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                              ARISTEDES PHILIP DUVAL




Composer / Lyricist / Tenor / Actor / Director / Filmmaker

Founder: Public Access Producers & Artists Alliance (PAPA)



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I91nQJcLXJc - ARISTEDES PHILIP DUVAL




    Aristedes  Philip  DuVal  
    Original Music & Lyrics, Rock Opera, Actor, Video & Audio Production,
    Live Rock n' Roll, Events Production & Promotions, Art Shows, Theater
                                   Peace + Love + Hope = $u˘˘e$$
Aristedes  DuVal is the announcer for Jason Grant's Radio Comedy,  The Adventures Of Cider-Man, and also plays the part of the notorious Baron Von X-Rating!  In the St. George's Entertainment Series, Ready Steady Rock, Aristedes is the voice of DJ Dickie Razzle
To hear the Voice-Overs please click on link below and click the Voice -Over Icons on my resume.   
  A   Brief   Overview   Of   Worldly   Accomplishments
Aristedes DuVal Co-producer U.N. World Day ‘99 for the Duke Ellington Foundation in the  General Assembly. 

Secretary General Koffi Anan spoke and dignitaries from around the globe attended. Produced for TV with 6 Betacams.  It was the comeback of Hendricks & Ross of the famed Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Also featured Grady Tate, Barbara Morrison, Delya Chandler, Miri Benari, Joy Ryder, Paul Nowinsky & others.

Aristedes has worked with: 
Baird Jones, Salvador Dali, Melina Mercouri, Jules Dassin, Mikis Theodorakis, Singer-songwriter P.F. Sloan author of  Eve of Destruction & Secret Agent Man, James Rado Author of Hair & Rainbow, Editta Sherman -The  Duchess of Carnegie Hall, The Globus Brothers'  Panoramic Photography & Computer Art, Bernard Stollman of ESP Disk Records & Duke ellington Foundation,  The Museum of Sound Recording, Dick Falk -The Mayor of Broadway, Pat Kenny of  Kenny’s Castaways &  Rascal Rock, Jon Stevens  & The Atomic Silver Pill, Michael Kamen & the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble, Neil Innes of The Rutles, Sun Ra & His Inter-Galactic Arkestra

Aristedes has created numerous live and televised shows with & for hundreds of artists on Manhattan Cable TV including Mary Doolittle Watches TV, Rock Shop, Lovecats, Interesting People, Underground TV, Free TV, Loganic One-MSO, Kid Yorgothamode, The Mr. Sexy(R) Show, Dazzle, The Maurice Miller Show, The John King Show.

Founder of The Public Access Producers & Artists Alliance (P.A.P.A.) currently seeking 501-C3 status in  NYS.
Creator, American Dreamer Theater LLC.
Aristedes & Kathleen Vach (aka Mary Doolittle) published 400 issues of the most complete advance listings of NYC Gallery Openings & Free Events - The Mr.Sexy® Atomic Hot List, which forever changed the face of art journalism.
As a Journalist & Publicist Aristedes has written about / for and/or promoted numerous talented people including:
the artist Copernicus, Heroic Fantasy painter Marcus Boas, John King's Models & Talent News, Show Business Newspaper, Performer Cues Newspaper, Zygote Arts Journal, The Manhattan Mirror, The Rhythm Club, Magic Orbit From Outer Space, The Nuclear Warrior, the famous Max's Kansas City nightclub, NYC.
As a Rock Opera Singer Aristedes has performed in the Musicals Jesus Christ Superstar in Europe & The Radio Rainbeam Rainbow Roadshow aka 'Rainbow' @ The Orpheum Theater NYC.
Recorded a major album in Berlin, Germany with Joy Ryder, written & directed.  Some projected new involvements include The Electric Prunes, The Legacy of Harry Smith, The Eric Emerson & The Magic Tramps Story, The California Jam. 

DuVal has authored over 200 pieces of music in a variety of styles many with full lyrics. he is a Legit Lyric Tenor. With experience in Belcanto, Rock, Opera, Jazz Blues, Bach, Chopin, Handel. He plays 12 string guitar, harmonica & electronics & is a Rock-Video DeeJay. who has MC'd & produced many shows including The Mardi-Gras ressurection Party for Hurricane Katrina Relief and more...
  Tribute   To   Our   Friend   Baird   Jones
Baird Jones at Shag Gallery Opening
Home Page
Dear Friends,
You are all invited to The BAIRD JONES MEMORIAL BASH @ THE PLUMM 246 West 14 St. NYC Friday March 7, 8:30-10:30 open bar, Party continues till midnight! No RSVP necessary-everyone invited-or use my name-Aristedes DuVal (aka Mr. Sexy(R)Memorial Prayer Service Saturday, March 8, 2pm Cathedral Of Saint John The Divine, NYC.Peace!


IN SHOCK AT THE PASSING OF BAIRD JONES. Feb. 24, 2008 Art lover, journalist of the art & celebrity scene, party giver, Baird Jones, gone at 53! Promoter of Tunnel, Palladium, Limelight, Studio 54, The Clash @ Bond's, Patterson Museum, Webster Hall, and so much more.  
I can't believe I've known this unique individual for what must be at least 30 years. If I remember correctly, at least 10 years back, his party passes stated, "More Than 1 Million People Have Attended Baird Jones Parties". I kinda believed it for you could never be certain it wasn't true. He gave so many parties at clubs and galleries that probably by now it's not an exaggeration. God only knows. Maybe Baird's close friends, Hoop-aka The King Of Art, or Ken Emerson whose videos of Baird (interviewing Iman) appear on You Tube- perhaps they would know how many? As opposed to how many events he attended? My guess is a combined total of at least 10 Thousand events over a 30 year period! Who else can claim that dedication to the New York scene? Baird was part P.T. Barnum, Preppie, Republican, Secret Hippie, covert Holden Caulfield, upper-class Brahman art-lover, Andy Warhol with a dash of Walter Winchell-though not a racist like Winchell was. He loved a good gimmick. He promoted Dwarf Toss & Midget Bowling, but with helmets I think! He must have loved people because he was constantly working the crowd. And he loved art & artists. If you were at all part of the art scene in New York over the last quarter of a century you had to have heard of Baird. He knew everybody in the Art World, big & small. The Warhol Crowd, the Max's Kansas City Crowd, The East Village Crowd, The Soho Crowd, The Upper East Side Preppie Crowd, The Club Crowd. He quietly collected art. Much to the chagrin of some East Village artists, he was the first to champion the Estonian-American pop artist, Mark Kostabi. He was also fascinated with celebrity art- the art of otherwise famous people like Tony Bennett, Gina Lollobrigida, Anthony Quinn & Doctor 'Suicide' Kevorkian. He knew many of them and showed their works at various venues, with a two hour sponsored open bar of vodka and gin drinks, beers or wine or champagne & fruit. Blurring the lines between 'Art' Gallery and Club Gallery. We often attended his parties, met him at some major or minor gallery opening, read his celebutante gossip on "Page Six" of the Daily News or NY Post, or his columns in John King's Models & Talent or Showbiz News. You would see Baird on Manhattan Cable Public Access TV Shows. In those days we were all producing Public Access TV Shows like crazy-the real nutty reality TV. Baird was part of that revolution. At one point he produced many interview shows at a club called 'The Underground' which was in an abandoned subway station at the North end of Union Square. I was in at least couple of these. The cable shows were populated by young collegiate types, artists, a flotsam & jetsam of artists, and NY Nightlife characters. Among the many interviews & off the cuff production help was a young preppie by the name of Allenby Singleton-Greene, a First Amendment Cable Crusader-the infamously funny Ugly George, a weird comedian & livery driver by day Scott Lifshine-aka The Nuclear warrior, and still others like John King- a producer of hundreds of local Access TV Talent-Variety Shows. An incredibly creative & outspoken cultural maverick, Logan Evans, from Harvard, Greek poli-sci major George Gilson-aka Kid Yorgothamode and Clint Freeman of The Lovecats Show. Truly original people. In the early 80's Kathleen Vach aka Ms.Mary Doolittle of access TV fame, my girlfiend/mom-to-be, and I created "The Mr. Sexy® Atomic Hot List" of free cultural events. Our tiny publication was the first to comprehensively list the vast majority of Gallery Openings in NYC-in advance! People were shocked at our ability to garner all this heretofore secretly coveted clique-ish informazione. The Hot List was profiled in New York magazine by journalist and Baird cohort, Anthony Haden-Guest (Studio 54 ). We were attending close to a hundred events a week, publishing 32 one night, attending 27, should be in the Guinness Book of World Records, which leads us back to Baird Jones! The Soho & East Village Art Boom. At that time there was a vague feeling of rivalry between Baird and myself. But one night he hurriedly walked up to me on the street in the East Village (in between our attending 5 openings) and surprised me when he said of the artists & gallerists, "These guys are so ungrateful. They don't realize what you & Kathleen are doing for them." I felt that we had been annointed with a very special compliment from a guy who really knew and actually cared. From then on he would often introduce me as Mr. Sexy® to various people on the scene. One time at a party in one of a hundred clubs he promoted, Baird proposed a 'promotional' idea to an artist friend of mine, Oswald Martin Marsant, a contemporary of Jean Michel Basquiat. Oz is tall, skinny, & Black- a humour-filled raconteur, unique presence, talented painter and lover of wine, women, & song. Baird's plan was to introduce him as "Blade from Harlem." Then he would whisper some ghastly hint of The Blade's reputation in the ear of a co-ed, or some scenester luminary he wanted to impress, and they would gasp! I can just see Baird with that mischievous, impish Huck Finn grin of his and a bemused Oz hiding behind sunglasses and a leather jacketed persona. Of course this charade couldn't last-regardless of the publicity Baird would promise. In the last few weeks Baird was promoting a mutual acquintance, the wacky but brilliantly original chanteuse Phoebe Legere, author of the musical "Mrs. President." He was planning to write a story on my friend the artist Colette aka-Justine, Olympia, Lumiere, whose building on Pearl street had recently collapsed. She and Baird were concurrently comparing stalker stories. I can't help thinking, "Maybe Baird stopped by Socialista on a night the bartender had Hep?" So many questions whirling in our heads from the shock of this news. New York has lost a cultural icon reminiscent of irreplaceables I have known like Max's Kansas City creator, restauranteur Mickey Ruskin, and of course, Andy Warhol. So whether it was 10,000 or 50,000 events Baird presided over, we will miss him and still half expect another email invitation... Aristedes Philip DuVal
http://www.AristedesDuVal.com (MrMelody212@yahoo.com)
photo of Baird Jones by Artist Brian Gormley


Guest For WEDNESDAY AUGUST 11,  2010

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