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                              (Originally aired: 08-05-08)

                           GNOLEBA SERI Esq.



                      Founder / President and CEO

                 The African Chamber of Commerce

                              in the United States






  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXYeQpZLYoc - GNOLEMBA SERI Esq.





  President's Message   

Welcome to the African Chamber of Commerce in the United States website.
In 2005, several dedicated African professionals and African leaders realized the enormous potential of the African Business community in the United States and decided to create a national organization to represent its interests before the public and private sectors.

The purpose in creating The African Chamber of Commerce is to serve, advocate and promote African-owned businesses which have been voiceless and powerless for too long. While many would debate the need to create such a structure, it is our deep conviction that by aiding the African Business community it would strongly grow and develop, thereby allowing African business owners to have access to business and financial opportunities. Currently, African businesses are not striving because they act independent towards one another. The result is lack of economic power. The African Chamber of Commerce in the United States has therefore been founded to correct old ways of doing business and to forge the unity of all African businesspeople that they will have their voice heard.

The African Chamber inspires to becoming both; an instrument that helps African businesses within and without the United States to navigate through the maze of United States and African States governmental regulations; also a power that will provide the African business community with information, opportunities, resourceful exigencies within, between and among the business machinations of the United States and the continent of Africa.

Now is the time. Let us not hesitate on the path to secure financial and business opportunities. Let us lead all Africa businesses within and without the United States to greater success with the help of the African Chamber of Commerce in the United States.

Gnoleba Seri, Esq.
President & CEO of the ACCUS



The African Chamber of Commerce in the United States/116 West 111th Street, New York, NY 10026 Tel: 212.864-0723/Copyright 2006 ACCUS
                                      For problems and questions regarding this website,  please contact Webmaster: 2G Int & Co   

























































Welcome to the website of the African Chamber of Commerce in the United States. We are a service oriented organization that intends to operate nationally. We strive to provide access to and opportunity for African business owners and professionals. We also advocate for and promote African businesses to achieve economic success.

In this website you will find:
* Valuable information on how to make the maximum profit for your business
¦ A wide range of services and benefits
¦ Helpful programs & events to participate in

We update our site continuously so you will want to visit it often and to make the most of your membership by:
* Checking out for business opportunities.
Learn more about the ACCUS - Technical Assistance Support and the
Financial Assistance Program.

* Checking here often for Special Events.
Attend a Business Brunch or Seminar - Allow seasoned business professionals within And without the African Chamber to provide your organization with the details needed to start or improve your business.

* Getting Involved - Your participation in a Chamber committee or assistance with one of our events would create, strengthen and bridge relationships that could bring new business opportunities to you.

* Sponsoring An Event – Contact us to host a seminar that will benefit the entire Chamber and promote your business to the entire community.

Finally, please send us your comments and concerns. We believe they are very important as they will help us improve our services to your businesses. Tell us what else you would like us to do for your businesses. If there are programs, events, activities, or training that you need, please let us know.

We are here to serve and fight for African Business, your business.


• The African-Owned Businesses remain for the most part a
significantly underutilized source of important goods and services, employment and tax revenues for major cities in the United States

• The economic interests of virtually every major geographic
section of the United States and every major community in the country are served by a Chamber of Commerce... with the exception of the African business Community

• The African community in the United States suffers due to the
lack of a vital African-business community

• Existing African-owned businesses in the entire country are
Still restricted in their efforts to grow and expand



Here are just some of the many services that we offer to each ACCUS

¦ Discounted Web Development for Chamber Members

¦ Group benefit options

¦ Internet advertisement opportunities

¦ Employer Job Postings

¦ Mixers (networking events)

¦ International Trade opportunities

¦ Business Fairs

¦ Certification Assistance Workshops

¦ Business Development Workshops

¦ Training Opportunities


- Autos/Automobiles

- Bookstores

- Boutiques/ Boutiques de mode

- Car companies

- Communications/Cell phones

- Computers

- Day care/ Home stay Business

- Drivers

- Entertainment/Artists

- Financial services

- Graphic designs/ Illustration/Printing Businesses

- African markets/Grocery/Food products business

- Hair & Beauty supply buninesses

- Hair dressers/ Saloons

- Hair barbers

- Home renovations

- Import/Export business

- Lawyers

- Professionals- Self-Employed/Entrepreneurs

- Restaurants/Lounges/Night Clubs ...

- Real Estate businesses

- Transport & Freight/Shipping businesses

- Travel Agent

- Video/Audio recording and sales

- Variety stores

- Web design/E-commerce businesses

- Street vendors

The African Chamber of Commerce in the United States/116 West 111th Street, New York, NY 10026 Tel: 212.864-0723/Copyright 2006 ACCUS
                                      For problems and questions regarding this website,  please contact Webmaster: 2G Int & Co   


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