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                      Guest For  TUESDAY JULY 7, 2009

                                MEREDITH  GARDNER Ph.D



                        Behavioral Psychologist

                   President: the Strategic Edge


              Author: "Think Better, Lead Better"


 The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGTmwmLR-po MEREDITH GARDNER Ph.D



More about: MEREDITH GARDNER Ph.D ( To Be added)

Meredith Gardner Ph.D. The Strategic Edge (O) 212 769-9340    

www.strategic-edge.com  mgardner@strategic-edge.com

            Author - Speaker -Trainer - Entrepreneur - Leader

Dr. Meredith Gardner, President of The Strategic Edge, specializes in inspiring individuals and organizations to lead better through improved communication and innovation. Her “mind-bending approaches” prompt different perspectives which lead to different actions.

A leadership and communication expert, Meredith is an author, international speaker, coach and trainer.  Her clients include colleges and universities, large and small national and international companies, trade associations, and management conferences/retreats.    

Meredith has been a TV and radio host/guest on: ABC TV (D.C), Joe Franklin, MNN, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal Radio Network, Voice of America & CNN radio;  and hosted her own radio program on WGBB 1240 AM (Long Island).  She authored a unique book (2008) entitled: Think Better Lead Better: Chinese Characters Reveal Strategies for Success (www.thinkbetterleadbetter.com)

In the early part of her career, she was Director of Student Activities at Hunter College, (CUNY) and founding Director of the first full time International Office at Boston College. A pioneer in the new aging field, she wrote grants, bringing in federal funds for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in Massachusetts; she later founded TOO YOUNG TO RETIRE, a company organized to combat ageism in America.  As President of The Strategic Edge, Meredith has been bringing leadership development to companies and individuals for 20+ years.  

Meredith was an executive recruiter in New York, D.C., and Stamford, CT.  This led to becoming an outplacement consultant working with large company downsizings.

She is a certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Enneagram. She is also an advanced student of Huna, Hawaiian spiritualism. Meredith is a graduate of the

NYPD Citizens' Police Academy.

She has been a student at the Carl Jung Center of New York. Meredith is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and is listed in Who's Who of America, The World, and American Women. She was a past founding board member of the N.Y. Quality and Participation; member of the Executive Forum of NYU, The NY Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, International Enneagram Association, Organization Development Network of Greater N.Y., MIT Enterprise Forum, American Littoral Society, Art Deco Society of N.Y., and the NY Human Resource Planning Society. A member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, she is also on the Board of Distinguished Judges for the NY Film Festivals, an international competition for television programming.  She has been a sports reporter and enjoys boxing.

Meredith holds a BA from New York University, MA from Columbia University and PhD from Commonwealth Open University, affiliated with The New Seminary of NY. In addition, she is a New York State licensed interfaith minister.

Her Clients Include:

American Express Bank                                  Maersk Data USA       

Bantam Doubleday Dell                                  Merrill Lynch                          

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida                   MetLife

Brooklyn Union                                               Metropolitan Transportation Authority          

CBS                                                                 Miss America Organization

Chase Manhattan Bank                                    Mt. Sinai Hospital       

Citibank                                                           Mutual of New York

Con Edison                                                      Nigerian Intercontinental Merchant Bank

The Conference Board                                     Oracle Corporation   

Dun & Bradstreet                                            PricewaterhouseCoopers

Equitable Life                                                  The Prudential

IBM                                                                  West Point Military Academy 


Meredith Gardner, Ph.D.
The Strategic Edge (www.strategic-edge.com)
(O) 212 769-9340 ◆ mgardner@strategic-edge.com
Available at the last minute to assist you with your emergency speaking assistance.
As a national authority in her field, Dr. Meredith Gardner is experienced as a
motivational, inspirational and keynote speaker as well as conference/seminar work
shop and breakout leader. Rated by audiences as exceptional in presenting information
and ideas, she has clues, life-changing stories and contrary ideas to share which make
for a meaningful, practical, and memorable experience.
This lifetime commitment to being an educator has prepared her to make exciting and
informative presentations.
Story Teller of Life’s Important Issues:
■ Leadership ■ Trust
■ Work ■ Anger
■ Relationships ■ Anxiety
■ Finding meaning at whatever age you are and…accepting it.
President, The Strategic Edge, an international management consulting firm.
Leadership programs include coaching disruptive executives with
personality glitches; Communication Programs, Presentation Skills,
Team Building, Conflict Resolution
Clients include: CBS, NBC, West Point Military Academy
Miss America Organization, Prudential, Citibank
University Administrator:
Hunter College of the City University of New York, Director of Student Activities
Boston College, Director of the International Office
Think Better, Lead Better – Chinese Characters Reveal Strategies for Success
Ph.D. Commonwealth Open University
Interfaith Minister Minister of Spiritual Counseling, The New Seminary
M.A. Columbia University
B.A. New York University



 Meredith Gardner  Ph.D. The Strategic Edge (O) 212 769-9340

www.strategic-edge.com  mgardner@strategic-edge.com

Business to Business Relationship and Retention Building

  • Are internal customers in departments having difficulty working together?

·       Is your organization having issues?

·       Are your employees causing you to lose business or to have a negative reputation?

·       Are you dealing with irresponsible, demanding, unreasonable or angry customers/employees?

The Strategic Edge specialty is difficult and high visibility situations

We can help your company grow its profitability in the 21st century. This unique

B-B service ensures continued business development.

When do you need business-to-business relationship building?

Post customer satisfaction survey when results are questionable or negative.

Post employee satisfaction survey

Crisis intervention because of client or employee dissatisfaction

Results of the B-B Program:

Clarification of roles, expectations, strategy and vision

Reduced vulnerability to competitive attacks

Preserved ongoing business connections

Defused customer and employee emotions

Transformed relationships ensuring greater productivity

Improved collaborative alliances 

Re-formed partnerships

Guaranteed repeat business

Interventions Include One-on-One Coaching and Group:

One-on-One Intervention Process:

Diagnose performance and customer satisfaction

Strategy Development

Interview-based 360° Feedback

Customized one-on-one coaching

Rigorous Analysis

Teach Interpersonal skills, Management/leadership styles, Presentation skills

Mediation between company and client

Continuous feedback on program performance

Monitoring Performance


Group Intervention Processes Include:

Clarifying roles and goals        Stress Management

Departmental vision                Communication

Conflict resolution                   Monitoring Performance



Meredith Gardner  Ph.D. The Strategic Edge (O) 212 769-9340 cell 646 715-3485  

www.strategic-edge.com  mgardner@strategic-edge.com

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING ( Counseling )

For high potentials, senior executives, people in transition, and individual contributors

“You can’t change the wind.  You can adjust your sails.” – Anonymous

“There is no such thing as behavioral change. People don’t change their spots, because they have default behavior, just like a computer. They can be helped to become aware of their behavior and then choose to use newly acquired skills or not. I call it a shift or adaptation. Not change. That word is too threatening.   

                        -Dr. Meredith Gardner, Ph.D.

This program incorporates three areas, which impact each other:

            Interpersonal skills       Management/leadership style       Presentation skills

Customized for managers and executives, participants learn to take responsibility for the consequences of their behavior and to be more effective with people in their world.

What makes our program different from other coaching programs?

·        Specializes in difficult/sensitive/highly visible situations which might pose risk to organization

·        Skills based and very practical

·        Varied teaching methodologies including unusual handouts, customized workbook, TV clips, role play, subjective written exercises

·        Introspective, highly active, experiential, fun and non-threatening

·        Designed for individual contributors as well as management

·        Interview based behavioral feedback and assessments

·        7-12 days (spread over a few months time), in person. Telephone contact as well.

Results of One-on-One Coaching:   

            Transformed communication

            Improved morale

            Increased productivity

            Reduced turn-over

            Enhanced reputation of individuals. departments, and company


"Without your help, I would have been forced to move our senior executive from the project as Project Manager.  Your knowledge and breadth of experience made it possible for him to make a difference with our top customer."  David Miller, Senior Practice Director, Oracle Corporation

"Your one-on-one coaching works miracles!  I've gotten more positive in my outlook, face-to-                                                 face meetings are more fruitful, and I'm more confident in making presentations to large groups."

 H. Thompson Rodman, Jr., Investment Representative, Alex. Brown & Sons Inc.

"Our employees have a better understanding of their own strengths in the workplace and a broader understanding of others." Maurice Shaw, SVP, Brooklyn Union

"I waited two months before acknowledging that your turnaround coaching was not just a quick fix.  My employees’ attitudes and improved performance continue to grow during each passing day."

Michael J. Mazo, President, Paper Corporation of America

"When I asked for your help in improving the interpersonal communication skills of one of my staff members, the actual gains have exceeded my expectations."   

William Wright, SVP/CAO, Bantam Doubleday Dell


Meredith Gardner  Ph.D. The Strategic Edge (O) 212 769-9340 cell 646 715-3485      

www.strategic-edge.com  mgardner@strategic-edge.com


How to Deal with Difficult People

This interactive and practical program raises awareness of different styles of behavior. In an unthreatening environment, you’ll learn how to use new strategies to overcome negative behavior of others. Often times, people have no clue that their behavior is offensive.  What generally happens is that as you see other styles, you begin to recognize your own behavior as well. 

You’ll learn to be more adept at identifying and dealing with difficult people. There will also be less stress and anxiety when facing challenging situations.

“Ripples of conflict in the workplace can quickly turn into waves of unproductivity and poor morale.  And at some firms, it can eat away at profits and sales.”

                                                                      Nicole Harris, The Star-Ledger

This program, How to Deal With Difficult People is designed for companies that want to increase productivity.  

How do you learn to cope with difficult people? 

§       Comprehensive workbooks

§       Film clips that demonstrate the styles of people

§       Case study situations

§       Animated role-playing

§       Lively interaction with each other

Results of this Program:

·       Improved tolerance and understanding for different ways of behaving

·       Heightened personal responsibility and choice over responses

·       Increased adaptability to give others what they need

·       New insight into intentions and external behavior

·       Encouragement to create more harmony to reach common goals

Contexts for Practical Use with:





Family and friends


                                       Tuesday July 7, 2009

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel 82 of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

The Program can now be viewed on the internet at time of cable casting at


                  NOTE: You must adjust viewing to reflect NYC time

                                          & click on channel 34 at site


                                    241 West 36th StreetNew York,N.Y. 10018 Phone: 212-695-6351 E-Mail: HHC@NYC.RR.COM


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