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                                        (Originally aired: 04-04-90)

                            LAURENCE  MOSKOWITZ      



                                       Founder / President:


                   Video Broadcasting Corporation

                                    (At the Time of program 04-04-90)




    President Chief Executive & Chairman of the Board

                          Medialink Worldwide  





The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvXuEnnyMF8 - LAURENCE MOSKOWITZ




Laurence Moskowitz  

President and Chief Executive Officer  

(212) 682-8300  



Larry Moskowitz, universally regarded as "Architect of Video Public Relations" founded Medialink in 1986 and steered the innovative startup to its current status as a leader in providing news and marketing media services for its 750 communications clients worldwide.

As President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Medialink, Larry was voted one of the most influential communications executives of the 20th Century by PR Week magazine following his being named New York Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young LLP. He established key standards for video news releases, television station usage monitoring and the modern paradigms for domestic and international distribution. Soon after Medialink's inception, he worked closely with the Radio-Television News Directors Association to establish a code of ethics based on full disclosure for broadcast PR video.

He guided the Company through its Initial Public Offering in 1997. Larry led Medialink’s subsequent expansion into public affairs news distribution through the acquisition of U.S. Newswire prior to its acquisition by an international newswire company. He shaped the decade-long development of Medialink Public Relations Research into Delahaye Medialink, before its purchase in 2004 by a leading media intelligence company.

Moskowitz began his professional career as a reporter and editor at United Press International. He later served as a foreign correspondent before starting his first business, a newswire service later acquired by a large media company.

Married to a deaf professional actress, he is fluent in American Sign Language, which helps him "feel words in my hands and see phrases in the air." A graduate of the Journalism School at Pennsylvania State University and a former professor of investigative journalism at Temple University, he is a frequent speaker in the United States and Europe on topics including the emergence of new marketing paradigms, communications technology and global news broadcasting.




Medialink helps professional communicators and the media engage their intended audiences with compelling video and audio distributed via the Web, television and radio.

Companies and organizations trust Medialink to provide sound counsel and effective solutions that anticipate and address the growing demand for multimedia news, advertisements and information.

We produce award-winning video and audio content that is promoted and distributed to broadcast and broadband media outlets on behalf of our 750 clients, which include Fortune 100 corporations, business-to-business firms, associations, and not-for-profit organizations.

The audio and video messages offer insights into a broad array of topics, including new products, technical and healthcare innovations, public issues, and mergers and acquisitions.

Through Mediaseed™, our powerful suite of digital services and robust Web 2.0 platform, Medialink also facilitates the exchange of content between communicators and the media.

Mediaseed’s Client Control Room enables clients to manage and track the results of their rich media campaigns with ease and impact. Content may be published on Mediaseed.tv, which is accessed directly by 19,000 registered media professionals around the world.

Armed with our diverse skills sets and broad imaginations, we strive to continually deliver business innovation to help our clients achieve their goals.

Fast facts:

  • Medialink is headquartered in New York with U.S. offices and representatives in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington.
  • Teletrax™, a one-of-a-kind digital video watermarking technology, was developed by Medialink in concert with Royal Philips Electronics. Teletrax is so precise that it can even report when a single second of your video has been used.
  • The Teletrax broadcast intelligence network monitors nearly 1,500 channels around the world in more than 50 countries, including all 210 U.S. markets.
  • Our employees offer wide-ranging expertise in journalism; international, network and local television news production; editorial services; content management and distribution; media buying and planning; media research; and graphic design.
  • Industry honors received and competitions won by Medialink include: the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Silver and Bronze Anvils; Superior Achievement in Reputation and Branding (SABRE); PRWeek Awards; Publicity Club of New England Bell Ringer Awards; Telly Awards; Latino Marketing Award; and Houston Worldfest.




Laurence (Larry) Moskowitz is the President, Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Medialink Worldwide. Moskowitz owns over 551,089 Medialink shares, representing 8.88% of the company stock. According to corporate reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2004 Moskowitz was paid just over $334,000 as salary with a further $15,000 in shares. [1]  Moskowitz is a graduate of the Journalism School at Pennsylvania State University and was a professor of investigative journalism at Temple University. Moskowitz worked as a reporter and editor at United Press International and later as a foreign correspondent. In 1986 he founded Medialink. His biographical note states that "soon after Medialink's inception, he worked closely with the Radio-Television News Directors Association to establish a code of ethics based on full disclosure relating to the production and distribution of VNRs and other broadcast publicity tools".[2]
•Director, Jewish Community Federation
Reaction to controversy over VNR's In response to a major New York Times article on U.S. government use of VNR's the PR trade publication, O'Dwyers PR Daily, convened a teleconference of leading VNR company representatives to discuss "what the industry can do about the torrent of negative publicity". [3]  In his opening comments to the teleconference Moskowitz stressed that in his view "the government has a responsibility to advise, educate, inform and warn the public and that it has every right to communicate as any other entity would". [4]
Moskowitz also revealed that in the aftermath of the New York Times story Medialink had had discussions with "former GAO officials" and with the White House. Medialink, he said, had adopted the position of staying out of the debate between the Government Accountability Office and the Justice Department over disclosure standards that should apply to VNRs preferring instead "to just say whatever the highest standard is we're happy to meet".
Moskowitz was dismissive of the media and public reaction to the New York Times story recalling that it reminded him of when TV Guide featured a story on its cover in the early 1990's. "...This is kind of like people walking into a big building that's labeled casino and being shocked to find out there's gambling going in there," he said.
As for the best strategy for the industry, Moskowitz was determined that any concessions in increased identification in VNR's should be confined only to government funded VNR's. "Let's remember this debate, from everything I've seen, read, heard, and talked to, is purely the government ... And I'm glad the story is kind of focused there, because I would hate to see it broaden," he said.
The issue as Moskowitz saw it was whether there should "be identification within the body of the narration, and/or the script, and/or super?". Moskowitz stated that VNR producers already identified the sponsor of the project in the text advisory that was sent to producers and on the slates incorporated at the beginning and end of each release.
The question was what else should be done. A Council of Public Relations firms suggestion that each frame of the VNR should include an identifying logo in the botton right hand corner (referred to in the industry as a 'bug') he dismmissed as "totally and completely impractical".
"I think it would diminish the use by broadcasters. I think it would be pointless to viewers, and if any broadcaster wanted to use the thing, they probably cover it over with their own bug and might automatically do so," he argued.
Another possibility, he noted, was to ensure that the concluding comments by the 'reporter' identified the sponsor possibily in conjunction with an intermittent on-screen identifier. Moskowitz was equally sceptical about this too dismissing it as "practically impossible".
Reporting on a a September 2005 seminar on new media, Media Daily News noted that VNRs "which can look like regular news stories to the unaided eye--can be placed in local or national newscasts. Moskowitz told the seminar that "If there is news in your brands we'll find a way to put your brands in your news. In a sense, it's product placement, but it's earned a place on the shelf." [5]
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