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                                   (Originally aired 11-23-88)

                           VERNON BELLECOURT



               American Indian Movement


                          BOB BROWN



Kwame Nkrumah (21 September 1909 - 27 April 1972)[1], was an influential 20th century advocate of Pan-Africanism, and the leader of Ghana and its predecessor state, the Gold Coast, from 1952 to 1966.


Stokely Standiford Churchill Carmichael (June 29, 1941 – November 15, 1998), also known as Kwame Toure, was a Trinidadian-American black activist active in the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement. He rose to prominence first as a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC, pronounced "Snick") and later as the "Honorary Prime Minister" of the Black Panther Party. Initially an integrationist, Carmichael later became affiliated with black nationalist and Pan-Africanist movements.[1]



Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi1 (Arabic: معمر القذافي Ar-Muammar al-Qaddafi.ogg audio Mu‘ammar al-Qaḏāfī) (born 7 June, 1942) also known as Colonel Gaddafi has been the de facto leader of Libya since a 1969 coup.[1] Although Gaddafi has held no public office or title since 1979, he is accorded the honorifics "Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" or "Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution" in government statements and the official press.[2] He is the fourth longest-serving head of state currently in office and longest-serving head of government.

In February 2009, upon being elected chairman of the 53-nation African Union in Ethiopia, Gaddafi told the assembled African leaders: "I shall continue to insist that our sovereign countries work to achieve the United States of Africa

         All African Peoples Revolutionary Party


The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIx-qy00vXU - VERNEON BELLECOURT & BON BROWN





Vernon Bellecourt (1931-2007 R.I.P.) & Bob Brown. Vernon Bellecourt, Indian name WaBun-Inini, (October 17, 1931 October 13, 2007)[1] was a member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe (located in Minnesota), and a Native American rights activist. In the Ojibwe language his name meant "Man of Dawn."[1] [2]
Bellecourt lived on the White Earth Indian Reservation until he was sixteen when his family moved to Minneapolis. When Bellecourt was nineteen he spent time in St. Cloud prison for robbing a Saint Paul tavern.[3] When Bellecourt was released he became a hairdresser and proceeded to open a series of beauty salons in Saint Paul.[3][4] In the mid 1960s he sold his business and moved his family out to near Aspen, Colorado.[4] Bellecourt was a long time leader in the American Indian Movement. His brother, Clyde Bellecourt, helped found AIM as a militant group in 1968, and Vernon soon became involved as well. He co-founded the AIM chapter in Denver, and was its first Executive Director. Bellecourt took part in the 1972 Trail of Broken Treaties caravan, then served as a negotiator during AIM's occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which took place followng the caravan's arrival in Washington, D.C. Bellecourt was present briefly during the 1973 Wounded Knee occupation in South Dakota, serving mostly as an AIM spokesman and fundraiser during the 71-day standoff with federal agents.
After Wounded Knee, Bellecourt worked with the International Indian Treaty Council, which advocates on behalf of Indigenous rights throughout the Western Hemisphere. He became a leader of AIMs work abroad, meeting with foreign leaders like Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya, and Palestine Liberation Organization chairman Yasser Arafat.[3] Bellecourt was active for many years in the campaign to free AIM activist Leonard Peltier, who was convicted in 1977 of killing two FBI agents during a 1975 shootout on the Pine Ridge Reservation.




Bob Brown was a close friend and associate of Kwame Toure and carr4ies on the struggle as a member and supporter of the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party. The All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) is a socialist group founded by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. His goal in founding this party was to create and manage the political economic conditions necessary to the emergence of an All-African Peoples Revolutionary Army that would lead the military struggle against settler colonialism, Zionism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and all other forms of capitalist oppression and exploitation. [1] The A-APRP has branches in several countries and several US states. Kwame Toure Stockley Carmichael was one of the party's leaders from the 1970s until his death. [2]. The All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party promotes Pan-Africanism in the form of the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism. Scientific socialism is defined as a new social synthesis in which an advanced technical society is realized without the staggering social malefactions and deep schisms of capitalist industrial society. [1] In support of this overall position, the A-APRP believes that African Americans have been kept ignorant purposely because capitalist and imperialist wanted Africa to look like a savage nation, in an attempt to keep Africans divided, disorganized, confused and live under stifling conditions, so they can stop their progress towards total freedom. The All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party holds the United States and Israel accountable for the misery and suffering they cause for people around the world, and additionally blames the United States for allowing slavery and allowing African Americans to be treated brutally. The A-APRP believe the UN is only interested in exploiting Africa and its inhabitants, and should be banished from the continent. The Party also venerates anti-imperialist leaders such as Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, and Yasser Arafat. The All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party aims to form a United Socialist African government. The party believes Africa must first be united before they can accelerate economically and technologically. According to the party, such maximum development would guarantee a balanced use of the material resources and human potential of Africa along the lines of an integrated economy, and within corresponding divisions of production, eliminating all unnecessary forms of competition, economic hostility and replication and resulting in true freedom.


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