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                                 PAULA GLORIA  



 Producer / Host: Public Access Television Show


                 "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole"






                         JOSH  VOLINSKI



               Independent Media Producer

                          Producer / Host

                    "The Josh Volinski Show"



  Manhattan Neighborhood Network Producers


The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHocMx1WoOw - PAULA GLORIA & JOSH VOLINSKI




More about: PAULA GLORIA

Paula Gloria - A successful airwave speculator in the '80s, in 1990 Ms. Gloria became the first (and only) female entrepreneur to successfully build and operate a U.S. cellular telephone company, which was sold in 1992 to Telephone & Data Systems for $21 million. In 1996 she created The Concordia Foundation while living on the Island of Cyprus and experimenting with eco-village renewable technologies. She came to NYC in 1997 and become involved in Public Access television as a tool to make available important knowledge, often suppressed in mainstream media, with her first TV series, a radical holistic health program entitled The Whole Tooth. In year 2000 Ms. Gloria traveled to India to gain eastern divine knowledge and to make her charity more effective by addressing global problems such as pedophilia and organized sex-slavery. Her daily TV show "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole", inspired by the breakthrough documentary film "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" airs on Time-Warner Manhattan cable with over one hundred shows on the Net.


Paula Gloria Tsakona is the President and Director of The Concordia Foundation and a Producer of New Realities Global Public Access.

The Concordia Foundation was created in 1996 with her ex-husband Vincenzo Santiglia, a native of Sicily, Italy while they were living on the island of Cyprus doing preliminary work to create an eco-village.  The initial money in the foundation had come from windfall profits in the cellular licensing opportunities of the 80’s.  The name was inspired by the famous Sicilian temple in Agrigento dedicated to “the harmonious gathering of all the forces.”

Her present passion is free access to all people of the world to global communication using the tools of Non-Violent Communication.  Inspired by Alan Steinfeld’s ten year Public Access TV show she is convinced that the terrific stress and challenge of our modern day can be transformed into the energy needed to create New Realities 

All efforts of the charity is dedicated to this purpose.




                                        Tuesday February 16,  2010  

                                     (11:00 AM -  NOON / (NYC Time)           

Channel 34 of the Time/Warner, Channel 83 of the RCN, & Channel 33 of the Verizon FiOS
                                 Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

            The Program can also now be viewed on the internet at time of cable casting at

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