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Current Financial Crisis
Oct., 2008

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Keynes Letter to
Grandchildren 1930

Panel: Louis Kelso, Hon. William Simon, Hon. Russell Long / Jan. 1974.

Synergetic Educational Manifesto 1970

Carbon 60 # 1

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Aymara Cultural Hearth






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                                      TIFFANY  LIN      


                         MSI, Marketing Manager



                                         JENNIE NEVIN   


                       Founder, "Green Spaces



                                            PAUL SLADKUS


                        Founder, "Good News Broadcast"




 The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDMCo-IQe7M - T.LIN, J. NEVIN, P. SLADKUS










Today's Good News

Beacon Sloop Club

Enjoy Live Music from, Victorio Roland Mousaa (Native American Indian singer/activist) Read more


Go Green Expo

GO GREEN EXPO, the nation’s leading eco-focused, interactive green-living showcase, heads to New York this April. The event, which is open to the public... Read more


Reid Stowe April 20,2009

Wind E 10 to 25 knots, Course N, Speed 2 to 7.5, Position 21*38s by 11*12w Read more


Miss America

MISS AMERICA Chats about Being America's Sweetheart Read more


MSI Unveils WIND TOP AE1900

MSI Unveils WIND TOP AE1900 to Redefine Desktop PC with Style and Touch Read more


Go Green Expo

GO GREEN EXPO, the nation’s leading eco-focused, interactive green-living showcase, heads to New York this April. The event, which is open to the public... Read more


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Good News Broadcast has a mission to find, receive, create and broadcast to the world, life-affirming, thought-provoking, educational news, entertainment and events; content that is non-violent, non-sectarian, non-political. We elicit the positive side of news from the world's public, media and journalists in order to generate compelling domestic and international stories.
Thought For The Day:

Happy Birthday Pete 90 years young!  “Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't.”  Pete Seeger


New Improved Site in Progress!

UPCOMING PROGRAMS: 5/1 We have so many new Good News interviews and shows to share of people doing good, stay tuned.  The Good News is that there are billions of Good News stories and people in the world. 

Some are: Anil Kapoor Slum Dog Millionaire actor donates all his proceeds to PLAN, helping children since 1937. Seeds of Peace Annual Benefit.  "Change Begins Within” benefit for David Lynch Foundation,  McCartney, Donavan, Moby...  Ronnie and Joshua singing Good News at the 79th Street subway. Garden State Film Festival, with Sid Bernstein. Hundreds of stories on Good News for health will appear shortly, over 30% of Good News Broadcast Health and Wellness, such as  Dr. Sallis,  www.ExerciseisMedicine.org. Computer Geniuses Gather for World 'Battle of the Brains’. Reid at Sea. Pete Seeger this weekend.  MSI WIND All in One Computer at EcoFocus. 

Dear Friends, SITE Up-Date: 5/1.  We have put up our subjects, plus new icons going up next week and are starting to put up 1,000's of stories of wonderful people, non-profit organzations, and corporations that have appeared on Good News.  As a future contributor to Good News Broadcast please start getting prepared to share your comments, audio and video on any story along with our current contributors.  Log into Good News on our home page.  We also will have a RSS Feed so our content will be going to millions.  You also can go see 100's of stories at www.youtube.com/goodnewsbroadcast

All We Are is What We Are for Each Other.  Please consider becoming a member, details to come. Thanks.




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