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                                      (Originally aired: 04-09-10)

                             DANNY SCHECHTER



                             "The News Dissector"

        Television Producer, Independent Filmmaker,  

                       Author, Blogger, Media Critic

                          Most Recently Creator of:


                   PLUNDER - THE CRIME OF OUR TIME

                 Producer / Director - Multi Media Documentary:




                         "THE CRIME OF OUR TIME"

                                   Companion Book




The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzli4McX7MI - DANNY SCHECHTER





Danny Schechter: Investigative Journalist/producer/director Danny Schechter is a

television producer and independent filmmaker who also writes and speaks about

media issues. He is the author of "Embedded: Weapons of Mass Deception"

(Prometheus), "Media Wars: News after 9-11" (Roman & Littlefield), "Falun Gong's

Challenge to China" (Akashic Books), "The More You Watch, The Less You Know"

(Seven Stories Press) and "News Dissector: Passions, Pieces and Polemics"

(Electron Press/ Akashic Books). He is the executive editor of the Mediachannel.org,

the world's largest online media issues network. He has produced and directed many

TV specials and films, including "We are Family" (2002), "Counting On Democracy"

(2002) "Falun Gong's Challenge to China" (2000); A Hero for All: Nelson Mandela's

Farewell (l999); Sowing Seeds/Reeping Peace: The World of Seeds of Peace (1996);

Prisoners of Hope:Robben Island Reunion (1995, co-directed by Barbara Kopple);

Countdown to Freedom: Ten Days that Changed South Africa (1994), narrated by

James Earl Jones and Alfre Woodard; Sarajevo Ground Zero (1993); The Living

Canvas (1992), narrated by Billy Dee Williams; Beyond JFK: The Question of

Conspiracy (1992), co-directed with Barbara Kopple; Give Peace a Chance (1991);

Mandela in America (1990), The Making of Sun City (1987); and Student Power

(1968). Schechter is co-founder and executive producer of Globalvision, a New

York-based television and film production company now in its 13th year, where he

produced 156 editions of the award-winning series South Africa Now, co-produced

Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television with Charlayne Hunter-Gault. His most

recent human rights special, "Globalization and Human Rights was co produced

with Rory O'Connor and shown nationally on PBS. A Cornell University graduate,

he received his Master's degree from the London School of Economics, and an

honorary doctorate from Fitchburg College. He was a Nieman Fellow in Journalism

at Harvard, where he also taught in 1969. After college, he was a full time civil rights

worker and then communications director of the Northern Student Movement,

worked as a community organizer in a Saul Alinsky-style War on Poverty program,

and, moving from the streets to the suites, served as an assistant to the Mayor of

Detroit in 1966 on a Ford Foundation grant. Schechter's professional journalism

career began in 1970, when he was named news director, principal newscaster,

and "News Dissector" at WBCN-FM in Boston, where he was hailed as a radio

innovator and won many industry honors, including two Major Armstrong Awards.

His television producing career was launched with the syndicated Joe Oteri Show,

which won the New England Emmy and a NAPTE IRIS award in 1979. In l980, he

created and produced the nation's first live late-night entertainment-oriented TV

show, Five All Night, Live All Night at WCVB in Boston. Schechter left Boston to

join the staff at CNN as a producer based in Atlanta. He then moved to ABC as a

producer for 20/20, where during his eight years he won two National News Emmys.

Schechter has reported from 47 countries and lectured at many schools and

universities. He was an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at

Columbia University. Schechter's writing has appeared in leading newspapers and

magazines including the The Nation, Newsday, Boston Globe, Columbia Journalism

Review, Media Studies Journal, Detroit Free Press, Village Voice, Tikkun, Z, and

many others.



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Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity
By Danny Schechter
As millions of homes are foreclosed upon, as unemployment grows and inflation mounts, it is time to understand the origins of the crisis and the need to fight for economic justice.

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Shock Jocks: Hate Speech and Talk Radio
Written by veteran media critic and Emmy winner Rory O'Connor, Shock Jocks features unsparing profiles of the ten worst conservative radio talkers in America, including Michael Savage, Bill O' Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus and the rest.

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