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Note: Due to a scheduling mishap this program which was to air Wednesday May 5, 2010 was not. We apologize for the mistake and will air the program today. H.H.C.

                         KALYAN SENGUPTA



          Assistant Director for Indian Tourism



                          JOE A. THOMAS



      VP Business Development - Happy Holidays Inc.


      Promoter of: "Incredible India - Health in India"



                           JIMMY WADIA



                     Spokesman for India





The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8wL2w_fqeM - INCREDIBLE INDIA - HEALTH TOURISM






Kalyan Sengupta


Date of Birth

19th Dec. 1959


Place of Birth

Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Present Position

Acting Regional Director, India Tourism (Americas)


Job Experience                

Working in the Ministry of Tourism for the last 25 years.


Joined as Information Officer   in       the     Ministry of Tourism  in 1984. Subsequently worked as Assistant Director and Assistant Director General in the Ministry of Tourism. At present the Acting Regional Director of India Tourism (Americas) at New York. 


Previously worked in various field offices of Ministry of Tourism in India, like Bhubaneshwar, Kolkota, Goa &  Delhi.


In abroad,   was posted at India Tourism, Toronto, Canada for about four and half years.





Completed Masters in Indian History with specialization in Economic History of India.


Completed courses for Tourism Marketing and Management. Also knows French.


Joe Thomas VP Business Development for Happy Holidays Inc. We with immense pleasure introduce in the market HAPPY HOLIDAYS INC. a professional Tour Operators with more than 5 years of experience in the industry to satisfy the necessity and expectation in the quality of destinations : INDIA AND PERU, two countries with great cultural, historical, natural resources to offer to the people who like to admire, learn and appreciate the work of the men of the past, the present and the future.

We are affiliated with various Travel & Tourism Associations such as USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association) Allied Member; ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents); PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Agents) New York Chapter.

At HAPPY HOLIDAYS INC. we provide complete services for leisure & business travel, incentives, meeting & conferences, pilgrimages, adventure. We tailor program of diversity interest utilizing hotels and services recognized by the Tourism Government Organization in each country with convenient economic prices for FITS as for groups with our partners in India : UVI HOLIDAYS LTD.
And in Peru : PeruATravel


Jimmy Wadia 60-46 Booth Street Elmhurst, NY 11373 Tel.: 718-335-7525 Cell: 917-804-2017 E-Mail: JJWadia@aol.com Summary: Almost 20 years of successful experience in Letters of Credit Operations as a manager for the past 14 years. Well versed in all areas of letter of credit theory and practice. I have worked with systems personnel to develop operations software for processing Letter of Credit transactions. Because of my interest in computer programming, I hold a certificate in C programming (1999). I have also completed courses in Java Programming and Advanced Java (2000). Loyalty and conscientiousness have been emphasized in Service Star Awards received. I am a quick study with a proven track record of working with large staffs of diverse backgrounds. EXPERIENCE UFJ Bank Ltd., NY07/2003 11/2005 Assistant Vice President, Letters of Credit Manage staff of 18 personnel including 3 supervisors in Import, Export, Collections, Issuance and Standby departments. Ensure smooth workflow of incoming documentary and issuance requests. Serve as a technical resource to staff. Personally handle documentary rejections, system problems and forfaiting issues. Interface extensively with customers, correspondent banks, account officers and personnel of other departments. Conduct semi-annual and annual reviews of staff and supervisor performances As of 1/1/2006, UFJ Bank Ltd. merged with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and my services were terminated. Union Bank of California, NY10/2001 04/2002 Consultant, Letters of Credit (Temporary Assignment) Reconstruct LC records lost due to disaster at former location of UBOC at 2WTC. Research and investigate claims for payment, resolve discrepant documents issues, interface with customers, correspondent banks, freight forwarders and system personnel in resolving complex payment and issuance problems. JP Morgan Chase Bank, NY09/1987 09/2001 Assistant Treasurer, Letters of Credit Supervise staff of fourteen technicians in both Export and Import departments. Develop and maintain client relationships with corporate customers. Provide dedicated letter of credit services to major corporations. Coordinate letter of credit transactions with customers, account officers, bank sales departments, freight forwarders, correspondent banks and system personnel. Page 2 of 2 Review credits and documents over $1mm and serve as technical resource to staff and customers. Conduct semi-annual and annual reviews of staff performances. 


Guest For WEDNESDAY MAY 19,  2010

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