking, and up-beat.


Content Example One: We would cover news about an earthquake just like any other news organization. To make the story ‘Good News’, we cover multi-national relief efforts , provide unedited audio and video interviews for download, and offer information how our audience can participate in those efforts.


Content Example Two: We would cover the introduction of a new medicine for heart attack patients. Because Good News is defined as presenting the story without preference to any business agenda over another, we merely present the product as ‘a solution’, but not ‘the best solution’. We then give the audience resources to do their own research and supply the various media resources we can to help audiences make a decision about the story.


Programming for GNB comes from leading independent or network producers throughout the world who care about the power of and responsibility of using media to create a positive dialogue within audience communities.


In addition, inspirational writers, lecturers, celebrities and world figures will be part of the "team". But the team is larger than that, as it requests you to become part of it and help create the content.


Bottom Line: We are offering our archives to serve as a resource for people making a positive impact on society through news and entertainment, no matter what the obstacles are.


Featured Content

Currently, some of our guests include: Ted Danson, Mike Farrell, Patch Adams, Peter Weller, Dr. Larry Dossey, Kenny Loggins, Odetta, Marisa Tomei, Gary Null, Dr. Bernie Siegal, Betty Edie, Ed McMahon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ivana Trump, Elke Sommers, Joe Franklin, Marilyn Hall, Zig Zeigler, Harvey MacCay, Dr. Gerald Janpolsky, Sylvia Sydney, Nancy Friday, Richard Carlson, Michael Douglas, The Temptations, Tom Feltenstein, Jack LaLanne, Peter Max, Famous Amos, John Gray, Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, and a host of other Good News people and events.





Paul Sladkus, a 30-year award-winning veteran of the communications industry founded Good News Broadcast in 1998 and oversees its daily operations.(More below) 


Peter Meister serves as Vice President of Milestone Broadcast Corporation and is responsible for management of the Milestone Broadcast Corporation’s media brands and technology operations.


Board of Advisors

A distinguished, caring, Board of Advisors serves as additional eyes, ears and the conscience of the programming. To date the following have agreed to assist us:

  • Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. – Best selling author who has assisted thousands of people through the process of making life changes
  • Jerry Alteri – Finance Consultant
  • Omar S. Amanat – Chief Executive Officer for Market XT
  • Bill Ayers – Founder of Ayers Group
  • Bob Bagar – Public Relations Guru, former Executive. VP Ruder Finn
  • Alan Brody –  Founder of iBreakfast and technology Guru 
  • James Cavello – President Westwood Gallery
  • Dan Clark –  Author, speaker, composer, producer, largest contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
  • Sandra Trim-DeCosta – Music Industry Guru & Good Samaritan
  • Bruce Erickson – Marketing Consultant & Community Thinker
  • Tom Feltenstein – Author and founder of Feltenstein's Neighborhood Marketing Institute
  • Joan Firstenberg –  Cheerleader, helper and contributor
  • Richard Frame –  Comptroller for Roland Corporation
  • Joe Franklin –  Radio personality who has helped launch, Barbara Streisand, Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal and many more
  • Dr. John Gray –  Author, Producer, Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus
  • Buddy Greco –  Singer, songwriter, and musician with Benny Goodman and his own group
  • Gabrielle Noelle Greeves –  Marketing Consultant
  • Jerry Greenberg –  World Humanitarian
  • Percy Heath ( In Memory of)  – Musician, Modern Jazz Quartet
  • William Hetzler – Business Consultant, Chairman Steuben Day Parade and Special Assistant to Governor Pataki
  • Jay Iselin – Former President WNET, Copper Union, Board of National Geographic
  • Aldon James – President of The National Arts Club
  • Dr. Gerald Jampolsky –  Best Selling Author of the 5 Million sellers Love is Letting Go of Fear
  • Yue Sai Kan – Most viewed television personality in the world, President of China’s largest Cosmetic Company
  • Dr. Judy Kuriansky – Relationship authority
  • Sadahei (Sam) Kusumoto –  Chairman Emeritus Minolta Corporation, President The Japanese American Association of New York, Inc.
  • Gary Laermer –  Development of NYC's 5th Largest Hospital - Staten Island University Hospital
  • Ingrid Lemme –  Marketing Guru and Gurney's Inn Host for the American Dream Show
  • Ronna Lichtenberg – Consultant, lecturer and author of Work Would be Great If it Weren’t for the People, past Senior VP Prudential Securities
  • Peter Meister – Vice President, Good News Broadcast
  • Shawn Meglen – Creative Director, Good News Broadcast
  • Carl Milde – Lawyer, Intellectual Properties
  • Lee Nadler – Marketing and Communication Guru
  • Carl Sabatino –  Business Consultant, Corporate Funding Parkinson Foundation
  • Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez –  Publisher of Noticias del Mundo, Former Ambassador to Nicaragua & Colombia
  • Phil Sauers – World Water Rescue Foundation, U.N. Year of Fresh Water Creator
  • Cherie Carter Scott – Best Selling Author of the Rules
  • Leslie Smith – Market Segment Executive IBM Corporation
  • Adam Taylor - President, EMI Music
  • Josh Taylor - President, Cloud 9
  • Bill Turner (In Memory of) - Founder of Wisdom TV
  • Midge Woolsey –  WNET –PBS spokesperson, WQXR Radio Host
  • MaryAnn Zimmer – Entertainment Lawyer



Legal Note:


Any audio/video segment or text message sent to GoodNewsBroadcast.com is being given to us with the permission to use for worldwide broadcast or print. Segments can be edited. No segment or message will be returned. Note: Goodnewsbroadcast.com can not be responsible for content on any external website that we are linked to.






Milestone Broadcast Corporation is an integrated media management, licensing and production company building international communities and audiences around entertainment and businesses that are focused on promoting good will.



Today’s rapidly-changing and highly competitive media industry faces a profound financing issue: media consumers are increasingly resistant to traditional advertising: a critical financial resource for the media industry and the content communities it supports.


Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC) helps media owners finance content supply operations by offering advertisers access to an emerging content-driven sponsorship model we call “Content for Community”.


Through Content for Community, MBC gives brand advertisers and media owners an alternative to buying or selling ad space on a variety of media. We help advertisers create and supply searchable content the media owner’s content communities seek. Content communities are measurable audience groups defined by content viewing habits, content delivery systems, brand preferences, social networks, purchasing behavior, lifestyle, ethnicity, and culture.


With this model, the advertiser builds brand awareness and relevance by using MBC to manage the process of taking on some of the media owner’s production and distribution costs of supplying a content community. This model allows the media owner to improve the depth and utility of its content offerings while giving the advertiser visibility to highly targeted content communities. In effect, we are refining the tactic of product placement and sponsored content with information technology and our decades of experience in production and multi-cultural and niche media management.


Service Example: For a fee or licensing rights, MBC helps a popular Consumer Brand (which has a 74,000 member fan club) enhance the relevance and awareness of its brand by delivering a regular three minute home improvement video show to its fan club and related content communities. The content remains searchable and available on-demand. Furthermore, MBC would help the consumer brand syndicate a home improvement column, sponsor an event, publish a book, or develop incentive programs for consumers to access exclusive content. Given the consumer’s wariness of overt advertising, the difference in MBC’s creative approach is that content is never positioned as advertising or overtly promotional, but as public service or goodwill outreach, which further helps build the goodwill equity associated with the Consumer Brand.


The effectiveness of our product is determined by our ability to identify, target and supply content to content communities on behalf of advertisers and the media industry. Our effectiveness is also dependent on our ability to create new business relationships and forge partnerships and content rights of way with network owners.


To identify and supply these content communities, MBC has based its content creation and distribution product upon decades of experience in multicultural, ethnic, and niche marketing, broadcasting, PR, traditional media strategies, events, streaming content, branding, and media buying.


To ensure a robust and effective content supply, MBC already owns the performance rights to a deep library of over 2,000 audio and video stories; content featuring top celebrities and experts. MBC ensures the continued growth and value of its biggest tangible asset, its content archive, through a strong content pipeline supplied daily by no-conflict relationships with over 30 public relations agencies delivering lifestyle stories and celebrity guests.


To support its vital capabilities in search marketing, the company employs a time-tested content management system (plus editorial style) that integrates perfectly with strategies of major contextually-based search engines.


To support its relationships with advertisers and the media industry, MBC has a powerful, award-winning philanthropy (Good News Corporation, 501c3) and a media brand called Good News Broadcast that brings enormous good will, customers and critical network partnerships to the company.


MBC’s Content for Community model is perfectly positioned to help a rapidly-changing and highly competitive media industry seek new sources of funding through advertisers. Advertisers and media companies that engage MBC will find MBC the ideal content provider and media partner to help finance, supply and license lifestyle news, entertainment, and event content for use in niche, segmented customer-driven Content Communities.




* Good News Broadcast™  * Good News Planet™  * Good News Corporation 501 C 3 Non Profit


MBC has positioned its services and content strategy around brands that promote positive solutions and entertainment, and we have become a strong market competitor and supplier to audiences and their families who are turning against content distributors who sensationalize violence, human suffering, and devastation as a part of their content strategy.


MBC has positioned its first major content brands Good News Broadcast™, Good News Planet™ around positive, life-affirming, thought provoking news, entertainment, and events.


These brands are neither aligned with nor preferential to any product or political and religious ideology.


MBC  currently has content marketing partnerships and sponsorship relationships with IBM,  Tradescape, Senior Net, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Heartwarmers, American Dream, National Arts Club, World Island, Club Getaway, World Water Rescue Foundation, We the World, New Seminary and numerous other partners. 


Today, MBC  receives stories from over 40 communications agencies and their clients. Hundreds of organizations have contributed their Good News over the last seven and on half years. Over 3,000 original stories and performances have been recorded and made available upon demand throughout the World. As these organizations have discovered, the Good News Broadcast  brand is available to help individuals, organizations and corporations promote their own businesses under our goodwill value.


Good News Broadcast™  does have competition from positive media as well. These media feature content strategies based on spirituality, philanthropy, lifestyles, health and positive news and entertainment.


Good News Broadcast™  competes with ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ media by using MBC’s content creation, management and distribution technologies, developed and tested over the past seven and a half years. These technologies facilitate sponsor access to commercial opportunities with their audiences.


We must also note the promotional strategy employed by Good News Broadcast™  . The promotional strategy leverages the architecture supporting the Internet to firmly entrench its content within most search engines. The strategy is a low-cost ‘viral marketing’ strategy that leverages other content suppliers and their audiences to increase Good News Broadcast’s visibility. As a result, Good News Broadcast™  content can be found in the top ten search rankings of major search engines once it is deployed.


Good News Broadcast™  is rapidly increasing its viewership. For example, average monthly hits increased 700% from December 2005 to January 2006.  The number of unique visitors (determined by web logs of unique IP addresses) doubled during this same period. Please note that these numbers have not yet been audited by an accredited third party. However, we believe that through the viral marketing strategy and the continuous addition of new content, audience sizes will grow exponentially over the course of the coming year. These numbers may also increase through a traditional advertising campaign, or by placing content on traditional broadcast media such as print and television.


The content distributed on MBC’s Good News Broadcast™  technology platform is primarily multimedia content, which may have been previously unavailable to potential audiences due to bandwidth constraints. We anticipate that future audience growth will come from the improvement of the distribution technology and the increasing penetration of residential broadband access into homes. In addition to its investment in this technology platform, MBC is making proposals to other media like TV, radio, satellite, cellular, print and cellular phone providers to carry “Good News” Branded content.


MBC will leverage twenty years of multicultural and niche marketing expertise to expand its audiences globally for “Good News” Brands. Niche markets include the African, Asian, Native American, Indian, European, Hispanic and Middle Eastern community markets. Other niche markets include Seniors, Children, Women, and the Gay & Lesbian communities. “Good News” Branded content is delivered in Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish and other languages.


 The “Good News” brands have created an enormous competitive advantage for MBC over other emerging and existing content providers. The brands have the capabilities to open doors to all kinds of markets and audiences, and MBC’s management has the expertise to grow the “Good News” Brands significantly over the next five years.


Good News Corporation, is a 501 C 3 Non Profit that was created by MBC.  Please visit the site to learn more about its activities. 


The Founder

GNB was founded by Paul Sladkus who has over 30 years of diversified experience in the communications industry. He and his company have successfully carried out numerous production, fund raising, advertising/marketing/public relations, new technology and management assignments.


Prior to GNB, Paul was an executive with CBS & PBS Television for fourteen years working on over 150 television shows and series. Eighteen years ago, Paul created as a full service ethnic, niche and general marketing organization Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC) www.milestonebroadcast.com and over four and one half years ago established Good News Broadcast. Major corporate clients, such as United Airlines, Citibank, Delta Airlines, Club Med, AT&T, Kraft/General Foods, United States Postal Service (USPS), Sprint, Tropicana Hotel, Western Union, IBM and the Campbell Soup Company have retained MBC for multi-cultural and general market marketing.


Paul's media credits include: Emmy's for Love of Life on CBS,  The Nature Series and The Brain Series on PBS/NHK/French. Other credits: All in the Family, The Emmys and Oscars, Sonny and Cher, Good Times, AFI Salute to James Cagney and Orson Wells, Captain Kangaroo, Maude, Matchgame, Carol Burnett, WCBS News, LA Lakers, Tony Orlando, The Young and the Restless, Cronkite, The Price Is Right, Rose Bowl Parade, Shirley MacLaine, Innovation, The Pacific Century, All Time Music Songbook, Big Band Music, World Earth Day (with NHK), and other environmental specials.


Paul Sladkus is an environmentalist and humanitarian. Paul's undergraduate degree was from Quinnipiac University, Hamden, Connecticut and Masters was from Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut. Paul plays saxophone and piano. His daughter Jennifer is School Psychologist at a Developmentally Delayed Facility.





Updated June 30, 2006




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