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"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." 
--Thomas Jefferson

 "The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove"

 A video by Project Save Justice

"The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove" highlights only a very small number of many cases across the country where tactics used by the Department of Justice are questionable, if not illegal.
It is necessary to examine not only the methods....but the motives.


Thanks to Project Save Justice for allowing us to post it on this site.


"A Prosecutor who alleges enough wrongdoing will always get a conviction--the jury assumes, the defendant must have done something."  
-- Thomas Jefferson                 
      Ring of Fire/ Air America Media
                          Scott Horton 

         Press Conference Brendan Sullivan

Eric Holder interview with Katie Couric

Frank Ballance Talks About Prosecutorial Misconduct
Victims of Karl Rove:


Meg Scott Phipps, Former Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila, Geoffrey Fieger, Oliver and Jennifer Diaz, Paul Minor, Former Governor Don Siegelman, Garey Ballance, Ted Stevens, Katheryn Shields, Judge Wes Teel, Carl Bussey, David Rosen, David Friend, Senator Matt McCoy, Sandra McFadden Weaver, Jerry Mezzatesta, Luisa Inclan, Jorge Velasco Mella, Ex Senator Charles Walker, Former Governor Eliot Spitzer, Pierce O'Donnell, Phillip Cardarella, Dr. Cyril Wecht,  Dr. Candido Negron Mella, Bill Waris and thousands of others.

Watch The Forum on Cspan press the link below

               Please Join 
       Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and sign the letter below (link)     requesting Attorney General Eric     Holder to investigate selective and political prosecutions by the           Department of Justice.
 VELVETREVOLUTION.US : The        RestoreJusticeAtJustice Campaign


"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."---Martin Luther King Jr.
Current News:
The Raw Story » Obama Justice Department continues to cover up Bush-Era crimes
Robert H Jackson
In his speech called "The Federal Prosecutor," Jackson, who had been Attorney General for only three months, offered his views on what constituted proper, ethical conduct by federal prosecutors. His words were a guiding force but seem to have been abandoned by those in power.






"Any Prosecutor, can indict anybody, before any grand jury, for almost anything. The Federal Crimes codes are so vast, if you look at the crimes in the federal code, you wont believe the thousands and thousands of crimes, often times overlapping, often times very technical, but you could almost look at the United States code and you could find a crime to fit almost anybody that you were investigating."  
--Bennett Gershman, Pace School of Law 
                          Expert on Prosecutorial Misconduct




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